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The game oozes with humor, and the art stye is really appealing! No one wants to be caught listening to Billy Eilish I suppose. Great job!

Cool puzzle game! I appreciated the backstory going into the puzzles! The only thing that I found quite annoying was how the music restarted everytime I swooped into a fire. Other than that great job! Cheers!

I really like the art, it's really solid! The control scheme were a bit too wonky for my taste. Otherwise nice job considering the short time span!

This was like playing good game of memory, although more stressful. I liked it ((:

I like the art! However, the game lacks sounds, which would really heighten the experience!

I instantly quit the game when the windows pop up showed. But went back soon after, when I realized that it was a scare lol. Otherwise really nice job. I really appreciate all the small details that went into the art!

I love the hazard idea, you kind of needed to re-calibrate on the fly. Controls were a bit wonky but other than that I liked it!

I love the look of the GUI, story was intriguing thus far! hope you finish it up. Would love to know how it ends.