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I love this game. The awkward flippy vending machine is just so much fun to mash into people with, and the low-quality blood spraying everywhere is perfect. The Guile impersonators are OP though.

Also, should be called "Vendgeance", not "Vengeance".

Nice adaptation! It preserves the basic spirit of Dark Souls and certainly seems like it would work on a GameBoy! It would be nice if you could also run, and if stamina replenished a little faster, and that final boss needs to be fixed. Regardless, it was a pleasure playing Dark Souls boiled down to its core.

I like the concept, but it has some balance issues currently. The jetpack adds far too much heat, which means you can't always get the air you need to get to the next platform without burning yourself alive. Also, I think the jetpack might work better if you could hold down the button to accelerate upwards, rather than a single burst, because that would allow for a little more control and finesse. Lastly, I think it could use more land, and not just the tiny platforms the snowmen sit on (those are way to small for me to land on!), because as it is, you hardly ever get a chance to cool down.

Keep at it! You're going in the right direction.

Nice game. Lovely aesthetics, especially the moon acting as a health bar.  Enemies acting as health pickups was smart, given how they were placed. The archers sapping your health give you a reason to keep moving. It would be nice if the dash was more consistent in taking input and going a predictable distance. Also, you move so quickly that it is often impossible to see the level as you approach it, so I would suggest zooming the camera out more. Overall, well done!

Cool game! The default shot feels kinda wimpy, but it's just the best feeling when you get the flame thrower or the scatter-shot. You might want to add borders on the left and right sides of the screen, because if you fly all the way to one side, you get stuck, because you can't shoot to the right of you if you are as far to the right of the screen as you can be.

I like the dash mechanic. It feels really good, especially when lining up a perfect combo on the enemies that split into four. I would like to see more variety in enemies though.

Weird, the look sensitivity is perfectly normal on every computer I've played it on. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't working. But yes, I wish I had would've had time to have more than a few textures, better lighting, and aesthetics in general, just to make the game more readable.

I don't really have a problem with that. I'd appreciate the publicity! Just make sure you properly credit my team and I.

Thank you for featuring our game on your channel! I am pleased to see you made it all the way to the end. I would love to add more levels, especially some more based around the rotation mechanic, but new projects are my priority right now.