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Thank you so much for playing, and for the video! We're really glad you enjoyed :D

Unfortunately we've removed the Linux and Mac builds from the listing of the game. We had to do some strange things to make an input system support various input methods and said things do not play nice cross-platform. As most of the team has disbanded or moved onto other projects, updating this game further is not really possible any more. My sincerest apologies :(

I love collectathons and this was a really fun little exploration game! Would love to see more like this in the future :D

Upgrade Arena is a brand new Deathmatch game (and framework!) on Core - earn money by breaking objects in the environment or by killing enemy players, and use that money to buy new weapons, grenades, and abilities in real time!

Not good at aiming? Use the sword! Want more health? Use the Vamp - a vampiric staff that drains health from foes! All of that sound too fancy? Buy a rocket launcher! 8 weapons, 6 unique grenades (including teleport grenades, healing grenades, and shurikens), 3 movement abilities, and 3 maps come together to build an Arena Shooter experience unlike anything else on Core!

Remember: Press E to Upgrade!

That's strange, thank you for the report. I think we encountered these issues before with our input system and had problems on Mac...

I'll see if I can get it working but unfortunately if it's not going to be a smaller fix I'm probably going to just need to remove the Mac build entirely.

Really sorry for the inconvenience - ty for your interest!

So glad you enjoyed!! Unfortunately bots were out of scope for the length of the project, but we agree they would be a massive improvement to the game. Maybe someday!

Absolutely! Totally understood - there's a lot to go through. Happy to support such a great cause!

Hey, thanks for reaching out! We have one tiny update that fixes a few map issues and audio issues, but other than that this project is considered complete. We'll update the page accordingly!

Are games still being brought in? Massive thanks for setting this up. You're doing great work.

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We'd be thrilled to be included!

Made this game for the KenneyNL Jam just a few days ago -- I hope slimes count as gelatinous substances for itcho


I appreciate the feedback. This was a 48 hour game jam project -- the fact that it's a somewhat functioning 3D platformer at all is astounding.

I definitely agree with your comments on the jump sequence leading up to the rotating platform. That last portion of the game was made in the wee hours of the morning before the deadline. If I were to do it again I would have added a checkpoint atop the tree and probably removed the rotating platform entirely, as in hindsight it didn't work as I had hoped. Thank you for your feedback and for looking through my games!

If I might recommend a more complete experience of mine to you (if you're looking for one), I would recommend Spherical Saunter, Pause, Spherical Saunter M, or, if you've got a friend to compete with, Innis Gambit. I'm in the process of reorganizing my Itch page to more properly reflect the playability/completeness of my projects.

Thank you!

Yeah, the spiral level is definitely poorly designed. I was in a rush to hit 9 levels in a short game jam. Planning out and being more optimal with ice shots can save you some points on your scorecard, but you do end up making similar shots.

I appreciate the feedback!

I love this on premise alone

the mouse will let you press menu buttons -- as it says in the readme and on the how to play screen, unfortunately we only have gamepad support atm

This game is legitimately incredible and I hope members of the team will consider working with each other again to produce a fully original 5th-gen 3D platformer that we never knew we wanted.

You guys are all immensely talented -- thank you for putting this together.

Adam Gincel