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Thank you for the kind words :) Floxicek is correct, we used unity for development.

Man, I had a huge smile on my face the entire game. I found myself getting lost in the gameplay and that's not something a jam game pulls off very often.

One suggestion I have is that I noticed you could move your mouse off the screen and dodge all the fireballs entirely. I think some simple consequence or locking the mouse to the screen would fix that pretty easily.

I had a blast playing this, and you did the programming/music/assets all by yourself? Fuck man, 5 stars all around from me. I'm blown away.

Hey hey ~

I think you made some good selections for the music and visuals, they paired very nicely with the gameplay. I had a lot of fun trying to beat the high score you posted - I got pretty close but couldn't beat it :).

Was there a way to reset the game once you've lost? I had to quit and reset every time I wanted to try the high score game, I wish I could've pressed "R" or something. I also felt the jumping felt a little fast. Sometimes I would accidentally skyrocket through all the platforms because I held "W" for a bit too long. I think with some refinement it would feel a lot better.

I really wish I had another person to get the full experience, but alas. I think what you made is really impressive and I appreciate that you did include a single player experience. I had a lot of fun trying to beat your high score and think this game was really cool. Well done :)

Howdy ~

I had a lot of fun with the mechanics, bouncing between the walls was a really fresh take on classic platformer mechanics. 

I think that in some of the parts (especially when the free area is only two squares tall) precise movement was more frustrating than challenging because I was never 100% sure how high I would bounce. Sometimes I bounced very little and othertimes I felt like I would bounce a lot and die as a result.

I thought the game produced at the end was super fun and solid. I think you did a fantastic job :)


I thought that the idea behind this is really fun! I loved being in control of a mouse and I thought the distracting actions were entertaining.

It's been mentioned before but it wasn't really clear which distraction actions did what. I was bummed when I clicked on something intractable and nothing happened. The rat also shouldn't be reset all the way to the start every time you fail, it made me feel really discouraged when I got pretty far and then had to sit through every animation again just to get back to where I was.

I hope that you take some time to really refine this game as I think with some additional polish it would be really phenomenal. Well done!

Heyo ~

All the mechanics you implemented were super solid, and non buggy. I liked the theme a lot and thing the sound effects and visuals worked really well for it, though I felt terrible murdering all of those cute little blobs (though, maybe that was the point lol)

Since there wasn't really a challenge to shooting blobs I kinda wish that orienting yourself wasn't so challenging. If this was a game where things were coming and you had to avoid them while also shooting them I would have understood, but because the player wasn't in any danger I think the mouse shoot mechanic ended up being more frustrating than challenging. 

I am really impressed that you kept the game small and finished, most beginners go way over scope and end up with a game that feels and looks unfinished. I didn't feel that way playing your game and was very impressed, so great job!

Howdy ~

I thought the music was hilarious and really put me in the mood to escape from goblins, great job on that front.

I think that the mechanic was executed really well, though I had some times where I just had no idea where my character was starting and would die because of that. I understand this does add to the choas, but I would have preferred to lose sometimes because I made a mistake, not because I failed at where's Waldo lol. I also wish that there were some tables/chairs/treasure chests for the goblins to bounce off of as the levels got harder. I think this would have added a whole nother layer to the game as well as given later levels more variability.

I loathe goblins so giving me a chance to escape from them was a lot of fun! I think everything here was executed on really well and I hope you continue to explore this idea post-jam. Good job :)

Heyo ~

I really dug the concept, I loved the core mechanic of taking things off of walls and enabling player behaviors. I think a finish version of this could be a super interesting puzzle game.

A lot of the things you implemented do need a little bit of explaining though, I managed to figure it out through spam clicking but it wasn't really clear. I also was unable to figure out how to progress past the first room after taking down all the pictures, maybe it's just a misunderstanding I had but I couldn't get out.

I hope you continue to explore this more after the jam, I think with polish and mechanic refinement this would be a really incredible game. well done :)

Heyo ~

I really enjoyed the art style, I thought it was unique and extremely stylized and I loved exploring to see more of the environment.

I know you put a warning in the description but I think it's really worth mentioning that I had a lot of trouble with the camera movement. It was very jarring and I think it crossed the line of challenging and frustrating. Maybe some smooth transitioning or some sort of Lerp could help out a little bit with that. 

I really hope you continue with this theme, I think if you continued incorporated more of the Dada style into gameplay elements you could make a really stellar game. Well done team :)

Heyo ~

I thought that the theme was really cool, I loved the menu UI and introductory screen with the quote.

This has been mentioned before, but I think that a tutorial would have been really nice. I don't think that the core mechanics of the game are things you need to guess to figure out, rather this should be explored through story elements and interesting puzzles. I think you might have even been able to forgo a tutorial if there were some labels on the multiple percentage bars in the UI.

I really hope that you continue to explore this theme and gameplay, I think this could be a pretty phenomenal fully realized game. Well done!


I really liked the theme and the gameplay. I also thought that the walk through tutorial was really cool, I love a good combination of story + tutorial when it's more than just a wall of text. 

I wish that the computer was more ingrained in the main gameplay, especially because it stayed in the UI. I also think that some of the main menu transition animations could have been faster, I think if you sped them up it would feel a little bit less weird.

I had a lot of fun playing this game and think you did a great job :) Well done!


I really liked your concept and really liked the idea of a character than can't stop moving, it added a unique layer to your game that set it apart from a standard shoot-the-enemy kinda game.

I have a couple suggestions. First, it was really difficult to be precise when firing at the enemies because of the bullet size and the constant moving which felt more frustrating than challenging. I also got hit by one of those 'x' hazards when it spawned in at random, killing me without any chance at responding.

I had fun playing, I think with a bit of refinement it would really be amazing. Well done!


I thought the puzzle solving mechanic was really cool and creative, I thought it was a really intriguing take on a puzzle game.

I found waiting around for the right tile to show up to be pretty tedious, especially when it took 8+ rotations on a four-sided tile with me just spamming space bar. I also wish that the levels were smaller to begin with and ramped up as time went on. I think that smaller levels would make imagining a path more like a puzzle rather than a big overwhelming guess and check.

I think you had a really solid visual style, it's really impressive that you did both the coding and art by yourself. Well done :)

Heya ~

I thought that all the mechanics you implemented were super solid and I had a lot of fun playing!

My biggest critique is that there was a lot going on and I didn't understand really any of it. I thought that this really added to the chaos theme but really detracted from the player experience. I think that some sort of tutorial or explanation would have gone a long way there.

That said, when it did go into full chaos it was a blast to watch and seeing the level get absolutely destroyed was awesome. I really liked how you incorporated the letters of the game into the game.

Thank you :)


Totally agree, I think we definitely could have explained the spinner better. I really appreciate the feedback!

Howdy ~

I really enjoyed playing the game, I thought the theme was really solid and the graphics super cool.

This has been said before but the fact that you had to be in front of the enemies to shoot them while they shoot forward felt pretty unreasonable and unfair. I think that finding some creative ways to make the enemies threatening while also giving the player free reign over their core mechanic would have really improved the experience.

All the mechanics that were implemented were super solid though and I had a ton of fun playing it! Well done :)

Thank you so much <3

Thanks :)

Thanks for taking the time to play and review!

Hey ~

I think that the theme that you came up with is really cool! Controlling the cat and punching the hell out of things was a lot of fun.

I really wish there were more ways to interact with the environment, or that the punch had more oomph. As it stands I think that the game felt a little bit slow because it took so long to knock something down.

I'm really impressed with what you accomplished as a solo dev and had a lot of fun! Great job :)

Howdy ~

I thought your take on an infinite climb was really creative and fresh! I had a lot of fun shooting platforms and soaring upwards.

I know that you're aware of a few of the bugs so I won't go into too much detail there. My biggest suggestion is to find a way to explain the core mechanic better in the tutorial. I knew that there was shooting but I didn't fully understand that you had to shoot the platforms. I think a small visual in your tutorial screen would have made a big difference.

I had a ton of fun shooting those damn platforms and hope that you continue to refine and improve this game because I think you have a phenomenal platformer. Great job :)

Howdy ~

I really enjoyed the vibe of the game! The futuristic theme was awesome and the glitching vfx looked frickin' sweet.

I have a couple critiques. The jump lacked a feeling of oomph, I think it's because it was too small and with too much gravity. I also had some issues getting past the first part, I think that it's really important to ease the player into mechanics rather than usher them in with trial by fire. Maybe some nice introductory low-risk jumps to ease the player into it would have made a big difference. I think the same applies to the quick time event, if I was eased into it with with a low-risk event it would have felt less frustrating when it hit me out of nowhere and I didn't know what do do.

I'm really impressed at what's been made in a week, and I had a lot of fun playing! I think with just a couple small improvements this would be really sweet. Great job guys :)

Hey hey ~

I thought that the visuals and the audio was super on point, everything looked clean and crisp and was quite enjoyable. I'm really impressed as to what was accomplished.

My biggest critique is that I'm not really sure if there's a good strategy to beat the AI once things get really chaotic, there becomes too many things to keep track of and while a computer can handle that fine my small human brain cannot.

Also, this one is small but the main menu got crunched on my resolution.

That said I had an absolute blast playing this game and really enjoyed the chaos. I think you guys did a fantastic job in the thematics and in the implementation. Well done friends :)


I thought that the controls and handling were super solid, moving around felt smooth and fun!

To give some feedback while playing I felt that the best strategy was just to avoid everything which kinda went against the vibe of being a creature that has escaped, especially with that enemy type that blew up.

I really enjoyed the vibe and the thought that went into the color scheme and the camera view was really noticeable and impressive. Awesome job!

Heyo ~

I really enjoyed the concept of this game, I thought it was really creative and executed well. I also thought it fit the theme really well in a meta way.

I have a couple of suggestions. The camera controller made me feel a little bit motion sick when moving around, I think it could be refined a little bit. I also wish that there was an alternate control scheme for approving/rejecting the code (though maybe there was and I didn't know about it?).

I had a lot of fun playing it and thought it was really funny. Great job!


I thought the gameplay and theme were really sweet! Once I got the hang of the mechanics things got really fun.

My biggest issue was that there were a couple mechanics that were not really intuitive and warranted some sort of tutorial. I think if there was a couple more text fields or visual indicators it would have been really seamless. That said, I understand the limitations of a jam and really enjoyed all the mechanics.

I loved the visuals and was blown away with how much you accomplished in such a short amount of time. Incredible job :)

Thanks for taking the time to play our game!

I agree that the game could use some visual clarity updates on the main mechanics, I'll keep that in mind for the next game :)

Heyo ~

I thought all the game mechanics were really solid and satisfying. I really liked the upgrade mechanic where you had to run around like a chicken with its head cut off for a while.

I don't want to beat a dead horse but the pacing was pretty brutal, between gold accumulation and enemy difficulty ramping everything just took a bit too long.

That said I'm really impressed with the quality and polish that exists on this game and am super impressed. Well done!


I really liked the theme, I thought it was super creative and nostalgic. The scream button was an excellent touch.

One critique I have is that figuring out how to drop the food on the floor was confusing. Yelling at the waiter when he was carrying it didn't finish the task which felt odd.

I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed playing, great job :)

I wept, I cried.

Masterpiece, bravo.

Heyo ~

I enjoyed playing your game a lot! I thought it was a really solid platformer. I really liked the twist of the meteors falling down on the player, adding a new layer to the way you had to approach levels.

One thing that I would suggest is to add a little bit more visual indication as to when a meteor would drop, I know a lot of games do that exclamation mark when something's about to fall. I think that would have made the mechanic at times feel more challenging than frustrating. I also encountered a bug where the music started playing over itself.

Overall I think you did a great job for this jam and I had a lot of fun playing it. Well done :)

Hey! I recognize you from the Unexpected Jam, you had that planet defense game that turned out really cool.

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave a comment. I'm glad you at least felt the intensity as time went on ^-^

Hey, first off thanks a ton for taking the time to play and leave feedback.

I really like your suggestion to differentiate the different inputs by color, we wanted the experience to be chaotic and challenging but not to the point that it was frustrating and I think we definitely teetered on that edge a little. Some visual clarity definitely would have buffed that up.

Heyo ~

I thought that the randomly generated mazes were really cool, and the vibe felt pretty awesome.

One suggestion I have is that the mechanics as the player collected more keys started to feel more tedious than challenging, and I kinda gave up after getting three keys and failing to find the last key. While I was going along I was expecting something to start following you - especially after the static effect after collecting a key. I think that something like this would have really fit in well with the music + theme of getting lost and confused in the maze. Honestly I felt a little spooked the whole game just thinking that something might come for me.

Like I said I think you guys nailed the vibe and I'm super impressed with what you accomplished over just a week. I had a lot of fun, great job :)

Ohh, if only I had another day of programming time I would have loved to implement rhythm. Maybe next time ;) Thanks for taking the time to play and review!

Thanks ;)


Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to play. 

Hey hey ~

I dug your game a lot! The mechanics were super solid, the visuals were enjoyable and the music was a nice touch. I'm really impressed at how clean the game looks given the timeframe it was made in.

When I was fighting the last boss I wasn't really sure if I was doing any damage or how close I was to the end. I think that I hit the 3-gem sequence like 3/4 times and wasn't sure if I was making any progress because it didn't move past it without another key input. I also noticed at one point that two of the keys ended up being the same color which made me lose some health.

All the UI was clean and made sense, and I think that your gameplay was super creative. I had a lot of fun playing this, great job!

Thanks for taking the time to play, and thanks for the feedback :).