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Finally another update is out for you to play!!

sorry for the delay i planned on uploading this about a month ago but i couldn’t due to some problems

hope you enjoy this new version and check if the windows version works now

I unfortunately missed the jam but I hope to participate in one in the future as making add-ons is a new part of the godot engine that I have found .I want to improve my skill in making them so I would like to know roughly when the next jam is going to be


but you gotta wait for a bit though D: sorry

but i checked an it is missing i don’t know how that happened i will fix it soon (along with a pretty cool update)

there is an option called embeded pck in godot while exporting it basically puts the pck file in the .exe file

DevDec #2 community · Created a new topic Rating

The games will be rated in 5 categories:

  • theme(how well is the implementation of the theme)
  • graphics(how well the graphics are)
  • game play(how well the game is to play)
  • sound(how great the sound is)
  • overall(how great the game is overall)
DevDec #2 community · Created a new topic Submission

One way to submit is to first create a game page then come back to the jam page click the submit button and upload existing game

Another way is to go to the jam page click the submit button and then in create new project click upload game and upload the new game

i made it to floor 11


thanks I really appreciate you playing it

not sure they will see this but i really wish they will and give us a few min to upload it properly again if it works this time

me too but i did finish the game and upload it i just couldn’t submit it

yeah it would have been great if we added hard questions maybe we can make a hard mode and an easy mode

Thanks I am really glad you enjoyed it, my friend made the art but the music was not ours

cool game!

nice asset pack they look really cool


thanks really appreciate it and congrats you won the game!!

oh ok , thanks for playing and your feedback

Thanks! I am really glad you enjoyed it =)

yeah we didn’t have time to check whether the music suits the game and a timer would be good we will probably add it after the jam ends, we didn’t want to make the questions too hard

yeah thanks for the feedback rally glad you enjoyed it my friend made the art and yes I agree they are cool

it actually isn’t available inn the Windows Mac and Linux version but also why don’t you like our game? we will try to improve whatever it is

yeah we could have made it more compelling but we didn’t have time and I can’t believe you checked out our game it means so much thank you for playing =)

oh yeah but there is only so much you can do in 72 hours

sorry I didn’t know the questions were that hard

yeah I could have made thr questions a bit more easy I played your game and it is AWESOME.

yeah that is true, really glad you enjoyed it.

the best game i ever played

the best game i ever played

really cool for your first game jam

really cool game

(1 edit)

really cool game I love the art the tine sneks look so cute edit: i mean the tiny grubs

oh ok yeah I saw the one you uploaded two days ago i really love please keep making more great devlogs

really great game I love the the art just wondering what happened to the devlogs?


thanks i will take your feedback

I meant thanks