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One Monster RPG: Running out of slimeView game page

An RPG where there's only one monster left. Feed the monster katamari-style before fighting it.
Submitted by TheGameAssemblers — 1 hour, 14 minutes before the deadline
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One Monster RPG: Running out of slime's page


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Fun and interesting game. It plays as some kind of reverse Katamari Damacy where instead of collecting junk to be big enough for the rest of the game, you kite around a slime to be big enough to face you. I really enjoyed the graphics as it reminds me of a tabletop adventure game with it's unique artstyle. 
Only criticism I have is that I'd like the knight's maneuvrability to be improved and maybe some kind of shove mechanic to get the somewhat unruly slime to where you want it to go. 
The music has a really nice vibe to it aswell.
I think this game is clever from title to execution.


Cute graphics, nice idea! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


A refreshing twist on an old genre. The art I found personally great and original. In short a really solid game especially considering that their was only two days to make it. 


Nice art! fun comment on rpgs 


The game was pretty fun, with gameplay twist from RPG to essentially an offroad racing game -- full points for originality from me. :-)


The title :D :D :D :D :D Niiiice!
Also, I can be a salesman, that's great! ;) I don't know, however, if I'll ever live down making the slime eat a poor unsuspecting doggo...


Funny idea! But after the Slime reached a level of 13 - 15 i had to fight and the game was over. Is it intended this way?


Thank you for the feedback!

There are two ways that the game can end. Either you "beat" the game by surviving until the timer in the upper right corner ends or you "lose" when the slime touches you. Both things leads to you getting to fight the slime.


Loved the art style too! And the music! The gameplay was unusual and satisfying, watching the slime grow.  Poor hero will turn into a villain in his new life! 


Very funny and quiet unusual game.


This is very fun and cool, well done :)


The art is excellent but I love the idea that because there is only one enemy the game switch froma RPG to basically Katamary Damacy. Really nice game. Great work.


Nice art style, love it!


Love the art style! The slime getting big and ransacking everything was satisfying too :D