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nice game !

I did not know you could make things this cool with Renpy, great job !

A nice little discovery !

Really nice game, I had a blast doing the first 111 !

Nice game !

Really nice discovery !

Pretty wholesome, but surprisingly tricky at times, I really liked it !

I agree

Such a beautiful game, thank you so much, incredible story, art, sound design, environment, music, voices, and above all, the message you're telling.

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dude it's 5 dollars, he's got bills to pay

It was so cool !

Really funny, nice voices aha

I finished the game with only the rocks, the text at the beginning was too quick, great character looks howevere

Perfectly in theme ! you could've added more than one blue for more difficulty instead of multiple red (I still lost at level 5 or 6 though aha)

a little game, was fun and even a bit challenging, you could argue on the theme integrity besides the pumpkins though !

Really sweet and cute, I like the concept, a bit laggy especially on stairs, otherwise great experience !

Great ambiance, albeit short

Awesome game