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Submitted by itaypoo (@itaypooDev) โ€” 13 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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This was like playing good game of memory, although more stressful. I liked it ((:


Nice game and cool idea! The blue should stop to shoot after you save him.


Really nice game.
Made a review video.


Thank you for playing my game! it was really cool seeing someones first reactions to my game!! also rated your game before the jam ended.


Thanks for watching the video.
I really liked your game. Let's connect on Discord - nerdPoint#4763


Nicew game, loved the gameplay and among us references. If you can check out our game


The graphics are really cute! I like the way this game interpreted the theme. The audio was also nice. It'd be nice if the blue guy would stop trying to shoot me after I saved it. Good work!


Really great entry, love the artwork! I would make the enemies die a bit easier; 2-3 shots for the actual enemies, one for the the ally would make the feel a lot faster and more satisfying, maybe speed up the bullets a bit as well. 


Nice concept!
I'd make the enemies less bullet spongy and make them move faster. Anyway, it's very well executed. Congrats!


Good game and good idea (: I liked it getting harder and harder


A fun casual game, love the art. Perfectly fits the theme. Some power-ups that add health, improve your weapon or give you a shield would be great. Awesome game!


The gameplay twist is interesting and fits the theme, but I feel like enemies have a bit too much health.


Definitely hit the theme, I don't know what else to say but random ideas like adding different enemies and maybe make the enemies faster.

Perfectly in theme ! you could've added more than one blue for more difficulty instead of multiple red (I still lost at level 5 or 6 though aha)


This was a good concept. The shooting felt like no real impact was being done (screen shake here would have been really useful along with some particles coming from impact) The main core of the game was there, but with little polish, it just wasn't catching my attention for very long. And I like how you capitalized on the popularity of Among Us. You at least got the theme used well in the game! If you had extra time, some extra polish would have really helped!


Follows the theme nicely with a unique idea. I really like the art in the game, it's adorable. Following what BIGSPRITE said, I think there could be better feel in the shooting. I also like the music! Great job!


Nice simple gameplay with an innovative twist. You've clearly thought about the theme and incorporated it into the game which is great. The art style suits the game well and controls feel great. I would perhaps add a "meatier" sound to the gun to make it feel more impactful. Great job!


I like how you used the theme, it leads to pretty interesting gameplay.

However, I find it a bit of a letdown that what stops you from playing is running out of lives, not mixing the blue character.

I think it would lead to more fun gameplay if instead of only increasing the number of red enemies, you also increase the blues. (or if you did that, but I just didn't get that far, then do it earlier.)

It's a pretty fun game, and audiovisual quality is neat.


Really fun, I like the art. Great job!


Outstanding game.  Love it.  Super fun.


really great  you used the theme really well


Nice game, I like your implementation of the theme..It is hard after a little bit to remember which one was the blu one.

I notice could of think that you can improve.. Shooting is going from the player and not from the gun. Also when you kill all the "reds" the blu continues to shoot to you. 

Really good job for your first release..

If you wanna check my game is :


Thank you!!

also rated your game.

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