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Definitely a cool concept, a little hard, but I liked it! Also, perhaps rely on a next button to move forward rather than a set time.

Pretty solid game, it'd be cooling if the land shrunk but it may look weird, idk, just spouting random thoughts. I like the minimalistic art style, feels nice, maybe make the player attack range a bit bigger or maybe I'm just bad.

You should really make all the UI scale with screen size, it felt very crammed.

"( PS: Sorry about this being a development build. The loading screen would get stuck at 90% if it was not a development build )" You said this, if you go to publication settings, and change the format from Brotli to Gzip, you don't have to convert your build to a developer build. Just a tip for next time.

Holy JESUS, I spent like 4 minutes trying to beat it but nice job. Also at the end maybe a "You win" sign would be more rewarding, I usually associate gameover with loss but whatever. I really like the concept, though it was hard to get at first for me for some reason. Another suggestion would be a main menu and an instructions button leading to the scene you start on. It helps clean it up imo.

I get stuck and can't move sometimes, I also can't get off the loading screen sometimes. I like the idea and highscore concept though. Nice art too!

Yo really solid job! I liked the overall but I don't really see the theme too much. I really liked the simplicity of the game and the bullet tracking factor.

If you change it from Brotli to Gzip, it fixes that 90% thing w/o it being a developer build. Also nice solid overall game. Maybe if you could make it so I could hold down shoot instead of tapping is a suggestion.

Pretty solid replayable game, just wondering, are all those trees individual objects? Cause it felt pretty laggy, maybe it was just me. Nice job with the graphics, a suggestion, maybe an animation of the car. 

LMAO dw I hated the color pallete, Idk what im doing w colors XD, it burned my eyes but I already made the assets

Thanks! Means a lot! And yea I saw that, just was too lazy lol :P

Of course!

Yea, your right, post thinking I probably shouldn't have made it ice physics but with tight physics it was hard to come up with hard levels imo, but idk, the rush of time fogged my thoughts and other perspectives :P, and that key to fall faster is a pretty interesting idea.

Yea I never had an actual good platformer script so I just made that abomination, I was thinking whether or not to make it tight or not :P Thanks for the feedback though!

I really like the idea, but something to make the game a bit spicier would be, making perfects give another life, cause sometimes it's kind of impossible. Also try not to make the text UI overlap as it was hard to read a bit.

Damn, I would love to play, but for some reason I can't load it :(

Yea definitely! One simple line of code and I coulda made it W, Space, or Up arrow, I completely forgot! You are totally right

Which instrument? Cause I couldn't find an accurate one? I know there's a dedicated piano area but none seemed to sound like a piano :P

Really gives that multi task feel, and I like the ability of becoming stronger based on the questions, though sometimes I felt like my bullet wasn't coming out despite waiting a long time

Pretty good but a few tips, maybe speed up the gameplay and raise the difficulty. Also make it so you lose a life if you let a note slip ( idk if you did this or not but I let one pass me but I hit the end goal). If you used UI, make sure you hit scale with screen size cause when I zoomed out it got weird. Also where did you get the piano sounds? I couldn't find any XD

Thanks! The art style was meh, they didn't really match and looked bad but thanks anyways :P. Wdym by refresher? Like have text appear after dying to them a lot or what? Because I put a thing saying that sharp notes kill you, or are you saying for me to say what a sharp note looks like?

Ah I see, I skimmed through the description really fast, my bad

I think the game is a little overwhelming but really nice job on the graphics and everything else. Though to be honest, the controls were a little weird

It was an okay game, some things I woulda suggest is, more enemies for more difficulty, better collisions, and the usage of tile sets, I really think you should use tile sets.

It's a pretty solid overall game but I don't feel like it represents the theme too hard. Nice job on the graphics obviously and sfx, maybe boost the difficulty as a suggestion.

This is a very interesting concept, and the physics on the truck are so accurate! The graphics and sfx were nice and overall, it was great! Though maybe make the player faster and to balance you could lower the time.

The game had a really good concept though, I think a little too difficult. But maybe it's cause I don't play tetris.

On a computer I couldn't really shoot :( . Though the art looks amazing and the gameplay seem to be promising.

Definitely a solid game, though I would've added a reason not tape a finger to the "K" key, like maybe slow the player down or something, anything that restricts the player. I really liked the difficulty curve as I really felt the heat on level 3.

It's a solid game and really good for a first game but I think you should make it a little more difficult but speeding up the spawners. And I think a big thing holding back the game is some sort of ammunition between shooting. Because I slapped my keyboard and nothing could get past my defense. 

Aight it seems to work! But for some reason the loading bar doesn't show, but it does load. A tip would be not making the player run so fast cause I held both S and Shift and I went zooming.  I think maybe telling on what the green and red arrows mean would be nice, I felt like I was doing a walking simulator for a bit, but definitely gave a spooky atmosphere.

Wow, I never thought of a repeat button, that's actually some good feedback! Thanks! I didn't want the song to reset every death cause it'd sound weird but yea a repeat button woulda been perfect.

Yea it was definitely weird, it was hard cause I didn't have like a level designer so I had to hard code and hard shove some things, at the end it was a mess XD

The left and right isn't reset after level I'm pretty sure, also giving the ability to remove cards wouldve been nice, but ofc time so it's understandable. The game was pretty solid overall, maybe some calm music in the bg would help.

Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing, I was spamming A and D and Space and I won...I liked the simplistic graphics and animations though.

Really good for your first jam! Maybe should've added a check point, also some guys were flying till you get offscreen off them but I really liked, though they BEAT MY A$$

OMG, I LOVE IT. The combination of these two genres worked so well! I can see the effort placed into each levels and I love the enabling and disabling feature. I also really love the art and animations and sfx!

I like the graphics and sfx! The game was pretty basic overall but it still was pretty fun. Maybe add a score system for how many zombies died to add a bit of spice.

I like the concept of switching between two players, though perhaps add some SFX. The graphics were pretty solid though.

I love this way of moving! The player controller felt really nice. I really like the graphics. A slight suggestion would be more invincibility frames, I lost all my hp bars to 1 slime XD, maybe that's just me being bad.