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Thanks :D

Invert controls would have been such an amazing event lol, I wish i'd thought of that!

Thanks :D

Gotten tons of comments on the audio, I'll keep that in mind for next time!

As for the patterns, I just ran out of time :P

Thanks for playing! Just to comment on some of the stuff you said:

the sound effects are WAY too loud compared to the music, the music was excellent and the sfx kinda ruined it 😭 

Gotten tons of feedback on the volume of the SFX, i guess it is a bit too loud lol

make all the enemy bullets at least twice the size

Probably a good call, but since I suck at bullet hells, I decided to make them small so I could beat it to make sure it wasnt too hard xDD

when the enemies get hit, flash them white - don't make them transparent 😂 I want to SEE the hit.

The enemies becoming transparent is actually a bug lol, they're supposed to flash red.

the feedback on player hit is a little lacklustre too. I think it looks great, but I don't think it's very effective. A little camera shake, maybe some hitstop, that sort of thing.

 I'll keep the screenshake in mind for my next game, I think that's a great idea!

really felt like I could keep going forever. Maybe  increase spawn rate over time?

I was gonna add a higher spawn-rate over time, shorter shoot cooldowns, bigger bullets, etc, but ran out of time doing bug fixes :P

sometimes enemies spawned on top of me and hit me immediately. Not a fun time 😅 pure rng isn't great for this sort of thing! You want to be a little more tactical about it. If it were me, I'd spawn enemies in a circle around the player with a random angle and a radius that is random between two values, and wrap them to the other side of the screen. That way you'll never get enemies spawning on the player, and it'll feel completely random without being unfair!

I did add particles on where the enemies were gonna spawn to warn the player beforehand, but your idea is definitely something im gonna keep in mind for my future games :)

Thanks, i'll keep this stuff in mind! For a numerical timer, you can open the F3 debug menu :)

This might be on your end, because the audio is fine for me. I'll keep the feedback about the music volume in mind, though!

I love it! The visuals, special effects, sounds and music all go together so well! The controls are really tight and snappy and the way you implemented the theme was really unique! The entire game was very polished and well done. The only feedback I have is, since you need to ram into the enemies to kill them (which is really fun), there should probably be some kind of visual indicator when they're about to shoot. Apart from that, great game, no idea how you did this in a week :D

Really fun game! I loved the audio and visuals, they were really nice and unique! The difficulty curve was also quite nice and it was very easy to get into! When I first played though, I was confused because I wasn't able to shoot, but then I realized I had no ammo. Maybe a better indicator for that would be nice? Something like a "no ammo" sound when you try to shoot? Also, how the theme is incorporated isn't very clear. Overall, really fun and polished game, I'm surprised you got this done in a week lol

yeah I never put an actual indicator, but it lasts for three seconds. Also I didn’t have any other ideas, so I added blindness :P

hmmm I tried to make the spawn effect stick out, I guess I just suck at that lol. Should the particles have been bigger?

Also I thought I added a timer before I restarted the scene but I think I accidentally deleted it :P


This has to be the best jam game I've ever played. Didn't finish it (yet), but i love it so far! No idea how you guys managed to finish it within a week haha. Can't wait to see more amazing stuff from you guys :)

Doesnt really fit the theme, but the game is really polished and fun to play :D

I did notice some glitches where u can get stuck in the floor, and its kinda annoying to delete blocks in edit mode, but overall the game is epic :)

Thanks :D

Thanks :D For the turrets, they need to be placed on the grass and >= 100px away from other turrets

Thanks :D

Thanks :D I was using Godot with C#, and theres a known bug with buttons when you export to HTML, so I had to make a native build. As for the turrets, there wasn't a grid system - they could place on the grass and has to be >= 100px away from other turrets, as I didn't want them right next to each other, though I should have made it more obvious

Yeah I know :(

Not sure why, gonna try to fix it, sorry about that

Hey there! If you're on the discord server, you'll get a special role and your game will be posted in the #hall-of-fame channel!

(1 edit)

BigSprite, with their game, Frank and Drac's Embarrasment Party!

Thanks to everyone who participated, we hope you had fun! Big Sprite, join the discord so we can give you the role and the unity pack!


Hopefully! Stay tuned :D

Once the jam ends, the rating period will start, and everyone will be able to see and play each others' games! Also the participants will be able to rate the games. However, you can't see the submissions until the jam ends and the rating period starts.

It can be any kind of runnable program, but I would recommend a browser app so more people can play it! If you cant make a browser app, try to export to windows, mac and linux, and if you can only export to one platform, I would recommend Windows since thats what most people use :D

I would recommend asking on the discord server 

No, but make sure you have permission to use it and that you credit the person who made it! :D

Wow dude great job - looking forward to your entry!

Like mochii said, you don't need to export it as HTML5, however I would recommend it as most people including myself prefer playing web-based jam  games instead of downloading them :) However, if the engine/framework you are using doesn't support HTML5, or you can't or don't want to use it for some other reason, just upload it as an executable file :)

You can make any game you like :D

I recommend joining the discord server and asking there, there’s plenty of people who want to team up :)

Lesncas that was supposed to be a secret >:O

Yes, old code can be used, however you can't for example copy and paste the entire code of an old game, but you can use the code of a character controller, spawning script, etc.

Yeah, like PixelMochii said, he's a literal computer wizard :)

Thanks :D

Thanks! Im glad u liked it!

Also, thanks for the feedback! Was gonna add the increasing difficulty, but was tight on time (I still had 15 hours left, but it was late at night and i couldnt jam at all the next day before the deadline)

About the enemy spawning, I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time!


Honestly, I just love strategy games like chess, and this is just amazing. I have no idea how u managed to do this within the time frame lol. Love the gameplay, art and animations!

Well done!

Fun little game! I really love the cute art and animations, but i feel like the game could be a bit more polished. One little piece of feedback is that the shooting is a little hard to control, maybe make it shoot in the direction of the mouse? But overall, really nice game!

Lol thx, I'll definitely improve enemy spawning mechanics  next time!

the second look of the guys were a lot more creepy than the original

._. i cant draw lol

Thanks for playing! I'll keep the enemy spawning thing in mind for next time! :D

Thanks alot : )

ill definitely keep the enemy spawning thing in mind for next time I make a game like this!