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Good game! Some really hard and intelligent puzzles! Really had to think before I moved! 

The music and sfx were great! The gameplay was a little simple and not interactive enough, but I had fun the "only one" button idea fits well with the theme! 

A single stick shooter! I like it! I also love that enemies were letters! Very jam like! 

No problems my man! Cheers! 

The puzzles are very intelligently designed! Some times it took me a minute to think through what I thought was an impossible puzzle! The precise jumps required were hard and frustrating, but not that much. After a few tries, I could make them no problem! Cool game and I might pick it up again to finish it when the jam is over! 

Hehe, that's why I also packed the one game mechanic, one input device and one hour of development into it! :D Glad you liked my concept! Appreciate you playing my game ^^

Thanks mate!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! 

And to think I thought that the moving platform was hard enough! Thank you for playing and for your feedback! 

I see what you mean! If I had more time I would certainly put an indicator of where you teleport to! Thank you for playing

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I appreciate the fact that the spear doesn't automatically come back and you have to retrieve it! It really makes you think about how to use it! I also tried to make some crazy combos and it was very satisfying when I pulled out a wave clearing shot! What I would love to see, would be monsters interacting with each other. Like using suicide monsters to blow up other monsters! 

Congrats on completing a game for the jam! I liked the little leg animations, but in general, the game lacks a little polish. The time window to hit is very narrow and not being able to move can be frustrating, if the enemy doesn't come near you. I had an enemy stay away from me for about a minute and there was nothing I could do! But again, making a game is hard, so congrats on completing it and uploading it in time!

Man, I downloaded the game from mediafire but it still doesn't play. Got stuck on the JumpMan aka ... screen. I'm sorry :/ 

A way to go upstairs and retrieve the sword would be enough for me! :D  But I'm not really complaining! It was a little funny chasing my sword! 

One of the best I've tried so far! The fact that you need to keep moving the gas down makes the game! The game is of course incomplete, but as a jam entry is great! Would love some collisions and breaks and more snappy controls! 

Cool concept! There is the problem that there is not much variety in enemies or strategy to make it something more than a math choice. If you had more time, it would be cool to have extra attacks/spells, so you can have some choice, instead of finding out the enemy with the highest attack and attack him. But while the execution was lacking, the idea of only one turn per battle, is playing very well with the theme of the jam and it was a clever thought! Good job and good luck! 

Salutes from one Unreal Dev to another! Your game stressed me out! I loved that! I also loved that most of the game takes place inside my mind, trying to remember how to go. I'm rubbish at memory games, but I really enjoyed yours! 

Very interesting story! The one minute/hour timer plays well with the theme! 

Who eat and then puked out all the crayons? This game looks awesome! The music is great! It is a bit simplistic, but that's not a bad thing.  Solid play on the theme with the only one arrow! 

I liked the theme of this being the last light in the world! The game play was kinda simple for my taste, and the enemies too slow to be of threat, but I do like the idea! With a little polish it could really shine! 

Ok! I got hooked on this game! I played again and again, and could only reach level 4! I hatelove that all the walls are death traps, I think the game is hard enough as it is, but it frustrated me more than making me quit! Good job man! 

I hate you for this. 

But no, ok, let's be real. It was a very cool game! Killed that pesky mosquito! Bold idea to not include visuals, and kudos for that! My first instinct was to say that I didn't feel the "only one" theme, but in adition to the only one mosquito, you use only one of the senses! Good job man! 

I played it on the other site you linked! I couldn't get the game, and the move right button is bugged, but it is an interesting concept to work with, with the "only one" button limitation. Kudos for thinking it! 

Ok, definitely a simple game, but with potential! I liked manipulating enemies to shoot themselves, but it did take some trial and error to learn that mistake! It is inside the theme of using only one bullet! My two complains are the limited continues. Once you've done a puzzle, there is no point in doing it again and it did feel like a waste. Other than that, I liked this game! :) 

Animations looks sleek and the idea of using just one card was imaginative! A little too much randomness for my taste and not much player skill. But, I had a laugh while playing with my gf and definitely appreciate the multiplayer option!

Had a good time playing! My biggest combo was 3! It got a little monotonous after a while, but for a game jam game, it was great! I felt I needed a little more interaction with my blade! 

Are there plans for continuing making the game after the jam is over? :D

One of the best games I've played this far! It was a great idea for the "only one theme".  A couple of issues was the lack of challenge (the last few levels were the same, but bigger) and new enemies/obstacles. Something that forced me to light a corridor before entering it (something like a moving trap maybe?) would be nice!  I could see myself playing a full game made like this!

Salutes from one Unreal developer to another! The game had a relaxing atmosphere and the voice acting was pretty good! I loved the environment! 

Fun little game! Quite simple, but works and had me worrying not to lose! 

I'll second the idea of moving enemies! 

"Wait, sword! Come back! Don't go upstairs! Sword, come back! We need to defeat these monsters!" Good game! Finished it after some tries :D 

Cool idea to make the only one theme in golf! :D Loved the MS Paint graphics too :D

Loved the art style too! And the music! The gameplay was unusual and satisfying, watching the slime grow.  Poor hero will turn into a villain in his new life! 

My pleasure playing it! Very nice attempt for a first game! 

Yeah, I lack the coordination to do the combo! Not a problem with the game! :D 

I liked it! I got the feeling of being a badass circle, discarding weapons and going for my enemie's. I got in the flow! A little clanky though, some times it didn't pick up weapons. Hard game at level 4! Good job!

A very interesting concept! I wasn't sure at first that they could pull something like that in a game jam, but I stand corrected! A simple puzzle game about controlling the information you get from other people! I enjoyed it! Congrats team!