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About me:

I have 8 years of experience as a full-time Web/Software Developer. In my spare time I've been doing Pixel Art and Game Dev for 5 years, mostly in game jams and a few side projects. Before all that I did a degree in Game Design which didn't really achieve anything, but I guess I can say I've now tried most things at least once like 3d art, rigging, level design, etc.

Most of my Game Dev experience has been in Unity. I've used Game Maker 1.4 for one bigger project, a game jam, and a few side things so I'm fairly comfortable with it. In non-developer roles in the past I've used Hammer and Unreal but they're not my strong suits. I've used a bunch of programming languages over the years though so I reckon I can catch up on most engines.

Most of my art has been Pixel Art in the last 5 years. Before that I used to make 3D stuff, like characters, but that was using 3dsmax 2011 and Zbrush which are very out of date now. I've only used Blender for a couple of hours so I don't expect to be able to help out too much in the 3D department. I have done a couple of 3D game jams over the years but it's been low poly.

What I can show you:

What I'm looking for:

Unfortunately I've joined hobby teams in the past where only the artist has made something, and they only continue like that. So if a project is only at the idea stage or has art but no game play, I'm afraid I'll have to say no. I'd also extend this to projects that require NDAs or don't want to freely show what they're working on.

I'm looking for something with a lot of progress to it, or an interesting idea that has at least a playable proof of concept. Please show me what you've got!

Do you know what, I don't think I've seen a jam game with effects until now, and they look good. Nice take on dice movement with the attacks and strategy!

The additional mechanics as you go along really adds a lot to this. Good job!

Good use of art and music to make it very atmospheric, I liked how the world itself was a dice too, good touch!

Well polished, love the art style, and an interesting puzzle idea I've not seen before, great job!

Looks very well polished. Fun take on the dice roll, I love that the guns come out of the dice. It's easy to play, but not too easy that you never get caught. Would love a highscore system for a game like this.

Interesting concept, quick and simple! Good job!

I thought it'd be a complex sudoku I wasn't prepared for, but it's actually a chill addictive game. Good atmosphere with the graphics and choice of sound.

Great use of art work and effects in this one. Nice twist of people outside the dice pushing it, and the sliding too.

Nice, I like how it's missions change how you approach the level. Good job!

That's an awesome effect the environment has. Also good use of combat, I liked the idea, very unique!

Wow that's quite a dungeon puzzle. A zelda like game with a rubix cube puzzle is a very unique idea for this jam. I must admit though I also clipped through the wall in the last room to get to the King's die.

Nice use of a factory sim style for the theme. Didn't take long to get familiar with what to do. Good job!

I did pretty badly at a time of 142.. but I got there! Interesting mechanics. I think I'd agree with what others mentioned about something more to let the player know the dice has done something, because it's not an area I focus my attention on too much.

Very creative! The massive dice were so satisfying to chuck. There were some little ones from wave 11 onwards that were kicking my butt but it was still fun.

It was easy to get the hang of, but still had strategy required, and good application of the theme. Good job!

Nice simple puzzle game!

Nice! I really liked that you can stack up moves, and the fact that you made them a cute little team of three. I got stuck later on when I accidentally let go of a card and it got stuck behind the enemy, couldn't get it back out :(

Good job, I could see where you were going with the rolling mechanic. Obviously time is limited but in a non-jam game where it's fully fleshed out it'd work well.

Thanks! Yeah we really wanted to try a racing game this time :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback! You can sort of drift if you hold jump and left or right at the same time, it increases your speed and turning. It's not got much use but good if you need a sharper turn.

See I was thinking I needed even more property mechanics in there!

Haha yeah it relies heavily on physics forces, so moving forwards is easier in the air because there's no friction holding you back, bit broken  but unintended xD Thanks for playing!

Good use of rolling to decide the world and power, and nice art work!

I like the extra mechanics you added to this type of game. Good job!

Perfect application of the theme here into a fun platformer. I like having to run away from the dice when the laser is coming. I think just a couple of tweaks and it'd be good for a full game.

Great work, love the additional dodging mechanics you've got in there.

I like how it's actually becomes sophisticated as you go along. The grenade is quite an interesting mechanic. 

That's a good idea for a golf game! Easy to pick up, fun to play. I like the suggestion from Kokosnusswurzel about the d20 with more effects for a post-jam game, that'd be cool.

Awesome, thanks for beating it! Yeah it's really chaotic and easy to pull you back from 1st position. They speed up if you're ahead and slow down if you're behind, but it's not necessarily easy to overtake them with all that's going on. It definitely needed a few nerfs for a game jam.

I never tried to jump over the hills, but I have it set up so you always have a target waypoint along the track. You can skip the target waypoint but only as far as the next target waypoint. It works in a way so you can have shortcuts in but not skip the entire thing. Good try though xD

I like the how the slow rolling mechanic developed, made a simple game quite addictive. I reached 70! (Is that a high score? :D )

I really like how you roll yourself to dodge and to change weapon. I'd like to see more gameplay elements like that. I feel like it needs to be a bit zoomed out and a little easier but other than that good work!

I really wasn't expecting that, I love that it's about sliding and taking out the enemies. Of the dice rollers I've played so far, this one has been the best game.

Good idea on the theme. At the start I was worried there were too many things going on but I easily got into it. I feel like my game went on a little too long though, I think it was 30mins!

Good take on the asteroids style game! I love the parallax of the stars.

Big bonus points for the tutorial!

Love the art style and presentation of this game!

That's a pretty unique take on the theme well done! Those sweeping arms are intense!

Okay that was brilliant. Impressive amount of art and combination of story and gameplay, great job!

The art style is amazing!