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A multigenre adventure into the worst day ever.
Submitted by Lenat_1 (@alexnivak), Tihan, 3DI70R (@3DI70R), OrangeOwa, Skrals — 3 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#184.1604.160

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Is a single slice of bread really a sandwich? 🤔

Loved the different “minigames”, voice acting, sound effects! The running section camera is a bit wild, but not too bad :D


Wow! This has to be one of my favorites in the jam.

The graphics are visually appealing, the music is good and the gameplay is really fun. Great job!

Also, the easter egg in the park level game me a heart attack for some reason XD


Top notch graphic, sound, and humor. Unfortunately, I got stuck and lost in the park at night trying to navigate the lamp posts.


Very cool entry! nice graphics, sounds and mechanics and gameplay variations, I get stuck trying to get back home at the post lights, maybe needs some guide there but it was really fun, great job!


Kinda neat overall, the camera work on the running section nearly made me sick though. Also, who microwaves toast?? No wonder he had a bad day.


A fun and seamless romp through tried-and-true modern game cliches. Great art, cute writing. I love the music being the same tune changing to suit the different level styles. The character dissolve in the JRPG section got a genuine laugh out of me. It was perfectly abrupt. 

The very first section of the game doesn't have the same gloss as the rest of the game. The main character sprite looks great, but the environment and point-and-click assets feel like an afterthought. The rest of the game, though, feels great.

Overall, a particularly good title in the Game Off!


The art is amazing, I love the blend of different genres.


The art is amazing and the game design is amazing


Amazing art and very funny! All of the minigames play very smoothly, I only had a minor issue with the cooking part (well, two if you count microwaving the sandwhich :D)

Impressive game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

(Spoilers if you have not played.)

13/10. Got a chance to hangout with the waifu from the Visual Novel segment towards the end. 

Jokes aside, it was a pleasant experience seeing how the game seamlessly flows through so many genres while also satirically poking fun at each one of them. Lovely game.


This is much more entertaining than I've expected. It's an interesting mashup of genres. I'm surprised that you even have time to polish them all.

The room transitions during the first scene is cool. I really liked how the lights fade on the path to the bear sign. I would have been so lost otherwise. The boss cutscene is very well-made. Really impressive to have voice-overs too. Both the 3d and 2d arts looks great, and the music/sound design is balanced and only adds to the experience.

The only criticism I have is that during the run to the bus stop, it can be a little hard to gasp the distance between barrels since the camera is a little low, but that's only a tiny part of the game and is easily overshadowed by all the great parts of it. Good work on it!

Submitted (2 edits) (+3)

Boy do I hate Mondays!  This was a really awesome game, thanks for making it!  I enjoyed all of the mini games, really nice art, pacing, and the voice acting was on point, and honestly my only feedback is the credits may have ran a tad fast!  I wanted to check out everyone involved. :)  Great work again!


Very nice game. Nice story loop. All the mini-games were very polished, fun and the humor made it a pleasant experience.

In the future you might get more ratings if you find a way to have a file that can be downloaded on directly but I realize it might not be easy to get a file small enough while keeping the very nice high quality graphics that you've made.

Also, that's more feedback for your real life but I would advise against toasting bread AND putting it in the microwave afterward. Also, avoid crossing public park in the dark, especially if they are populated with bears ;)

Developer(+2) was being very slow for downloads for a time there, google at least gives a little more speed for downloads, so if there's an option, we'd rather provide it.
Thanks for playing.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately we just didn't have time, to carry out a more detailed optimization aimed at reducing the amount of memory, due to banal reasons. The game have some large files that could be reduced to smaller values.


Perfect storytelling :D


Love it


Beautiful game, enjoyed the entire experience!


great game, i had fun through it. Jokes are good too! GG guys.
check mine if you haven't ^^




Really innovative and great game! I was laughing about each cliché as it appeared. Also very glad I replayed to adventure around more and catch the gold that is the rubber ducky monologue.


What a pleasant surprise of a game; reallllly polished feeling and flows together so nicely. Love the inclusion of several art styles :) 

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