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We worked on a pretty big update that's now live! We've uploaded a web build, the Windows build, and also got approved and are live on Google Play!

Huge update is live! We've uploaded a web build, the Windows build, and also got approved and are live on Google Play!

Huge update is live! We've uploaded a web build, the Windows build, and also got approved and are live on Google Play!

Huge update is live! We've uploaded a web build, the Windows build, and also got approved and are live on Google Play!

Echoing others who never saw a six, but I liked this take on mitigating RNG through on-the-fly decision-making! Awesome stuff :D

This was awesome!!! The risk/reward of getting additional chips made this a really interesting concept. This combat in an entire RPG?? Tons of room to explore ideas here. Fantastic work.

I'm not sure it was possible to roll a 5 or a 6, and the difficulty scaling was super crazy, but I really liked the visual style of the game! All of the characters were super charming and I was very impressed with this entry. Great work!

Made it all the way to first prestige. Very enjoyable. Would have loved to see other types of die as the upgrades (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20...), but very nice either way. Great work!

This was wild!! Got huge Dungeon Dice Monsters energy from it - played for quite awhile through three full areas before realizing I wasn't sure what I was heading towards and stopping for now. Music, sound, and presentation were all very solid. Great work!

Positively hilarious. Great work.

Great work! The platforming did unfortunately feel a bit stiff, but I liked strategically getting hit to change status effects. With more effects and puzzles that could be solved in a few of the different effect modes, I think this could be a really neat fleshed out concept!

I had a lot of fun with this! Probably in part because my first rolled combo of AK + Arrow + Regen felt completely and utterly overpowered. That said, any jam game that I play for longer than a few minutes is surely worth a good rating. Love the presentation too! Fantastic work.

This was fantastic!! Really loved the art and polish on display. Would love a score counter! (Unless I'm totally blind and missed it - I died each time I played haha)

I really enjoyed this entry! (Though I did quit at the second green die level due to the twitch timing required 😅) - really creative use of the theme, tons of ideas on display. I especially enjoy that the die increment instead of picking randomly - nobody said the die had to roll randomly!

Great work for such a short development time! After dying super quickly by rolling a 1 followed by a 2, my new strategy became to avoid killing enemies at all costs. Not positive this was your goal but it seemed to carry me to victory after a lucky 6 when I landed on an enemy's head!

I liked this! Very clean presentation and I especially liked the cubic die, stylistically. One point of feedback I think I'd have is that I didn't really have to worry about what the die was doing up until the final moment of the level, though I only got to play the first few levels and it sounds like the difficulty ramps up from there. Huge props on knocking out a good chunk of content in just 48h!

Cute idea!! I got stuck on trying to get the dish out of the pot - it's possible I didn't fully understand what the interact key vs the activate key did...

We also had dice roll out of the play area which was frustrating when it was the one we wanted. 

Very impressive work for a 48h jam!

This was absolutely awesome. Took me a little while to get the hang of it but over time I started to internalize the rules and got much faster at evaluating each sheet. Charming, straightforward, and lots of fun. Great work!

I liked this!! Changing up weapons upon your dodge roll (dice roll - hah) was great because there'd be times I wanted a new weapon or times I'd want to dodge, forcing me to take one anyway. It kept me on my toes - I think the battlefield gets a bit cluttered with the dead enemies - do they despawn at any point?

Great work!

Totally valid!! Definitely a difference in philosophy but the fact remains you created an exceedingly polished and fun game in a super short time - I'm sure with more time I'd come to fully appreciate the nuances of the die as it's implemented.

Oh yeah last thing - in one level I managed to accidentally clip the die out of bounds. Was able to call it back but definitely lost that round. Is there a quick reset button?

makes sense! For what it's worth that resulted in me having a great time :D

Loved this!! Spike hitboxes were a bit unforgiving and X to pickup compared to E or F was a bit confusing. Additionally if I didn't have a numpad I'm not sure the game would work, but this was a very fun lil puzzle platformer. Great work!

Was able to run the game! Camera controls were extremely confusing and I honestly had no idea what to do so I ended up rocketing away off the green plane of existence

Love this!! I wish it had more levels :D

my partner insisted I pursue the diceussy

Sad to report this was my experience too 😅

Mouse sensitivity seemed all over the place - but controller worked okay! Maybe it's because I'm colorblind, but I kept rolling different colored die with the face buttons, but no matter what I did I kept losing health until I died. Maybe I was rolling poorly?

The music and art go great together! Gameplay is simple and fun - I especially love rolling down the slanted cards.

I do wish the camera didn't move as my mouse did - it felt a bit disorienting. Also unfortunate framerate dips upon hitting a large group of enemies.

All in all fantastic entry.

Loved the cutscenes! Got stuck at level 3 - I can understand wanting to play around a quantity of bounces but was unable to get the right colors to hit the early platforms and gave up at that point. Also ran into a bug many times where a die would get stuck in the corner changing colors rapidly. Wacky concept - great job :D

Rittzler!! The gamefeel on this character controller is amazing! Even without the die the general feeling of the jump, dash, spin, etc all felt phenomenal. The character design is great too.

I did find controlling the die pretty tricky and unintuitive - I found myself wishing that throwing the die was one static distance and not an analog charge, so that I could get used to the feeling of throwing it a set distance, catching it, etc. I also wish you weren't quite so limited in movement while holding the die - there were many times where I wasn't sure if it was more optimal to basically just dumpster the die while I platformed myself just to call it back, or to actually fight with it to get it to go where it needed.

I guess it felt like the die was more of a hazard rather than an integral part of the moveset, which imo is a shame because the few times I did manage to pull off a throw - dive - catch - double jump - dive - spin felt utterly incredible.

Still a 5 star entry all around. Fantastic work.

Unfortunately I was unable to run this game with the provided zip - running either exe gives me "ERROR: Unable to determine game data. Engine was not able to find any compatible game data."

Any ideas? D:

Absolutely bravo. If I could give any feedback I think tokens were actually too plentiful - maybe not having every single enemy drop them?

I played this for a good ten or so minutes. Love the concept and how much you built in such a short time. Ran into the Jupiter duo and got utterly destroyed by the difficulty spike. Not sure what I could have done better, but all in all a fantastic jam showing.

Thank you so much!! Coming off of your game that is high praise - great work!

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 Ty for playing!

Yeah so the intended use of elements is that enemies each have their own type - Fire, Water, or Nature. Your cards can have no type, or one of those types. Fire beats Nature, Nature beats Water, and Water beats Fire. Cards should deal either double damage along those lines, or half damage in the opposite direction. (No element or same element deals damage with no multiplier).

The real bug is that behind the scenes cards are incorrectly reporting their element to the combat system, so sometimes you're not playing the element you think you are. Whoops.

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Thanks so much for the feedback!!

Totally agree - not having a quit button on the title screen (or even just Escape closing the game on the title screen) was an oversight on our part. Will definitely have one in the fixed build.

Also great note on the subtitles - our two voice actors ad libbed a bit at recording time (a few hours before the deadline) and we didn't get the time to go back and fix the text, but we will also update it to be accurate :D

During planning we had ideas for two more elements: wind, which would be more effective at movement but less effective in combat, and stone, which would be the reverse. We didn't get the time to implement them and we worried they may have been a bit confusing. Environmental hazards you have to use elemental cards to move through would be a great idea!

Lots of different places we could take this concept - I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Thank you for your kind words!!

Yeah - this project was very ambitious for the limited time frame we had, and I ended up implementing those elemental damage calculations minutes before the deadline. As of ~5 hours after the deadline, we now have a build with a large quantity of bugfixes, bits of polish, and so on that I'm extremely pleased with.

We'll be updating the game once voting ends with the fixed build. Of the fixes I noted:
- fixed elemental damage calculation in all cases
- goose footstep sounds added, fixed animation bugginess and depth sort ordering issues
- improved HP scaling
- improved enemy damage scaling
- fixed dice range issues
- fixed issue with too strong draggable camera, it's more sensible now
- player stats are visible on game over screen
- no longer able to assign two dice to one card
- fixed some incorrectly linked spaces
- more I'm probably forgetting

This is why we playtest 😅

This is incredible.

Thank you so much for playing, and for the video! We're really glad you enjoyed :D