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Cool concept!

Great atmosphere! The labyrinth was well designed.

Really pretty game for something that is mostly UI! I really enjoyed the story and your very literal interpretation of the theme. Think it could make a fun resource managing game if there was more potential for people to get lost or die so that you have to really be quite careful about who you send, but overall was really enjoyable!

As others said, wish it was longer! I think there's some real potential for puzzle elements here depending on the order of doors you open. If switches and doors had some sort of colour coding system I think that would add some real depth to the game. But nonetheless awesome entry

We balanced it a bit in the newer version here, see if you can beat it :)

Given the comments we received we spent a couple hours tuning the difficulty and fixing some bugs here

Given the comments we received we spent a couple hours tuning the difficulty and fixing some bugs here

Really fun detective game! Not sure if I solved it in the correct way, found all the keys and got to the bedroom and then guessed between the two options that made the most sense given the last letter. 

One thing I would say is don't allow the player to pick up letters/interact with objects if they aren't in the room, but otherwise was a really fun little game

Super smooth, well done!

I found the void, but couldn't figure out what to do from there. It seemed like there was a health bar, but I wasn't sure if the big eye was a boss, or friend. Also q to quit is brutally punishing for a game with such long travel times! 
Overall I thought it set a good atmosphere, but could have used some more player hints

*Andy Samberg wearing Nicholas Cage hair:
That's high praise

Ahh damn, that's unfortunate. By the comments that puts you closest to beating the game! Glad you had fun :)

Thanks so much! Glad you had fun :)

One of my favourite ones so far! Great interpretation of the theme, really had me wanting to see the entire map. I think you should for sure get to keep the Hydro and Solar upgrades though, seeing as you get to keep the pylons between deaths. Overall very pretty game, elegant idea.

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There's another room to the top with the red HP weapon, it's quite a challenge to get though

Yeah, sorry, it's a jam game. We'll hopefully fix the bugs later! 

Just to be clear for category 3/8 of us are students, all of us are hobbyists

Amazing art style, great atmosphere and intriguing story! Very cool that the spiders were scared of the light.

Very polished, quite hard, but very fun!

Very impressive for making it in scratch, well done!

Super funny, great gameplay, loved it!

Very tight controls and nicely polished game! I feel like this is a fresher interpretation of the tethered together platformed that I've been seeing a lot this jam. Well done!

Great job, awesome puzzle game! Loved the mechanics in the later levels, really made me think!

Wonderful art. I couldn't quite work out the connection between the red and white healthbars or what to do against those bubbles. Otherwise great game!

Other than the at time frustrating RNG it was a fun game, well done!

Nice game! I think it would've been useful if there was some indication of where the button is

I think this has got to be one of my favorites from the jam! It's just so frantic I absolutely love it and the theme interpretation is amazing!

Couple nitpicks I have, if I get 2 calls at the same time there is very little I can do, so I think adding in more receivers or whatever they're called to hear them on your side would be useful there and I think it should start ramping up sooner, the whole point (in my opinion) is for the game to be frantic. Also maybe make the text of the numbers on the switchboard a bit bigger. Honestly though those were all nitpicks I seriously loved it!

I really enjoyed it! Loved the fact that the AI shoots for you and you just have to move (found the movement very difficult though but maybe that was intentional). One thing I would say is change the controls, since I am moving with the mouse it would be nice to have the upgrades bound to buttons instead of me having to take my focus off moving the player to buy upgrades

Great game! One suggestion is that I couldn't tell if my guys were getting shot or if the enemy was so maybe add a health bar to both?

Fun shooter, I feel like buying upgrades from the menu really takes me out of the flow, if that could be done automatically based on number of kills or done using a button I think that would have been felt a lot better. Overall though great game!

Quite a cool boss battle! the attacks keep you super engaged 

Love it! Creates such a visceral atmosphere. Love the creepy ending!

Favorite game of the Jam. 

So refreshing to have a boss battle in a Jam game! Very fun

This guy Jams

This guy Jams

Super fun, and super beautiful! I love how the game incorporates upgrades. I thought the character could move faster with the light to make the game feel less grindy/quicker-paced. But overall, loved it.

Very impressive to have knocked out a 3D game in a jam! Controls could be improved. Cool level design

Same bug with the screen position. Other than that very fun! great level design especially :)