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Thanks! great to see that this is actually useful sorry for the late reply

Very great game. the aesthetic was nice and the post processing, particles and everything else looked awesome. lack of music was is too noticeable.but overall great game and nice puzzle design

I thought of that problem but had no idea how to fix it, turns out it was that simple. Very thanks for the feedback, I will update it after the jam. Also simplistic aesthetics are very easy to do and they look good, so there is no reason not to use them

Thanks! the reference wasn’t intentional, I just made it with simple graphics, but it ended up looking good

Thanks Glad you enjoyed it


Great what you have done with this new demo, great to see it’s becoming into the vapor trails we all know

Yeah thanks for the Feedback! I appreciate it, let’s see if i can make it into a proper game after the jam ends

Huh, Weird, It works for me… maybe it has something to do with your browser/computer. If there is no problem with those, then i don’t know what the problem could. Thanks for the feedback


Cool.I tried to make a replay button but it just didn’t work and i had very little time to fix it so i just scratched it and never got back to it


Thanks. Glad you enjoyed my game. I focused a lot on making it satisfying as I could

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed my game. The music is not mine, but I agree it’s great

Well i would like to see where this goes in the future. Thanks for Terrain from noise tool. i will see if i can use it any of my games

ok lol have fun playing and rating other games.

Great game… i am surprised you managed to do procedural generation in 3 hours I would like to know what you used.i liked reading the history but after a while it got boring

Thank you.. Glad you enjoyed on it I am not planning on improving this game after the jam ends.. but I might, Thanks again. Looking forward to play your game

How did a random 11 yr old get into your computer? I don’t even want to know no I don’t have a youtube channel

Our games really are very different.. in fact i think your game is better you have a zombie apocalypse going on.. i only have squares and triangles and circles

Is this a joke?… it clearly says that you deleted the posts and besides our games are a lot different… top down shooters are very common

Thanks… i will test it out immediately. it will defenitely help me.i didn’t know the forward+ did not fully support html

Excuse me… you deleted your comments.. i did not do anything … and even if i did it must have been an accident and i assure you i didn’t do it

lol it’s pretty clear that no one stole from no one now

or is it

Wow very fun game… i like the idea very much.made it on my 2nd try

cool game.. but sometimes you run into places where you can’t escape like the music

5… this game is also very fun… could use music and juice but otherwise it’s great also I didn’t know you could submit more than one game

Come on it’s not that bad… if you think that your game is bad no one else will think it’s good

it is fun.. could use more juice but this is very fun for 3 hours

(1 edit)

I’m sorry but I did not copy your game… top down endless shooters are pretty popular. we just happened to pick the same genre… besides you submitted after me.. if anything I should blame you lol…. played your game. It’s pretty fun.. I wouldn’t say mine is better though

wow 659 THAT IS IMPRESSIVE… i haven’t even got that score and this is my own game lol

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it, The plan was just put a wall ,but when I was running out of time, I just set the camera’s limits to where the walls would have been

OH. didn’t know that could happen… glad you enjoyed it…

glad you enjoed it! yeah it was the first thing that popped up in my mind.I used an asset pack from kenney but some of the art was made by me

What… that must have been a weird glitch.. did you try reloading the game again

also it can sometimes be because you went into fullscreen mode at the wrong time but i can’t think of any other reason it won’t work

nooo!! you found my secret lol

yeah thanks for the feedback… but there is only so much you can do in 48 hours

Well…it kinda was because i always wanted to make a game like this but then i thought how to implement rolling a dice into this and here’‘s what i got.I couldn’t think of an easier way to make a sword so glad you like it… maybe i can expand it in the future thanks for playing

one of the greatest games i have ever played

Finally another update is out for you to play!!

sorry for the delay i planned on uploading this about a month ago but i couldn’t due to some problems

hope you enjoy this new version and check if the windows version works now

I unfortunately missed the jam but I hope to participate in one in the future as making add-ons is a new part of the godot engine that I have found .I want to improve my skill in making them so I would like to know roughly when the next jam is going to be