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catch a ride in my rickshaw now im taking you to the police

howww??? this game was actually made over 6 months and not two weeks bucko! pls fix your report

Fair rating. Thank you for playing it!



ay thanks for playing!

Love the music, ui and level design. Impressive how y'all got multiplayer working so smoothly, had some audio lag issues but everything else made up for it. Good game! 

Beautiful game, not sure if it fits cliche though, I actually thought this was very creative. Made me go wow. Very well made. I like the voice-over for the character and the level design was again wow. Cool game!

Very fun game. Love that it had a tutorial! The audio was fitting and the art was good. I liked the pace of the game. Wish there was some sort of scoring mechanism. Overall very nice submission, GGs.

I second the other review. Game is currently unplayable because of that. Consider reducing the speed and/or adding some friction. Can't wait to see the next patch drop. Good effort.

Not bad, you made it in time! Liked the audio and the last boss battle. It was fun. Game still needs a lot of work though>


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I see what you envisioned. It's not bad for a first game honestly. Game needs some polish. The canvas stretches over the screen, which is also why some asteroids spawn outside. You might wanna bump the difficulty over time or sum. Not bad!

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Couldn't get onto some platforms! Game needs a lot of polish. I liked that we had a path choice at the start, cool feature.

Loved the audio cues! Game felt very polished. Physics took me some time to get used to. Overall fun game :D

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Ahahahhaha this will be taken into consideration for when the next patch drops. Thanks for playing!

Nice art, music and level design. Really brought me back to those days when games used to be like this. Also the dialogues were fun to read, kudos to whoever did the script :D

Hey! Thanks for playing our game :D We just dropped another patch. Give it another go!

Hi! We took the advice and sent a patch out earlier today. Can you play-test and check, it is somewhat better now!

Ours too! rate for rate ->

You got the theme right! Game needs a bit more consistency in player movement. Nice, simple, cliche game :)

Beautiful game, enjoyed the entire experience!

Very nice. Loved the music + ambience

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Good Game. Loved the auto chase. esh esh

Hey, I sent you an email around an hour ago, our project was submitted on time but it isn't showing on the list. Please check

Loved the game! Please keep the updates rolling... AI needs to improve. I thought I could exploit the attack as it was based only on the number of clicks, but that failed too XD. Couldn't get past WAVE 8.