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Bruh, why I thought after the zombie reached the first level then they would rest in peice. But no the zombie needs more pain and suffering. Twas fun on my stream. Could have used some audio though

I like the creative death mechanic, whenever you die there is a dummy that you can use to progress the level. Music could have been less repetitive. And the 2nd level exceeding in difficulty too much for me at least [lack of pacing]. Regardless, good job on your game submission.

Very fun game! Interesting way of using death to progress rather than to hinder going through the level!

Oh and bad screens probably could zoom out further. Again I'll try to build a decent sized webgl frame in the next patch

Like I said, try using browser settings to zoom in/out. 80% zoom worked for me and I have 1920x1080p. Also the frame size is actually 1920x1080p but because of the way the iframe is rendered it takes way more space

This games fun, but there are deal breakers.

Collision sizes feel weird. And there is the focus function but it feels weird with bullets passing you like its nothing and there's no indication on where the center is other than focus. I'd rather have the image match the collision size.

Everytime I reach the bossfight and die I don't restart at the bossfight. I restart all the way at the back! AHH Please implement a savesystem so I can fight the boss already.

Also random colors on the bullets were interesting! but please set a cap so that only light colors are generated on the bullets. If the colors are dark then I can't see them.

I'm not going to go in detail with the bugs because its obvious people mentioned those already!

Other than that very fun game! Fun visuals! Very easy to get into! And you were creative trying a lot of interesting things! At least with some feedback you can figure out what worked and what didn't! Thanks for the fun game and your creative ideas!

Visuals & Post processing were amazing. And yeah the difficulty was quite easy which is ironic because when you sent the first test file it was quite hard, so consider tweaking that.

Other than that the game was a really well executed bossfight! Well done!

Game was really great! It was a strategy trying to fix the bullets. But man its soo hard because as soon as one bot is corrupted the entire bots get corrupted and then it becomes impossible to fix. And they all shoot at you and its hard to dodge because its a platformer. Hmm maybe consider removing the bots touching eachother to get activated.. Or maybe have it be like a long wait after touching to be activated or something. And expirement in the direction that the bullets go in.

Other than that fun strategy bullet hell game! The post processing and audio was nice too!! :)

Very fun, I enjoyed it on my stream.

However, at the start of the game I could barely hear the voice over because the music was too loud. Not a deal breaker, but I couldn't figure out it was a corrupt government.

Also enemies clumped together. It probably would be more fun if enemies spread around you instead of heading towards the same area.

Still though I enjoy that there is leader boards, the animations, the voice overs. The fact that the entire game world feels immersive. Thanks for submitting! Good job!

Very fun!! Haha. Stopped playing because I couldn't defeat the final wave.

Glad you enjoyed my jam submission. Thanks! I may consider experimenting with WEBGL display size and see if the UI still holds up but maybe it will be too risky.

 I'm glad you at least liked the idea. I'll definetely implement difficulty settings so you can enjoy finishing the game :)

I'll also try and disable and enable bullets when you leave and enter rooms.

Thanks for your feedback!

Oh to get to the boss you have to go to the middle room and then you'll notice an entry point at the top. You have to defeat all three enemies and corrupt all three rooms though.

Sorry about the unpredictable aspect of the game, I just wanted it to be challenging. Especially for the left room use the walls. I'll try and make the game less difficult maybe by showing a portion of the path the enemy is following.

And being shot a couple of times.. Yeah that was my mistake because enemies were shooting in the background on other rooms. I thought I coded something to stop the bullets but I guess that didn't work. I'll test more later.

And thanks for your feedback :)

oh this is a irl game jam i would be doing it from home then

what the topic said..

I'm glad you enjoyed my game. I'll try to check out yours as well and I am planning on working on it :)

Nice game. The glitch things are an obstacle but if you added maybe a different kinda glitch maybe after 500? Red glitches that could kill you when you collide into them or click on them with your mouse? it could make the game more challenging and potentially more fun.

Very fun game. The only one that I got right on my own was the first one. Mainly because there was hints to the issue in the error dialouge. It probably would be a good idea to give hints in the error dialouge. It's also realistic because the error usually guides the programmer to where the issue of the problem is. Thats the one major critique I have. Also why did you torture yourself, I couldnt rate you on simplicity lol.

Anyway this game is amazing. The OS screen and movement felt good. The sounds were great. And it felt really great! 10/10

Nice game. Reminds me of a similar color pallete of my game. We even explained in both of our games that the dev screwed up by attaching scripts to the wrong object.

The game's visuals were simplistic yet popping. A simplistic game done right with particle fx and post processing glowing fx. Something that I completely forgot in my game. And the sfx.

One thing I will say is that I feel like the bug hurting the player ruined the game a bit. And also the controls are switched. Going right is a and going left is d? I have to get close to the enemy object to try to get the yellow health points but its hard, because the yellow health point is all the way at the left and enemies land on the left a lot. And also as soon as I finnally reach the point and I used my gun I'm pushed all the way back to the right of the level. I even stop using my gun and try to press to move forward but I can't.

Still, very fun game! :)

Great game but really laggy. Networking is a bonus point though. Maybe 2D would be better than 3D because you don't have to calculate the view of the 3d red objects than when you collide with them you die.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the execution of my idea. The challenge is to destroy the player in the fastest amount of time possible. I probably could make the actual player playing the game take risks. Maybe by decreasing the score by how many times you use a weapon, so the goal is to destroy the player with using the least amount of weapons possible. Would that be a better way to add risks in? Or do you have more suggestions. And thanks for the feedback.

You were. You switched with the script of the boss by accident but you didn't switch sprites.

Wait was I supposed to move the player as well. And great soundtrack. Its just that you need to fix your pixel art sprites (at least in the webgl version) so they arent blurry

Graphics look pretty good, the music is amazing too. I like how the music gets faster as I increase in speed.

This is a really fun game. Great tutorial that is unconscious to get the player in the game. And you let the player experience things on their own. A really tight platformer. Really good game. I'll definetely finish this one later. :) Maybe you could add different environments if you were planning on expanding.

The soundtrack wasn't mine but I'm glad you enjoyed my concept :)

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Thanks for playing. It was inspired by JSAB and Project Arrythmia. I'm glad you liked the execution of my idea. :)

Why not just have an options menu in the game. There there can be an option for either [Momentum & Jump same key] or [Momentum & jump different key]

aaah, I got your game but when I stream I get other requests. I'll just play your game off stream unless if you want to see my recorded reaction.

Thanks I'm glad you liked it :)

Fun game with immense replayability, and amazing cinematic graphics and intriguing music.

What a fun experience! Glitchy visuals made the game pop as well as the music & SFX. This is a simplistic game done right, definetely can take inspiration from this. Thanks guys!

Amazing game with amazing sound & interesting story, Can I get the soundtrack xD

Jokes aside there were a few concerns that ruined the game for me

- On parts of the game maybe you could consider adding a max momentum height

- Also please make momentum and jumping the same key, the first time you press the space bar you use your momentum then the second time, its normal jump. That is a lot better than having two keys that I'm very confused by. XD If you do that it would feel like a more natural jump

- Fix that player walk cycle, its off a bit on the y axis. Use Unity animating to make it smoother

Still with all the setbacks your game is pretty great. You also made the player feel good when they figured out something on their own.

This is a pretty good game if a Half Life Bug became a game mechanic. I had fun, hopefully I can play all the levels off stream :) Some levels can be tricky though. Especially if you dont have two cubes with you that you can jump on

This game is really great. Great audio & music and puzzle design, especially load jumping and clinging onto blocks from the bottom. Really nice game. Visuals could be improved but I cant say too much cause I didn't work on my visuals either xD

No sadly there is only one ending, I'm glad you enjoyed my game though! And good score, now I have to beat that.

I'm glad you like the JSAB vibe. That was what I was aiming for :)

Thanks for playing my game. Yeah I know the screen size is screwed up. I did provide a downloadable exe file for you unless if you don't have Windows. I based most of the canvas off of 1920x1080, and forgot I was publishing to webGL, so sorry about that. Make sure to go to your browser options and set the size to 30% - 50% if you are having problems. Whatever feels comfy.

That's a good idea along with an animated background. I'll add that into the game then with the next patch.