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A tense 3d platformer, where you have to keep yourself alive by throwing a big dice.
Submitted by rittz (@rittzler) — 3 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You have a short amount of time to stay alive, and rolling the die can give or take time away.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Finally beat it, the fuse is probably the most frustrating feature ever for me. changed it to slow and still basically had so much frustration i just resorted to constantly rolling in every spot i could in between platforms to basically negate it. This lead to the game kinda feeling tedious. 

I have to say tho, outside this one feature (which kinda  still makes me unreasonably frustrated just thinking about it) the game itself feels amazing,  you absolutely nail the movement and the dice kicking mechanics . i was surprised you pulled it off this well in a jam .

The sound design, music and presentation all felt great as well.

Just please remove the fuse ;(


Great game! The movement is really satisfying and there is a lot of cool tech you can do. I managed to do a whole run without die-jumping. Unfortunately, the main way the game fulfills the theme is also it's biggest drawback. Having to reroll repeatedly to refill the fuse is pretty annoying. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the fuse anyways because it kind of limits the player. But even still, this is an excellent game and I had a TON of fun with it!


Thanks for submitting your game to the stream, here's the interview;


Awesome game! The core platforming mechanics are crazy good, there's a huge difference in how quickly and efficiently you can move once you get good at them. It feels great to pull off a throw-jump-catch-boost maneuver. Also your main character has a really cool look!


This game is very hard to play and it feels very finnicky to roll and jump and dash but it's a super cool concept and could definitely be fleshed out to make a great game.


yeah i did not do a great job on the difficulty curve, very sorry! i hope you still had some fun with it, and thank you for the feedback!


I have to be honest, I didn't get very far in this game - couldn't beat the second tutorial level. I found the timer really unforgiving and having throw bound to Shift was making the game nearly unplayable. I really like the movement, though, and the game felt very polished. Nice work overall! Might come back to this later and see if I can figure out how to play properly.


 i'm very sorry about the keyboard controls! i'll have it updated as soon as i'm allowed, but in the meantime i'd definitely highly recommend controller if you're able! i do think there's some good fun to be had if you can get to grips with the mechanics, and would also reccomend the slow fuse timer if you feel the need- there's no downside to it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I have to agree with everyone else in here about the game's control and character design. I also had issues with the dice but instead of being frustrating, it’s that you can kill any challenge from the timer by just spamming the double jump, it’s quick enough that you can reliably refill your time even with the negative rolls

It’s definitely the type of game that makes me want to see more of your work


yeah, you found the cheat, haha. it's not too hard to game the system as long as you pull that while you have a bit of fuse to work with, but i left it in for now since i figured the game would probably be hard enough for some people as is

a bit of a band-aid fix im considering is giving the dice regenerating durability, and doing that sort of thing too much in a short time period would break it. I think you'd still be able to use the dice and finish the level, but not get any more time from it. dunno, things to consider!

but yes, thank you so much for the kind words! i hope to have another game out this year, but we will see lol

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This was an amazing entry.

Before I get to what I loved about this game, I want to play fair and note the opposite first and get all of the bad out of the way. It's the RNG. Dice tend to hate me irl, so I'm not surprised they were unkind to me here too. By all means, I do think the dice should have a negative on it, as you said in another post, it'd feel toothless if it didn't, but with the odds of not getting time back being 1/3, it sucks when you're like me and get four "-1"s in a row and die on what would have been a good run. The last level on normal fuse mode frustrated me to no end because while I feel I mastered the mechanics by that point, sometimes the game just commanded me to die. I got stuck on it for the longest time. My suggestion for a fix would be either to have only one negative space (probably the "-1" or heck bump it down to "-2" now that it's the only one there) OR to have the dice be unable to land on the last number it rolled. Outside of that, it mostly just felt like the fuse was tugging on a leash to keep me slowed down as I would have to stop playing to get some extra time. There were some good spots to just let your dice rest and not want to pick it up instantly in the last level, so maybe I was just bad at spotting moments where you should just let the dice roll. In short, the last thing I wanted to do in the game was funnily enough, was roll the dice.

Okay now for the part I actually want to write about, THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC. When the first thing I want to do upon learning the mechanics of a game is lab out using them, you know you've got something special. I'm really glad I chose to play slow mode first as it gave me time to get used to the controls and movement. It's a bit of a steep learning curve, but once you get it, oooooooooooh boy. The tech you can pull off feels great, and I'm particularly fond of doing all of the moves back to back (throw > dice kick > divebomb > regrab > dice jump). Gunjumper is also very cute and well designed and I enjoyed playing as her. The collectibles were also a lot of fun to get as most of them made me feel like I had to use my abilities to the fullest to reach. I made sure to grab all of the powdered donuts on my normal fuse run. Another thing I need to praise is the respawn time. I'm so thankful you took the Celeste approach and just brought the player back immediately. That alone cures a lot of potential frustration. This game was a genuine treat and I enjoyed it quite a bit. 5 stars across the board. Glad I follow you on Twitter and was able to see this on my feed!

Great job.

Also if I can find the time, expect some fan art of Gunjumper at some point! 


i am very sorry about your -1 chain, haha. i'm glad you understand my position on needing a bad roll to exist, but that sort of thing definitely doesn't need to. 

and yeah, I tried to incorperate spots in the level design that i think would be good places to throw the dice without having to stop moving too much, but its definitely a little esoteric, and depending on how your run is going you'll probably need more spaces anyway lol

it's sick you got so much out of the game though! i'm really happy it clicked with you still so much! i could definitely ease the learning curve a bit but yes!! once you get it its pretty cool. and yeah, the fast respawn timers, while also much more convenient for me to make, were important i think haha

ideally the game loop should push you into getting very efficient at each level, with the short lengths, pressured timer, and fast iteration times. it's not ideal, since it can also have the reverse effect of pushing a player into being incredibly cautious, but i suppose thats something to work on lol

but still, thank you so much! and i'd be flattered if you drew gunjumper at any point, i'm glad you like her too lol


Rittzler!! The gamefeel on this character controller is amazing! Even without the die the general feeling of the jump, dash, spin, etc all felt phenomenal. The character design is great too.

I did find controlling the die pretty tricky and unintuitive - I found myself wishing that throwing the die was one static distance and not an analog charge, so that I could get used to the feeling of throwing it a set distance, catching it, etc. I also wish you weren't quite so limited in movement while holding the die - there were many times where I wasn't sure if it was more optimal to basically just dumpster the die while I platformed myself just to call it back, or to actually fight with it to get it to go where it needed.

I guess it felt like the die was more of a hazard rather than an integral part of the moveset, which imo is a shame because the few times I did manage to pull off a throw - dive - catch - double jump - dive - spin felt utterly incredible.

Still a 5 star entry all around. Fantastic work.


bless wave, very kind words!

this is some very interesting feedback, although i do think it does come down to a bit of a difference in philosophy. while i could've done an infinitely better job of teaching the player and giving them a better environment to come to grips with the mechanics, i dont think i'd change the core design too much.

i enjoy that the dice is something you have to be more considerate about, and not a basic ability you always have in the vein of something like cappy. you never have to worry about cappy, he's always conveniently ready for you, but the dice here is something you have to put more consideration into how you handle it. 
that said, there is still more of an intended way to play, and the low mobility when holding the dice feeds into that. holding the dice is the safest state you can be in, so if you had more mobility you'd just hold onto it all the time.

i hope i'm not sounding like i'm blowing you off or anything though, i do appreciate this feedback and who knows, i might feel differently next week or after seeing some more people play it, haha. I'm already thinking about other ways to take "platforming with an object" and most of them have it something youre much more free to use- but for this game in particular, i like being a bit more of a bother, i suppose lol.


Totally valid!! Definitely a difference in philosophy but the fact remains you created an exceedingly polished and fun game in a super short time - I'm sure with more time I'd come to fully appreciate the nuances of the die as it's implemented.

Oh yeah last thing - in one level I managed to accidentally clip the die out of bounds. Was able to call it back but definitely lost that round. Is there a quick reset button?

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

"Back" on controller and "T" on keyboard. Says so in the page description. There's even a fun glitch that lets you explode twice if you press reset when the timer runs out.


I am at awe that this game was made in 48 hours. The amount of tech you can pull off is insane! Throwing a dice, kicking it mid-air, dashing into it then finishing of with a dice jump is such a fun chain to pull off. I even managed to get 2 of the hidden collectibles!

If I had to critique something (aside from the frame issues which you seem to be aware off in this comment section), it's that the default keyboard layout is... really bad. Mapping dash to shift is making my pinkie hurt. Had to switch to my PS4 controller for that last level.



I went back in slow mode and got all the collectibles.


lets fuckin goooooooo


thank you, to be fair i was definitely working in my comfort zone makin a 3d platformer here, but i did still even suprise myself i was able to get everything to where i did in just a couple days!

and yeah agreed, i've added E and left click as additional options for throws, as well as some more buttons on controller too. sorry about your pinkie!


Rest assured, my pinkie shall have its revenge in the post-jam version.


Definitely the best movement system I've seen in the jam so far, the insane stunts you can pull off by kicking the dice around is a rush. You could easily take this game/character into a full game post-jam if you wanted to!


thank you, i try my best to make fun and interesting movement these kinds of games!


Tried playing it but I had a lot of slowdown. I guess my PC just is a bit weak. Or maybe it's not getting along with Unreal.


sorry to hear about that!!

after doing some research and testing, i've found out that the slowdown is actually my fault- i turned on a setting that i thought would just cap the frame rate, and while it does, it also makes other frames affect the game speed :/

if you'd like to give it a try post jam, i'll have an update with some graphics options, and as well as having the fixed frame rate option off by default, so hopefully you should be able to find an adequate play experience then!

i actually had to take a look at my dice settling method too, as the old one was breaking at low frame rates, but the new one is much more reliable and stable, luckily!


The game looks amazing, I'm looking forward to trying it. I just look at it and go "How was this made in 50 hours???"


Super fun game with excellent movement topped off with a wonderful character design! Had fun tryin to "speedrun" stage 3! Hope there's more in the future! 

(9) DEATH ROLL FRENZY Third Stage in 1:32 - YouTube

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

i can tell enough hoe much i enjoy this game!!! i love the graphics, i love how it feels to play, i love the sounds effects. i can tell there’s some inspiration from early 2000’s japanese ps1 games. very, very neat game.

it’s admittedly a bit grind-y, as you have to constantly roll the die in order to gain time and that sort of made it hard to progress, which was especially difficult in the beginning where i was trying to read the tutorial and learn the controls. it’s a bit fast and could use a bit of balancing.

nevertheless, stellar game. with some fine-tuning, i would 100% buy and play a full version of this.


thank you so much!!  would it be weird if i saidi  never actually played any ps1 games?? though i certainly appreciate them still, haha

yeah, i totally hear ya. ideally, you should only need to stop to roll for times a couple time in a level, otherwise just throwing the dice as you go, but i definitely get ya, it does not always work out that way lol. and yes, i think i'll probably extend the timer for the first couple levels post jam, since it is hard to get to grips with everything while that thing is ticking down.

we'll see if a full version ever comes to fruition!!


A very interesting concept. The dice giving you time back randomly seemed annoying, as it made completing the levels (with the regular fuse time) feel rather RNG dependent. I also had some difficulty getting a hang of the platforming controls and I managed to struggle finding the exit on the third level. I really liked it, but didn't end up completing the game.


well i'm glad you still liked it! honestly i don't blame you, i don't expect most people to complete the game, at least during voting- it's a big jam out here! it'll be there if it calls for you though, there's definitely room for mastery.

it definitely has its problems and the levels are by no means great, although i am a bit surprised you straight up couldn't find the exit on level 3- i suppose i should've placed my lamps better, haha

i do think the rng can actually be mitigated somewhat easily if you feel the need to, but it's definitely still possible to get screwed if you're playing fast and loose. i'm sorry it got annoying for you, maybe if enough people feel strongly about it i'll change the 0 to a 1


I did find it quite tough but the great concept, movement and cute character kept me going! But I forgot the collectible! If you do take this further, I'd say add the ability to bind pickup to left mouse instead, B didn't work for me and shift is quite demanding on the little finger.


thanks so much, i'm glad you were able to see it through!!

yes, i totally forgot to actually do a full run with m/kb, i'll definitely be updating the controls as soon as the jam voting is over haha


This was absolutely amazing! Incredibly fluid movement, nice character design, excellent animation and satisfying sound effects! If I could make one critique, it would be that the "dice" part of the game seems a bit shoehorned-in. Other than that though, the quality of the movement mechanics would be something I'd expect in a full game, not just a game jam game!


thanks very much!!

thats fair, i just knew going in that i was probably doing a 3d platformer, and while the dice itself is core to the design of game, i can see how the rolls/timer could feel kinda ancillary.

i'm glad you still enjoyed the movement though!


Really cool concept, and cute character :). The dice as a timer modifier is really cool, tho it feels a bit frustrating to have punishing dice rolls, tying it to the random nature of the dice makes for a level of inconsistency that i found a bit too high. Though I hope to see this concept pushed further in the future, if that's a plan!


thank you!! i'll probably do a bit of post jam polishing, but other then that i'm not sure how much more i would do with this game for the time being.

i understand what you mean, though IMO the concept is just kinda toothless without the negative rolls. perhaps i could change one of the not-positive numbers to positive, as long as there's some kind of "bad" roll.....but, i dunno.

 if it's any consolation, i take a few measures to cheat the system in your favour! in addition to just having an extra second when your fuse runs out, you won't actually die if there's a throw/roll happening, until the result is met. so, then you'd only die if you actually roll 0 or -1 in that situation. 


Oh that's why a lot of me dying happened right at the end of a dice roll, that makes sense! I respect the design choices, and it's probably something to get used to more than anything, the movement system also allows for a lot of shortcuts, with both combined there's a certain balance that i'm sure can be found if I spent more time with the game.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super cool idea. I loved the character when I saw it and I thought that the idea was super cool. Main thing I am having a hard time with is the tutorial. I got stuck on stage 2 because the tutorial was confusing. I think the concept of this game could be super fun but the tutorial could have used a lot more work. Good job with what you were able to make!

EDIT: i retried the stage 2 and for some reason my brain didn't understand that i needed to recall the dice lol. my rating has changed to reflect that


honestly, i'm flattered the game warranted a revisit! i really appreciate you giving it another shot, that's dope

aside from that, thank you! honestly, i do still also think i didnt do a great job teaching the player, but i did the best i could with all the mechanics in the time limit, haha