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Midnight RunnerView game page

An infinite skill-based runner game.
Submitted by kintrix โ€” 5 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Jam HostSubmitted



That is what I call last second.


A neat infinite runner! DIdn't quite follow the theme, but the controls were solid and the art was fun. Also good music. The enemy trees could stick out a little more, but I liked the lighting effect you used to differentiate them.


Nice game, I really like the music.


Cool character :) I mean the style. Like it!


Great concept. I liked the fonts and the game design. UI is clear on what to avoid and what is attackable. Good game.
Would you spare a few minutes to check out my game as well?


I'd definitely like to listen to this music outside the game, I love it when the beat drops a bit as you keep playing. It also helps contribute to the atmosphere. I was trying to kill a spider before I realized it was just an obstacle, so maybe have a clearer indication on what enemies are? I know there's this purple highlight, but it's a little hard to see sometimes. Overall, nice work, I enjoyed playing!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for all this feedback! I was not sure if that highlight was the right way to distinguish obstacles... It turns out it wasn't. (^.^;)
I couldn't come up with an idea on how to differentiate whether an obstacle is destroyable. Maybe the problem is with their looks... Do you have any idea how to make it work? It would help even more. And once again thank you for this feedback!

I'll definitely tell VOD.Music you liked the music! If you want to check out their other songs, there is a link on the project page. :)


I'd say make the highlight a bit more saturated/noticeable? Red is a nice color to indicate danger, though I don't know if that would break the atmosphere. Another thing is the object itself - I think a lot of people can agree that first instinct says that a spider is an enemy and a tree is an obstacle, not the other way around. Although I do like how the spider obstacle moves... I hope this helps! If not, that's cool haha, this was the best I could come up with


Thank you! This is really helpful.


Simple artstyle but still nice for a little fun :)


I reviewed your game in my video:


I'm gonna nitpick a little... That is really hard to categorize as a "review"


There wasn't much to say about it. It didn't match the theme. there are a bunch of endless runners and there are a couple that have been added to this game jam alone.  The audio was okay. but simple gameplay, the jump was awkward. Character was very heavy.  And honestly I was very tired at that point when recording, so combined with not much to say, I just said it was an endless runner. straight forward.


Hey there, i had fun playing this. the graphics were good and simple and it was like the type of runner games where you had to run and avoid obstacles, etc. It was a pretty fun game as well. 

If you have time then pls do check my game out as well,



I had fun playing this on my stream  earlier.

Once you start to get the knack for it it can be a bit addicting. The RNG generating the course works well and it was mostly my own fault when I died. Interesting scoring system too.

Not sure how it fits the theme to be honest.

Graphics were varied and simple - particularly like the number of different pumpkin carvings!

I liked the audio as well, suited the game well and was nice to listen to - the beat just kept going :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for all your kind words!

On my jam page I wrote it doesn't follow the theme. Since it doesn't. Honestly, I would be surprised if I got more than 1.0 for theme.
I had an idea, with which I could make the game somewhat fit the theme, but I didn't have time for it.

But once again, thanks, I will definitely tell VOD.Music (the composer) that their music is loved.


Really fun game! The combination of moves you've come up with and the quick succession with which you force players to use them made things feel really tense, and the music helped to add some life to things. Also, allowing checkpoints is a really nice touch. Good job!


Was fun to play on stream.

One thing that did ruin the experience is collisions need to be fix i.e the spiders. And also it would be cool if I could press E to slash instead. Controller inputs would also be nice.

Regardless fun game, audio blended well, graphics was great, and gameplay was challenging.

9/10 for everything but theme lol