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weird twist but cool story !

the controls are a bit janky but it’s a fun game ! I spent 20 minutes and found 101 bunnies

I see, thanks for the insights !

If I just had one request, it would be to add some kind of audio settings, it’s always a bit annoying to get out of the game to adjust volume 🫡

I see ! I indeed found the trapdoor but not the fire estinguisher, I will finish the game later, thanks !

Quick question, while making the game did you have some sort of visuals clues or you did everything blind ?

Really nice concept, I wish I wasn’t blocked inside the Library though 😅

tu me parles plus jamais comme ça par contre

chouine c’est un banger par contre

wow c’est le meilleur jeu du monde ouuuuuu ???

You should be good to go ! Some warnings are there usually to tell the developers themselves that there are some things they could fix, but they are not errors, you should be able to use the program without any issues.

un grand moment dans l’histoire

hey bg le mec qui a fait ça ouuuu ??? g pas raison la team ??

lovely !

Really nice game !

Satisfying to play and I love the polish !

A bit hard but I just have to get better ig, thanks for releasing this !

Gamepad controls for the menu could be a bit better but in game it’s perfect 🙌

incredible tool !

loved it

really cool game ! love the concept

nice game !

I did not know you could make things this cool with Renpy, great job !

A nice little discovery !

Really nice game, I had a blast doing the first 111 !

Nice game !

Really nice discovery !

Pretty wholesome, but surprisingly tricky at times, I really liked it !

I agree

Such a beautiful game, thank you so much, incredible story, art, sound design, environment, music, voices, and above all, the message you're telling.

It was so cool !

Really funny, nice voices aha

I finished the game with only the rocks, the text at the beginning was too quick, great character looks howevere

Perfectly in theme ! you could've added more than one blue for more difficulty instead of multiple red (I still lost at level 5 or 6 though aha)

a little game, was fun and even a bit challenging, you could argue on the theme integrity besides the pumpkins though !

Really sweet and cute, I like the concept, a bit laggy especially on stairs, otherwise great experience !

Great ambiance, albeit short

Awesome game