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yo this oozes with style, awesome work! 

A really solid little game, and a reminder that the dead are human. 

Had some heavy frame drops in a few loading areas, luckily they smoothed out once things were loaded. 

Thank you so much! 

a really solid idea but man am I bad at platformers

"Cannot proceed because python310.dll was not found"

oof, sorry m8

def. needs a tutorial but super impressive for 2 days of work! 

Delving deep into the lair of the Alchemiser, you face off against hordes of bio-alchemical drones armed only with your Centri-Fusilade. Spin the chamber and cook up 6 unique alchemical tinctures to hurl at your foes, but be careful they're as dangerous to you as they are to your enemies!

Core mechanic: 
You have no control over what bullet comes out of your weapon, and thereby need to read the situation and position yourself carefully lest you bomb yourself into a pit of spikes .

You revolver reloads different bullet types in random order. After each bullet has been fired it will reveal what it was, letting you narrow down the next shot that might come out of the barrel. Used you Dash Bullet already? Now you don't have to worry about launching yourself forward, and can position accordingly. 

Your six bullets are:

Petrification (instantly kills an enemy) 
Explosive (explodes)
Dash (launches you forwards, damaging enemies)
Implosion (pulls enemies and you into the explosion)
Goo (slows things that walk into it)
Prime Materia (killing an enemy heals the player)

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Which depot was this (they're numbered vaguely in order) ?

I haven't touched this project in a while but if you don't mind waiting for a bit I can take a look and fix the issue.

these tunes are bangin' yo

yo this is visually baller; what'd you make it with? 

ace level design, you really played around with the base mechanic! 

you're won

JC a bomb! 

haha wizard go brrrr

haha wizard go brrrr

Uh oh! 

You friccin moron. 

You just got 


yeah I overscoped and didn't have time for the stuff that really matters: polish ;w;

thanks a ton for giving my game a shot tho! 

Thanks for the tip, I have written a short game guide in the description. I would have updated sooner but had a hectic few days at work. Hopefully this will help people enjoy our little pixellated trash fire just a bit more!

Gameplay Notes:


 There are three systems you need to keep running: the legs, arms, and main gun.  Each takes a unique type of fuel. 

When you run out, you'll be able to see what fuel goes to which system by the sets of blinking white circles. 

 Use the cardinal direction keys to move Beepis around Bolthead's body. Tap in the direction of the system you want to interact with to pick up or deposit fuel types. 

 Beepis can only carry one type of fuel, but you can swap them by bumping into a different fuel source.  

 Every 5 uses of a directional key it will "burn out" as one of the fuses in Beepis' brain goes pop. When this happens, you will need to tap a new key to install a new fuse. 

That new key will now act as the replacement for the old key, so choose your positioning wisely.  The remaining key "fuses" you haven't used are shown at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you use all 25 letters, the entire system will reset.  

 Keep all of Bolthead's systems operational, and you'll be able to advance to the next level and rack up a new hiscore!  

Solid concept, well executed. Love the design of the bots, and the title screen parallax is a nice touch. 
I feel like there should be a bit of a bonus for when a system goes haywire. It was pretty nice getting a faster firing rate but be unable to aim. Turned things into a puzzle game of offsets. 

Oh shoot I completely forgot! Use of shadows and light to identify where the goal is located is a brilliant concept. 

I played this entirely the wrong way at first and launched myself around using the recoil of the gun.  Pretty solid concept; I'm super impressed by the use of 3D assets. Only gripe is the zoomed in camera makes it hard to navigate.

Also, that hit sound is hilarious. 

10/10 would YEEEGH again