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Aw thanks! Sorry, probably not gonna return to this one, but I'm really glad you liked it! Means a lot :)

Ha, thanks for playing!

It's a combination of a joint and raycasts. Every time there's not a clear shot to the joint anchor, the anchor changes to what blocked it and reduces its limit by the distance from the old to new anchor. The visuals are just a line renderer.

Thank you! We put a lot of effort into giving them personality :)

This game is so sweet and cute and wholesome! It's so simple and nostalgic it's like comfort food. I teared up a little at the end... :')

This game is unlike anything I've played before! The breathing section at the beginning is so trippy, it really took to me a different place.

Thank you!! That's so nice to hear :)

I mean, wrapping your tongue around stuff is pretty eerie. Trust me, I've been there.

Nice work! I like the lighting effects, your game has a certain atmosphere. Keep on jammin'!

Very cute game! I love the feeling of throwing the dice, it will feel even better when you make the number match the real outcome -- just like a real tabletop game. The art and atmosphere are very charming, and the random events are fun.

Nice game! It feels so good when you combo the gravity switches and just weave between spikes. I honestly would love to see this game without the random element, it'd maybe feel even better if you could rely on your jump height a little more. But hey, that's just a constraint of the jam. Good job :)

Cool game! Good concept, and it's very well balanced, I always seemed to have the right amount of time to achieve the right pattern. The slowly growing dice shots adding to the difficulty is a nice touch! Be proud.

This game is awesome! I ran into a glitch a couple of times where my cube duplicated itself and I couldn't beat the level, but I restarted the game and it was worth it. You have to be super thoughtful and plan your jumps, on top of being super precise and executing right. The colour mechanic is tricky at first, but satisfying once you master it. Good work!

Awesome game! The core platforming mechanics are crazy good, there's a huge difference in how quickly and efficiently you can move once you get good at them. It feels great to pull off a throw-jump-catch-boost maneuver. Also your main character has a really cool look!

Mmm, this game is so good! I love the variety of puzzles and mechanics, and the meta dev humour is much appreciated! Almost feels like I'm playing Portal again for the first time.

Cool game! I love how it naturally gets harder the longer you play, and the map shifts organically. Throwing the bouncy pucks is a nice level of strategy to overcome the randomness. I like it!

Cute game! I like how the dice are hidden, they're fun to find. Classic 3D platformer goodness.

Cool game! I love how the dice timer is in time with the music, the music just feels awesome.

Wow, this is a really fun game! The puzzles are very well designed, and the core mechanic makes such a unique use of the 6 sided dice. And the music frickin slaps

LOVE the art in this game! Very polished, and the different parts are wacky and freaky

Love the visuals in this game! I wish the controls would line up better with the camera though, it's often counterintuitive which direction your input will move the cube. Interesting puzzle mechanics though!

Ha! You weren't kidding when you said this is a bouncy platformer! It gives it a very unique feel, where you've gotta keep moving all the time. The level design makes good use of the bounciness too, lots of enemies to dodge, devilishly small platforms, and those spinny platforms got me good. Well done!

Very creative concept! It's nice once you get a feel for when the beat is supposed to be, but it's very challenging to be right on time. For the second level where the beat pattern gets changed up, it would be nice if the drums in the background music matched it so you could tell when to move just by listening. I'd love to see a more polished version of this game!

Gotta say, I love the crunchy demonic aesthetic to this game! It's also very satisfying when you manage to deflect a whole series of dice. I'd love to see a longer and more polished version of this

Cool game! I wish there was a little more to the core gameplay, but I enjoyed getting lost in the architecture! Nice aesthetic with the greenery and concrete.

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Ha, the game was fun for the 40 seconds it lasted! I know you didn't make the casino assets, but I like the perspective you gave in that setting with you being really small and running around on furniture.

Your next jam will be much easier!

Neat little game! I like how depending on what platforms you roll, your path and difficulty varies slightly. It'd be cool to see even more platform variations with greater differences to work around.

Good stuff! The art and music are very cute, and my favourite part is the 3D platformer where you get to knock down towers of stuff.

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun making it.

I love this game! It's crazy ambitious having 6 characters, and all of them feel relatively well balanced! The art for their faces is adorable too, they each have their own personalities. Well done!

What a cool game! I love how the dodge roll (I see what you did there) is multipurpose, and it can either benefit you or disadvantage you to roll out of the way. I had a lot of fun getting bullied by poker chips

Cool game! Pretty luck based, but it's very easy to understand and strategize with. I could see this being a classic board game kinda like Sorry or Risk. Also, very polished UI!

Cool concept! I like how going into your inventory and rolling dice is kind of time consuming, it makes it thrilling to try and get the right roll equipped before the enemy slowly reaches you. The art is adorable too :)

What a special little game! The puzzles are interesting to solve, takes a moment to wrap your head around the whole cube-shaped world, but the satisfaction of breaking that crystal is awesome. Nicely done!

It is INSANELY satisfying setting up these chain reactions and watching things explode! This is such a cool game! And the pigs are cute too. Well done!

Interesting concept! I love getting some creative freedom with solving puzzles.

Also nice lol

Dang, I'm sorry, I've been looking into the HappyFunTimes system that manages the controllers, and it sounds like it's not really being supported anymore. Maybe I will have to adapt the game to support game controllers :/

My apologies, looks like I've had incorrect setup instructions here for years! I have updated the instructions, so take a look at those. It's important that you right click the .exe and create your own shortcut, instead of using the one I included in the zip folder.

Ha! Thanks, this game was really fun to work on, glad people are still appreciating it.

No worries if it doesn't work, the thought matters more :)