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Thanks for reviewing and playing <3.

First- thanks for playing and for your honest feedback, it means the world to me! I watched somebody play the game and saw the spike hitboxes were a little unfair - I agree that they should be smaller to assist visual clarity. I hadn't seen the ledge bug until you mentioned it, but then I played once and it happened to me! Thanks again for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for playing :)

I really enjoyed the game, it felt like a really fresh take on an old concept. The unexpectedness felt a bit too unfair and random - what I mean is that there was no way for you to strategize around it. Maybe if you gave one turn before the players knew what happened? Anyway I thought that everything looked really nice and played really nice too, from the previous comments it seems as though you've improved it a lot and I can definitely tell! Well done :)

Thanks for taking the time to play and review :)

Hey! I thought the core mechanic was really creative and cool, I liked how you combined popular genres. I think that giving the player a little more control would go a long ways, because the song changed in some places in ways I didn't expect movement happened kinda at random. Maybe if there was an indication to what the next "stanza" or movement type is so the player could make a strategy around it? I really liked the game and had a lot of fun playing it, great job!

I'm so glad you liked the quack button :)

Thanks for taking the time to play <3

Thanks for playing :)

Hey! I was in love with the sounds and music; the jump noise felt especially good. I agree with a previous comment that resetting to a level before felt really bad. I think instead of motivating the player it makes them frustrated to run through a puzzle they had already solved.  I really liked the theme you set up with such simple graphics and think you did an awesome job :)

That's weird - I haven't had anybody report that problem yet. What browser are you using

Hey man! I thought your core mechanic was really cool, and I thought the vibe of the game was super sweet. I had a really big problem with the jumping mechanic, like others have said. Was it on a cooldown? Sometimes when I expected jumping to work it didn't, and sometimes when I didn't expect to jump really high I did. The cover art was really cool, and I think that with a little movement polish this game would be amazing. Great job :)

I totally agree that the visuals need a lot of work - it's definitely my biggest weakness as a game developer. I really appreciate your kind words and it warms my heart that it made you smile. Thanks so much <3

Thank you for the kind regards and for taking the time to play. I really appreciate it <3

Hey - I want to start off by saying the first time the voice-music game on I thought there was somebody behind me making those noises and I about jumped out of my chair. I really loved the goofiness of your game - it definitely contributed a lot to the overall feel. I found a bug where you can press X during the dialogue and it skill the dialogue but lock you out of the controls.  Maybe this is the bug people are reporting? The stretched text also bothered me a bit, I would have preferred if it just appeared as a canvas element with a speech bubble kinda feel. It was a very cool game with a cool concept, well done :)

It's definitely partially inspired by Team Fortress, so maybe we're both just super old ;). Thanks for taking the time to play and review, I really appreciate it!

Hey - I watched through the full playthrough and it gave me a ton of insights into the game, so thank you for that first off. I totally agree with you in visuals - it's currently my weakest game-dev skill and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Finally thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review, and for streaming my game! Much love <3

If there is an animal character we as the players deserve the right to spam their noise. Thanks for the review and for taking the time to play :)

Thanks a ton! <3

I'm really glad you liked the quack button :D. Thank you for taking the time to play and leave a review, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I appreciate you playing :)

This is one of those games where I the moment I start playing it I get the vibe of "fuck yeah, this is a good game". The mechanics felt super solid, I was super surprised to be the hand which was a super unexpected take on the normal first person genre. I really hope you decide to build more on this game because I would love to play it. 

Thank you

Hey! You're totally right, the extra effort should get an easter egg at least! Thanks for playing all the way through, I really appreciate you taking the time :)

I am appalled, insulted and outright angry that this poor cactus man couldn't just have a happy house. I really liked the vibe the game put out - it was really weird but also slightly unsettling. My biggest critique is that the audio was slightly off when jumping (the running sound continued to play for just a little bit longer). Also sometimes when I sprint-jumped it looked like I smacked the edge but would then be 'vacuumed' right back up. It was definitely unexpected and I'm very impressed with the cool environments you built, great job :)

Thank you! :)

I liked the idea behind the game - that the entities are inherently peaceful and that you are the monster at the end of the day (I accidentally discovered they wouldn't hit you on my second attempt). It was a solid platformer, but I wish there was more variation or platforming complexity. I loved the design of the main character, the spiders and the weird tall fellas at the end.  great job :)

Damn you

Reasons I love this game:

- I love noir

- I totally ship the two main characters

- I laughed actually the entire time. Dialogue was classic. 

The only issue I had is that the text boxes were occasionally a little buggy. Also, I think a default text would pop up for like a millisecond before the real text appeared. Great job on this game, it blew my expectations out of the water.

Hey, I really liked your game! It seems like it's very close to being really well fleshed out and I hope you get to finish the mechanics you wanted to add. I thought that the lack of music was a bummer - and I wasn't a huge fan of the method used to select each of the 'tools' (maybe a hotkey for each of them would be a really nice addition). I had a lot of fun playing your game though, well done!

I really liked this game! I was definitely drawn in by the killer cover art. My biggest critique is that I wish you could control the direction you slashed in through means of a mouse rather than the direction the player was facing, it felt a little weird to me. The end animation definitely took me by surprise, and made me question who was really the bad guy. Anyway, I'm a huge sucker for bullet hells and really hope you make this into a full fledged game. Great job guys :)


I liked your take on who you acted as in the platformer, it was definitely unexpected for me :). The frog design was also super cute. With some polish (and a physics fix - sorry don't mean to beat a dead horse) I bet this would be a super enjoyable experience. Great job!

Hey, I thought that the idea is insanely creative and clever and I really enjoyed the ways you required the player to combine mechanics in order to win. My biggest critique is that I really didn't understand what the stage-changing ones did - or if there was a way to predict what would happen without random trial and error. That said the puzzles were really clever and I was blown away. Great job :)

The graphics and the audio were all really top notch. I enjoyed them a lot. I also struggled with the amount of text, during races it was pretty tedious to press 'Z' through all of the laps. (Especially with the first one where there was 7 or so). That said what you accomplished is really really impressive and I thought the game was fun. Well done :)

I enjoyed the story being told and felt very uncomfortable when getting the eggs. I agree with Patrice, I think that some variation in the background colors would have really contributed to the story telling! Well done :)

Congratulations on your first game submitted, you should feel really proud! I had a fun time and the mechanics were solid. I wish that over time it got harder, or that there were more things to think about to create a more diverse experience. Well done :)

I loved the way you subverted expectations, it was really funny! The art looks really sweet and it makes me wish I could play around with it more. Great job ;)

Hey! It's impressive how much you managed to get done in such a short time period - well done! I thought it was clever to have so many interpretations of what FPS could mean,  I have a few critiques if you don't mind.

- The hitbox in the first level was unclear - I think it was around the sled itself and not the player? Also I think the steering wheel might have been turning in the wrong direction.

- The snow particle system should be mid-spawn at the start of the game, it just kinda drops a bunch of snow on you at once which looks kinda weird.

- I wish there was an option to speed up/skip dialogue. I really liked the voice acting but really wanted to play more of the minigames you created inbetween.

- I liked the soundtrack at first but it got really repetitive after a while to the point where I just wanted to mute it.

I hope you don't interpret this as though I didn't like the game, because I really did! I thought the whole thing was really creative and enjoyable. Great job :)

Hey! I think that this was a super solid platformer. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the graphics. I think that you could benefit a lot by sticking to a simple, pixel art feel or by teaming up with an artist. I was very impressed you had 5 levels and a boss fight, and think you did a really great job :)

Hey, I liked the game play concept a lot and the audio was a really nice touch! The game crashed on me after I hit "Play Again", maybe that could help you figure out the source? My biggest gripe about the game was that there was a lack of visual clarity. Because it was all so bright it was really difficult for me to see bullets, or figure out when I was shooting. Congrats on your second game jam finish - you should be really proud because this is really cool :)