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Survive through hordes of Beans. Assimilate with body parts to use them.
Submitted by jasontomlee (@jasontomlee), ViktorRKraus, JustFredrik (@JstFredrik), failpositive (@failpositive), Cake~ (@cakeprediction) — 4 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You assimilate with body parts to use them.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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the game loop is very well developed and the overall atmosphere is just perfect!! that super cool brutal manly violence is just sooo broforce to me and i love it!!

the biggest flaws for me were balance things: overall difficulty, biomass affecting speed too much, melee being superior to guns, - all that; also this (i think) "enemy beans getting stuck somewhere so it's impossible to kill them" glitch softlocked me from progressing twice, too bad!

this one is very truly really cool, just needs more polish


Oh Amazing! Super fun game, loved the craziness and havoc. Gameplay was interesting and unique (Although its weird to have magical grab from afar powers). Horifyingly good theme take. Impact was satisfying, music and sound on point. I think I got a glitch where I pushed people out and could no longer kill them(?). Oh and melee is clearly underpowered (its super strong, but range > all). But game was just fun, which is what really matters!
I'll admit I did read Jason's post mortem and it was nice and impressive to see how it all came together. I think its impressive work. Well done!

Submitted (1 edit)

Crazy game. Totally gives me vibes from Inside


I got so many weapons, the game would lag when attacking and eventualy it crashed. I think I won then :p

Very pretty game, it's incredible that all this art and sound were made in 2 days!


Really nice game! I loved the power spikes and how well all the beans meshed together. It started out slow but definitely picked up pace. The art style meshes really well with the overall theme, I think it could only be improved by making everything even more chaotic -- more explosions, weapons, and giant enemy bean clumps. Great entry, good job guys!


I love the art. The music is good. Concept dope. The firearms are awesome when YOU have them, but impossible to beat if all you have is a melee weapon. Also had no idea how to play for the first couple of minutes. Maybe a tutorial or more info at the beginning?


Wonderful pixelart!


I love this game, it's a wonderfully absurd side scrolling arena shooter, and I had the most fun "assimilating" my beanemies! It is a little unstable once i got to the point that I was decked out in weaponry, the game would crash. (Something in your instantiate event for the bullets it doesn't like.)  Also, if I knocked an enemy off screen while taking it's last weapon, the enemy just stands there off screen, and I can't shoot it because of the invisible walls, meaning I have to restart. 

Don't let this fool you into thinking I'm not a bean convert (or beanvert if you will) I just want you to be aware of the bugs, so you can squash them, because this game is fantastically done!


Wow, that was fun! If anything, I wish I could move a little faster. The slowness lent itself to camping on one side of the screen since moving took waaayyy too long.

Great fun and I love the art style!


Frantic (and unfortunately a bit unstable) but delightfully absurd. I really love all the ridiculous faces, but the visuals are quite nice throughout.
The music (hi Fail!) also definitely adds to the absurdity and energy.

I got so huge that I could barely move ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The faces of Beans are hilarious, art style is sick! Especially the background, its well polished with nice colors and details.  

So far, out of the games I've tried in Game Jam 2021, Bean Guys is easily one of the best games in Game Jam 2021, yet still have plenty of rooms to grow with lots of potentials. 

Thumbs up to the dudes that worked on this, u guys got this!

Beautiful. I love all the faces, the colors and the art style in general.


I feel gross after playing this game xD Loved the absurd of the gameplay. A bit unfair sometimes, when a bean with 8 weapons appear and you only have a fish to fight. But overall super fun and original.


Haha really fun! Every area is a overkill including gore! Nice! One of the best games in this jam!! 


Favorite game of the Jam. 


The amount of gore in this game jam is already pretty high, but this game singlehandedly outdoes all of the gore-based games I've seen so far. Ridiculous, and I love it. My only complaint is that once the energy gun dude showed up I got shredded and it didn't feel like I could do anything about it, but that may just been my exhaustion after playing so many game jam games. 11/10, would get beaned again.


Uh oh! 

You friccin moron. 

You just got 



Well polished game, the art is amazing. I hated the sword, I think it's the weakest weapon, other than that the game seems balanced and really fun to play.


This was so disturbing... it was awesome.

I really love how you get stronger by killing enemies and taking basically their whole body attaching to your character. I am amazed how you guys created so much weapons in such a short time.

At first i was a bit confused about how exactly i can attach body parts of enemies to my character. At some point i just pressed E and was statisfied. A little bit later i think i fell into a soft lock. I waited at least 2-3 minutes without enemies spawned.

I really liked this game. Amazing work.

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