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Hi, maybe you could do a webGL build, i'd love to try it on linux

Jills with barrels shouldn't even count at all, thats because if your mission not to kill much enemies, you can still defend, without getting too much kills. I think you have killed one enemy earlier and it counted

So overall, the  platforming mechanics could be improved like adding coyote time, particles and different stuff to make platforming smoother. Just watch this video: 

Also, the level design is wonderful, but you could add more levels. 

The mascot has a really well-rounded story and tons of personality. Loved him!

I think so, but it would take much effort. Probably much easier way would be to compile for WebGL:

IDK, then try some Chromium based browser, like Brave, there is no such shortcut there

Make a Linux build, RIGHT NOW

That's nice that you have played this with friends. Most of the people probably just play 1p mode, which is worse than 2p

It definitelly does. I have just tested. The problem mayh be that you don't know what numpad is, or have a num lock enabled. This is numpad:Numeric keypad - Wikipedia

You can also shoot with numpad 0 as second player

Really nice game, loved the art and ideas. I don't even have any big critiques. Maybe you could make the game a bit deeper, like adding story or levels, because I can't really rate the game design 5 stars, because it's just too simple. Anyways the game is really good, but lacking levels, which will give feeling of progression and depht. Also art is simple but really good

Yes, I have tried to add some story to the game, to have levels make more sense

Really nice game, it's hard to critique anything. The only downside I could think of is the physics-you could have made the bomb's top(or bottom) square instead of circle, because it's hard to jump on other player also we got stuck in lvl 7, maybe you could create some kind of hinting system. Still the game is amazing the menu and scene transitions look very polished

Thanks for playing the game, yes, probably the health bar could be of any other color for the first levels, but in later levels there isn't much green anymore, so it would be still hard to see

Yes, the game is meant and balanced for 2 players mostly, and 1 player mode is an afterthought actually. Also, if you want, you can play the game online with your friends using Parsec. We had really much fun doing so

Yes, It looks like servers aren't feeling well

Maybe you need to wait for a second and read the sign before pressing. Thanks for playing

Can you, please clarify what exactly isn't working? You should be able to move with WASD and shoot with space

That's quite sad that it didn't load for you. Maybe try a different browser

I think I have just missed some letters out of hurrying

Nice game, but needs more variety for example some enemies could move and also the theme is super strange cannons shooting a fireplace? Still nice and addicting game

Really nice game  and amazing art, the art looks polished and well done. Loved the small story bits in newspapers. i thought it would be really cool if it was actually a news report with voice acting. I loved the upgrade ui and many enemy types. Sadly online leader board didn't work . A very nice game

Yes, i just didn't have time to add options menu and of course it needs some balancing

Thanks for playing the game. I I'm glad you liked it

Thanks for a great ideas, they are really clever. I was also thinking on developing the game further and if I do, I'll probably do these things. But in jam time the are probably impossible to make

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Thanks for the long and honest feedback. So the thing is that if you teleport past enemies, you'll probably not have too much fun plus then you'll not get high scores because the stringer enemies you kill, the higher score bonus you get.(you can get up to 60 points just for killing one enemy).  I should have probably removed the moving score overall. And yeah, I just messed up with music because of hurrying

Yes, everyone is making that point with the camera and i completely agree. I was just hurrying to finish the game and didn't have any ideas how to fix it

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it

Yes, thats a really good point.  Thanks for playing my game

yes, that would be nice, the game looks quite promising

Thanks for the feedback. I was making this game for mobile from the beginning

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Nice game, but a bit too long for my liking. The color scheme of the art is great. And i loved the tutorial. My best score is 3199

Super deep game, the harder I try to play well, the harder I fail:( The art is lacking, but at least you did it yourself(next time probably try making pixel art). I adore those small dialogues, they make the game not so monotonic. The movement is  quite unintuitive, I think you should just move towards mouse. Great game

I think shader doesn't work for me in webgl because I get a strange triangle in the middle of the screen. Otherwise the visuals are really unique. Loved the backround But the bullets look strange, a bit flat. The music is nice too

Hey, I'm broke now because of this evil arcade machine. I have played this game for a bit too long. It would be cool to have something like insert coin instead of play. And also a few downsides: It would be cool if real action started sooner, because now you get real dangers after at least 10 seconds, also online leaderboard maybe(of course it needs some time to implement). GREAT GAME

Please upload WEBGL or Linux build next time. I can't play it now :(

This game is too hard in my opinion, I've got at 120 at most :(, but as I can see others get to much higher scores, so probably I'm just bad. Also the art is just SPECTACULAR, it is sad I have seen some viruses only in screenshots :( Also teleport mechanic feels a bit forced. Still a spectacular art

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I want to try this game SO hard, I'm so hyped on screenshots, but it doesn't load in the browser and there is no Linux version. Please upload it

Edit: OK so I have booted up windows, the game is so nice and bright I loved big the big variety of enemies and the background is stunning. I don't have much complaints, just make the linux build next time. And some dropped power ups likme healing or invincibillity would be nice too

Pixel art is nice, but the problem is that the art is just inconsistent, you should have used pixel art or vector art the simplest way to fix it would be to add pixel perfect camera to your camera object. This is how to do that: Also it is hard to reorganize in which lane what is. I don't know how to fix it. Still a very nice game had a lots of fun playing it. I'm just trying to help you improve by pointing out as much flaws as possible)

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The sound design is just amazing, but game design could improve for example the game gets challenging enough only when you collect score 40, then teleporting mechanic is actually sometimes needed. Also maybe this game wouldn't even have walking and you were a very slippery slime and could just shoot slime balls to teleport and thats your only movement option. Also flying enemies could use pathfinding and not just go through walls(Brackeys has a tutorial on that). Also it's frustrating that enemies sometimes spawn on you. Overall I had so much fun playing this game(I adore platformers). Overall I know my feedback is a bit negative, but I'm just trying to help you to improve by pointing out as much flaws as possible)

Yes I have also noticed the camera, but couldn't think of how to fix it, because if it just scrolls earlier, you would have less space to fight. And yes, I was developing this as a mobile game from the beginning. Thanks for the feedback