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Thanks! Yeah, the game is very buggy but I have no reason to fix it)

Good rate! My best is 0.73)

I will try to record a gameplay and describe, what I mean.

Thanks for playing. Yeah, some glitches with rebuilding the map is still exist. Now I'm working on huge update for post-jam version and I will try to work on each issue. Thank you!

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When I'm playing 3D puzzle, I'm expecting camera movement like in Portal or like in The Talos Principle. But camera in this game sucks on all levels, sorry. Even with "mouse sensivity" option it moving extremely weird.

UPD. Ah, and one more thing. If playing the browser version, Control+Mouse wheel zooms the entire page, not changing the FOV.

I'm not the big lover of such genre (because of controls, which good in 3D, but sucks in 2D), but I think it's a good game with original mechanics (enemies in the puzzle game? Why not. Using dead enemies as Companion Cube? Also why not.). Imho, only thing is to bee polished is graphics. Everything else is pretty good.

I was laughing. If give this game more uniformed visual style -- that would be a masterpiece. Anyway, voiceover already is a masterpiece.

Amazing. I've got story, I've got "real" story behind the story. I've got original characters and original controls. Only thing I can want, that let music be a little bit longer. For 30 minutes gameplay it going to be boring, despite the fact it's cute.

10 dollhouses of 10 dollhouses.

Very funny. And the "Hell" level if only acceptable for some challenge. Only thing I miss is the player lifes in UI (

I think it's the most original mechanics of the jam. Some issues:

- Music is not looped

- After the death and  "Restart" with space -- space always restarts the game

Very original visuals and good music, but no sense of horror. Anyway, I like it.

Good bad trip, lmao. The only thing missing is variety of the gameplay. But it fun.

Good btmup, but I want more unexpected mechanics! :D But graphics is amazing.

I really like the visuals

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Not so cringe, as I expected from the description. Good small game with an interesting and original mechanic.

Visuals are amazing, but it's TOO dark. Sometimes I had to rely only on intuition.

Never like the survival horror games, but I think this is a good example of them. Good work!

Goooood one, I like the unexpectness) And music, sad it's premade

Damn, I  love 3D-puzzles, but the controls in this one is a hell. But music and sounds are pretty good. Really good.

Amazing one. Especially love the design. And the gameplay. Yeah, one of favorites.

Yeaaaah, I finally did it. I really love the atmosphere. If you ever need a sound fx and/or music for this game — I'll be glad to help with it. Really love such aestetics.

Oh, well. That's a very unobvious mechanic, thanks will give a try!

Have no idea, where that room is. I have access only to the "rover control room" and "power supply room". Other two doors is always locked and "Will be fixed 14 minutes" or something like this. I really like the atmosphere, the gameplay and the idea. I want to beat the game!

Yeah, will check perfomance issues later. Thanks for playing!

Yeah, there should have been three changes of enemies, but I just didn't have enough time to implement ( Anyway, I'm going to make it a whole-game with a lot of mechanics. ;) Thanks for playing!

Ehm, well. How to interact with it? ( Can't place anything into it. And also can't take anything inside the ship.

I've take all gold and broke the world by going back through the tunnel. Can walk around the city with no collisions and and nothing happened (

Super atmospheric, love it.

I really love visuals and the idea of the story. But I can't get how to end the game (

Cool. A little bit hard, but original. Like.

What's the "pck" for Windows? No way to run it

Where is the freaking transfer chute?! >_<

Cool, but a little bit slow. And every time I fall out of the level in the same place)

It's known issue. Switch off everything in preferences of the game. In 99% cases in helps.

Mmm, I don't think so. It's Phaser engine (JavaScript). So to build a desktop version I will have to use Electron or something. It's very time consuming.

Sure, which one?

Amazing work. I love the arts and sound. But about story and gameplay — I prefer to wait for final version ;) Just so as not to get upset.

Stuck on the 6th level. I love the mechanics and somesounds. Will be good to see a whole game.

Cool idea. Wanted to praise the graphics and music, but they are premade. Meh. Anyway, cool idea. Only one thing - in my opinion the buttons should not collide with player when they are in place.

Cool, I like it. Kinda Undertale but with own charm and style. More gameplay, less text — and it would be a masterpiece! ;)