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Victor Rodriguez

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Very good take on the subject, very well done !

Very cool game, perfect use of the theme and cool design ! Well done :) Just some struggeling with the tap sometimes but nothing terrible.

Very well done :) !

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Thank you !

Yeah I wanted to make the bullet grow bigger when hitting a bumper but we hadn't enough time ! 

Fun and cool !

Very cool game, well done !

Very cool concept. Too bad they're not music ! 

Hahahaha nice one

(my dm are open)

This is very fun and cool, well done :)

8 or 9 !

This if fun and pretty well executed :)

Very neat concept, nicely executed. Maybe just lacking in UI indication but that's fine !

We're full ! Sorry and good luck to all for the jam !

Hello ! 

We're already a full team of : 

- 1 Game Designer (GMT +1) FR [myself]

- 2 Prog (Unity) (GMT +1 and GMT-4) FR & EN

- 1 Composer / Sound Design (GMT +1) FR

We're researching for 1 or 2 artists to complete the team, with knowledge of how it works on Unity  ! If you have any question please ask, my Discord is : Syranos#6729 

Hello and thanks ! Never heard of this bug before. I will try to fix it and deploy another version of the game, I will let you know, thank you.

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Ok so, thank to you I know that non-French people doesn't have this option without installing a new language. 

I have updated the game so that you can now change the control keys as you wish. The details are in the install instruction !

Thanks again :D

Up, I really need some feedbacks please :)

Hello : ) 

I've started a game some times ago, ambitious but never finished because money (too big for a first project)... since then I'm working on others projects but I would love to have your thoughts about it, maybe It would motivate me to at least finish the demo (1h30, the build you're gonna play is the IndieCade 2018 demo version).

I would like feedbacks more focused on the gameplay/story/music/dubbing (more of a general feeling) then the control/bugs (mostly because a lot of it are already fixed, since this demo is alpha 2.0 and I'm actually in 2.5). 

Also, this is what I would do if I finish the demo :

  • Finishing puzzles levels.
  • Improved UI/Guide addition. (If you are the type to pass the dialogues, you will now know what to do/or go for).
  • Make the fight VS Kolick more interesting. We will not add a phase but modify some to propose new mechanics.
  • Improve combat VS RPS.
  • Added a life bar/phase for bosses.
  • Internet / New powers.
  • Always more Polish (FX, Anim, cognitive return…)

This is the page for the game :

Please read the Install Instruction ! 

Thanks you :)