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Thanks for playing Smushy. It was great to see someone play and learn the game for the first time, super valuable to this and future projects. Much appreciated!

Thanks for your reply OneSwitch. Here are a couple screenshots of a screen in my UI (very rough and preliminary right now). The small arrow in the middle rotates around and highlights the different "slices". The + and -  slices add and subtract from the number in the middle for each button press. The "More time +" and "More time -" slices reset the timer on the + or - slice (indicated by the arrows), ie. the + or - slice is highlighted again and you can continue to add or subtract from the target number. It has two menu buttons (both the same) so that you could exit this screen after just adding without having to wait for it to run around through the entire menu. I'm hoping this setup will allow for quick tweaks to several numbers that define what happens in the game. I'm also planning on a speed setting so you can control how fast the menu cycles through options. The menu will continue to cycle as long as needed.

This question is directed to the moderators: I'm working on a game that requires selecting several numbers, and I was wondering if it's possible to get some feedback on the preliminary UI that I'm developing. I don't want to go too far down this path if it isn't viable for some reason. It deviates from the "column then row" selection method of the ACAT system in favor of something that I'm hoping will be easier to make repeated tweaks to several different numbers. I can post just the menu system as a web interface if it's possible to get feedback before submitting. Or I could post a few screenshots that show the UI.

I figured I'd share some interesting finds on single button UI that I came across, most notably the ACAT system developed by Intel that Stephen Hawking used and that many others currently use ( It's open source which may be of some help on this project to more advanced devs. One thing that I thought was good to see was the approach to UI and selection, enabling a very complex set of functions (basically complete computer functionality) with just a single button. I can envision this type of UI selection scheme being fairly straightforward to setup in most game engines (Unity, Godot, etc).

I also found this guide for making games more accessible: Not as relevant to this particular jam since it doesn't have much detail on single button interfaces, but I figured I'd share that as well as a general accessibility resource.

If any other devs have found good resources, research, or other links that would be helpful to others in this jam, please share. This is certainly a challenging project, but I'm really looking forward to it. 

Thanks for playing JK! I think the biggest problem with the game is that attacking isn't intuitive and is hard to do until you learn the combos. The hardest part is that if you execute a combo successfully you still don't attack immediately, the attack happens in rhythm the on the next "down beat". I'm incorporating this kind of feedback into the next rev! Thanks!

Tanat, your detailed feedback is super valuable, thanks so much for playing. I'm gathering all the feedback from comments, discord and streamers, so that I can figure out what to do next. Thanks again!

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Thanks for playing and the feedback! I really appreciate the insightful comments and ideas! I plan to expand this game in the future, and will definitely be integrating a whole lot of the feedback people have had. I especially like the idea of non-combo weak attacks. It was the biggest problem with the game I think is that you can't easily attack without learning a combo. I watched the video of your twitch stream, and that was really awesome to see someone learn the game for the first time and all the pitfalls that are baked into the game currently. Thanks again for playing!

Interesting minimalist concept, and the stream of consciousness text ending. You raise the philosophical question of meaning in games, which is a real question everyone should think about at some point. Or just mash alt-F4 since the game dev didn't have enough time for an exit button :)

Good solo effort. I liked that you had direct control of the cube but there was some physics too. I will say that the game is hard to play when you follow the player directly like that. You may want to look into different types of camera follow, ie more zoomed out that gives you some more view of what's coming and what's up over and below you. Also the death screen with bright red was pretty jarring. But overall good game for a team of 1.

This was a good entry. I liked the twist. Good execution on the second half, was very tight and good control.

Challenging game and good sub for a solo dev.

The tri-tone strikes! Hendrix would be proud, and for that matter Bach would as well lol. Great game, and execution. The slower level was kind of hard to get playing but the next level was good. 

Good luck bug hunting! You might be able to make it so that the esc key always exits a page?

Great submission. I thought the vibe was very relaxed and perfect for the game, adaptive music was cool, and the puzzles were interesting. Reminds me of the witness and I hope you take that as a big compliment. 

Definitely unexpected. Definitely weird. Loved it. You guys made all the boat and other 3d assets??? Impressed, Especially that you didn't use them in the game really. End game was interesting to say the least....

The twist got me right out of the gate lol. I thought my controls were'nt working until I realized the trick of who you were actually controlling :) Good submission, neat level design. Definitely good for a solo project.

This was a really cool story, and great execution and illustrations! I did get stuck with the pages in front of me, and had to restart a few times, but aside from that, this was a great entry, and great art.

This game was great, awesome graphics for such a short time. Super charming overall, and character creation too? You managed to squeeze a lot into this jam. Fun and great twist at the end.

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I'm really impressed with how this game looks, feels, and plays, and the overall game design. The mechanics you have here are very interesting, I'd be curious how you did the AI. By far one of the best overall games I've played on this jam, it really shows that you put a lot of work into it. Great submission.

Cool game, I like the level of polish, and the concept, with the ability to rewind too (I wasn't able to make great use of it, but still cool). looks like the map is procedural? Neat destructable terrain and leveling system. Would be cool if you had a destination, and had to knock through some of the level to get there. 

Cool take on a classic, with the expanding board, definitely interesting. One thing is that there's no menu to restart, would have been cool to play again in the same session :)

Thanks THE0R. Glad you were able to play and eventually have fun with it. I need to basically recode the game so I can do a more curated tutorial, right now it's only setup for the procedural levels. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks lisyarus! I think the sum of all the feedback is definitely your point of a better tutorial that teaches the attack technique. Do you think that adding a graphic that shows when your attack is going to hit would help or be distracting? Thanks again for playing :)

Sorry, I got frustrated with trying to memorize the level, and couldn't really make it past the second chicken, so not sure if it was on the next level or not.  

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Very cool ambiance... And the overall vibe of the game is very cool. I was able to get the platform, and I'm glad it wasn't much punishment for missing it. I didn't figure out how to get the other endings. I'll play again and see if I can figure it out :) Good showing for a 72 hour sprint. EDIT: LUCKY! Was it really so low of a chance?

Fun game, and the chicken got me every time lol. Good submission especially for a first project. I also had the only one side audio issue, but not a big deal. Not sure how your engine works, but maybe check the sound source location. The "jump" Sound was coming from both headphones, it was just the music that was coming from the left side. Overall good controls, and unexpected deaths abound :)

Good work on this especially for the jam. It was hard to figure out what to do when the turtles showed up, but overall the game was fun and the art was neat. Good entry! I did run into a bug that after I died on the first level, the resume button didn't let me play the level again.

Good entry, a lot of content for a short game jam. I got an error near the blue ghost, but it ran until then. Cool music, and the pixel art was fun. What engine did you use to develop it?

Neat game, camera follow and horizontal movement was good. The levels were challenging. It might have helped to have some more of the non-red walls, but overall a good entry, it was fun to play. One other thing, the jump was hard to control, that would be another area to look at for future versions.

Thanks Feezen! I'll definitely use the input system next time. I'm probably going to recode the whole thing anyway when I put some more features into it, so would be a good opportunity to add this feature. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing Feezen! I didn't really think about the other keyboard layouts that were out there.  Which layout do you have? I'll try to take alternate configurations into account in the next game. Glad you were able to play still, and thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for your reply,  I'm glad you liked the game! Sorry my Spanish is bad, I had to use google translate. I definitely plan on more improvements after the game jam. The enemy AI definitely needs some work, and the enemies do get stuck sometimes, but I definitely plan on more content. Thanks again!

Thanks again for your feedback! I'll definitely make a more comprehensive tutorial.

Great game guys, took me a minute to figure out that you had to keep putting out the candles, but good execution and a cool mechanic. Great art too. Good amount of content for this short jam.

Great game, perfect music, fun story, and cool pixel art. 

This was a great game Nick. Clever puzzles, and good execution. Parser games are pretty neat and this is great for the short game jam. I did find a bug that crashed the game when I tried to place the duck on the table without having him in my inventory. The other thing I noticed is that when the text reaches the bottom of the screen it gets a little cut off. But overall great game that I really enjoyed.

Great game! Shooting and movement was awesome. Visuals and the shooting effects were cool too. Excellent announcer voice too.

Interestingly concept, that was definitely unexpected! Game had lots of charm, and nice chill music. One thing I had trouble with was that "E" didn't always advance the dialogue, it seemed to get stuck sometimes. Overall very unique game.