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What an awesome game! It looks great, it sounds great, the gameplay is fun and the story and overall progression is really well achieved! Congratz, loved it

I completed a game for Ludum Dare 45 Compo (A game jam: Under 48 hours, from scratch, all by myself).

The theme was "Start with Nothing", i created a game where you start with nothing, literally. A merchant approaches you and says he could give you food if you were stronger. You can now exercise or meditate. The explanation is clearer in the game page. The objective is to hold on until you reach an ending!

play it for free in your browser

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i love it, how everything turned out, the idea, the graphics, the soundtrack, and as baltarose said, you.

I wrote a post about it on my blog.

Thank you! It is really cool to see someone play your game. Thank you for the review, nice video! See you in the next one :p

First off, thank you!

I'm very proud of the level design, thanks, and indeed, the floating to infinity was way too slow like many other people said!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and i'm happy you put the time to understand the game!


Hahahah, that's a neat picture. For some reason I decided to place a brown planet without texture inside the map. Did you happen to go there already brown or did you get repelled at first and then deducted it should be a planet and went there as brown on purpose to be there?

Again, thank you. I'm happy for the feedback.

I finally got the chance to play this game!

I must say, i'm overwhelmed with such good content. You did a very good game.

Everything works, the soundtrack is really nice and fits perfectly, the how to play is well explained and concise

The cutscenes are beautiful

The idea itself is awesome and very well achieved.

Congrats dude.

If you have the time rate my submission as well!


Thank you! I agree with you like i said to some other, it's too slow, the game pace isn't good at all. There's no need for the flower, i just imagined it like that originally but after submitting it, I was told i should have made it so that you only need to click F while on the planet. You (and him) are surely right and i will do that after the rating phase ends. 

Yup, more variety would be nice. Some sounds effects too, but those last two i just didn't have the time to do.

I will polish the game a little bit but I don't intend on working too much more on it, I will make eventually another game that revolves around a similar concept, and I've learned with the mistakes i've made in this one, and am looking to making new stuff :)

Thank you for playing the game until the end :) and thank you for the feedback :)

Thank you! I don't find it spiteful, I appreciate the feedback! Overall you're right and I have a lot to improve, thank you for being so specific with what went wrong, I'll surely take all of that into consideration next time, and when editing the game I'll speed him up too.

Yeah, I also could've given more thought to the death / respawn system, I agree with most you said too.

And besides the colours you've had showing when pressing escape, no, there isn't a way to keep progress.

there is a hotkey for the map, it was in the controls panel :p

I see, thanks for the art pointers, I'm a big newbie there.

And thank you for the positive remarks! 

To conclude, thanks for taking the time to write this post, I found it very helpful and inspiring! You might see more of me if we stumble upon each other again, I'm trying to jam as often as possible :) 

Thank you!!

Alright man! i like your enthusiasm and i’m happy i helped you improve :)

Keep up, thanks for reviewing me too :)

Alright!! I appreciate your honesty very much and you are right ! I kinda got lost in developing and i didn’t focus on the player’s point of view, i will definitely take that more into consideration the next time. I should have tried to make things clearer but at a certain point i just tried to explain instead of changing what i had, that was also a mistake ahah.

Thank you, i like my dude as well and i think that even the sounds that i didn’t have much time to do turned out alright by being simpler. 

Thank you for the feedback!

But it is pretty! This game is casual and fun to play, it's well done and the rotating three planets add dynamic to the evasion game. It was fun.

The graphics are simple but they look very good for the feel i get from the game.

Overall i think you did a nice job, and it was a good submission, keep up.

I'd be happy to get a rating/review from you, if you have the time, thanks =)

Great! You did a very good job, the planet's gravity mechanics and player controls are very well done and smooth.

The fighting combat is also cool and the difficulty is well adjusted, it's not that easy to get a high score and that adds to the game.

I love how the planets look and have this brightness around them, and the player model is nice as well

The sound could be less exhausting but it fits well.

Overall a very good submission, well done my dude!

If you can it'd be cool if you could rate/give some feedback on my game too, thank you!

It was very peaceful and the movement compelling, I stayed floating around randomly for more time than I would like to admit.

The spinning thing looks very cool.

Keep improving, keep learning, good job you did something even if not fully finished.

If possible check my game out too, i'm looking for some feedback :)

This is very neat! I enjoyed exploring.

The planet's design, the lighting, font and background are all excellent, everything is smooth and beautiful.

The soundtrack is absolutely great, it didn't get annoying at all and was overall awesome

The gameplay is cool but towards half of it, it seemed too slow for me, maybe the patience factor was intentional or maybe you could speed up the planet as you explore more (since you are becoming a better explorer you are also faster at it idk)

Overall very good :) Well done.

If you have the time check out my game as well !

Thanks! You’re right! It does need to be less tedious, if i keep working on this i’ll make sure that happens, and yes, animations would DEFINITELY add a lot to the game, it would be a big step up if he had a walking animation and a jumping one, maybe eve a floating one haha, anyway thanks for the feedback and for playing it :)

This turned out great! I really enjoyed playing your game!

The art was very nice, neat and fit the theme.

I like how you incorporated all those mechanics into the addictive gameplay, and the comic ending!

Hinting the secret stuff really kept me going (besides the nature of the gameplay), well thought addition to the text!

This is awesome, and it's your first jam! You should be proud of finishing such an enjoyable game! Keep up.

It'd be awesome to get your thoughts and review on my submission as well, if you have the time! thank you! :)

Good game! I quite like the player animation.

The gameplay mechanic is simple but addictive, it worked well for this jam,

The time frame adds dynamic to the game and keeps you more on edge, well thought.

The sound effects are fun.

Good job! Keep up.

Here's my game, i'd really appreciate a review and some feedback too, thank you!

I really liked your game! The challenging difficulty keeps you driven to finish the game, at least for me.

I like your writing style, it's very peaceful alongside with the art and the music, I felt good playing this.

I thought the sound effect for when you fell down the map to be too high pitched and after the countless times I died midly annoying (that may have been my fault to over abuse the sound effect).

I learned something from this game, and that is, I do not have balance.

If you find the time check out my game as well! I'm looking for some feedback (and reviews/ratings). Thanks!

Thank you! I really enjoyed playing this! It reminded me of my days playing Risk, it's a very well done adaptation of the theme, and a nice gameplay deviation from the norm! Everything works very well and is very smooth.

The visuals are beautiful and the UI too.

The audio was very nicely put together and didn't get annoying, so props.

If you have the time, rate my game too (and write some feedback), thank you!

First of all, It was very enjoyable playing your game, I started out a bit skeptical of the gameplay, howerver I actually got addicted to it quite fast. (haha)

I really like your art style, so well done for that too.

The audio although not my favorite type, really fits the game.

Altogether I find this a really great game for the jam, it turned out really concise, fun to play and very pleasing to look at. Congratulations!

Secondly, I'd like to thank you for hosting the jam, it was a blast to participate and the theme was very inspiring and cool, i'm really proud of what I made for this challenge.

It would be cool to get some feedback on my game too :)

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You start out only able to visit two planets. As you mix the color from those two planets you become the mixture of that color and unlock that color's planet. There's a color map with all the possible combinations:

-and you must work your way through these combinations to get to the last planet (that needs the last color)

A more detailed description on how to play is on the game page.

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Wow. That is such a terrific review. I feel honored. Yes, i also take pride in the hit detection being perfect, i did a lot of calculations that i’m that proud of. Since i could only make one song, i tailored the whole game to it. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for hosting the jam, it was awesome.

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! Yes you can spam the key, I didn't have the time to include penalties. I'm going to leave the game as it is, but for the future games i'll know how to manage my time better, and will leave less problems in the game. Thanks!

First off, thank you! Indeed, originally it would've been much more, but i made the newbie mistake of thinking too big. Also, the framerate, I don't know why that started happening, it bothered me too but i couldn't figure out why. But i'm glad it brought you back and i'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Thank you a lot for the cheerful words! Really! I hope you got the best of it!

Hello, first, thank you very much, the keys work best when clicking alongside the song, I did all the math and in theory things should match perfectly, it's when the game's at it's most enjoyable. Second, the game is pretty short, it's only my second game and i managed my expectations wrong, I had an impossible scope haha. beginner's mistake i'd say, so i only managed to get one song in the game. The next levels only increase the different combinations of keys you have to press. And yes, you can click them all at the same time if you wish to do so. It's a pretty short game and I think it get's you going for the song's duration two to three times, what worked out best in the end for me was how well the song matched the key clicking if you follow the rythm =) Thank you for the feedback.

I think the mac osx version is broken, it does that. However the initial narration is amazing and the concept looks great too. And from the screenshots the graphics look pretty good too. I'm going to wait out and maybe rate this tomorrow, see if it's fixed :)