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I am facing the same problem too. My screen is stuck on Gobot Game Engine splash screen. I can still hear the sound effect of cursor hovering above buttons.

I will be updating the game with a fix for that after the voting period. In the meantime, try using ‘w’ key or up arrow key to jump.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks a lot for playing my game and making a video of it. I really appreciate the feedback.

If you don't mind a little feedback on your video, I think that your outro will be a little better if you didn't increase the speed of the video. Still, great video!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! I kept the controls at the bare minimum because I am still testing out this idea. Many players are still having difficulties understanding the core mechanics, so I am prioritising that first.

I will definitely try adding some cool techniques that the player can learn and master as they play on a future build. A useless quack button is also a great suggestion.

Thanks for letting me know about the performance issue. I will include a windows standalone build after I fix and polish this game a little more.

The visuals are really cool and it's amazing that you've completed this during a game jam. There are a few things that I want to comment on:

  • Controls are too complicated. I didn't realize that you can toggle the rover's flash light after getting the chip. A prompt would have been nice.
  • Locations are a bit too vague. I have no idea where to drop the part and where to collect it from. Maybe a waypoint might improve it?
  • It takes a bit of effort to align and interact with the terminals. I suggest adding a crosshair to show where the player is looking at.
  • My dumb ass got lost after finding the first body. I think that's just me being me, but I just want to mention it.
  • My fps dropped a lot after some time, probably because of my potato computer, so I wasn't able to go past obtaining the first part.

Overall, it's still a fun game and can be immersive with some polish.

Thanks. It was my first time trying out something like this. Glad it worked out.

Thanks for the compliment! It’s great that you were able to understand the mechanics and enjoy it.

Still, thanks for trying it out.

Thanks for letting me know. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! With more polish, this project is pretty expandable but I want more people’s opinions before doing it.

There seems to be a bug making audio not loop when exporting to WebGL, but I will be fixing that.

Thanks for playing! The mechanics are weird and hard to understand at the moment.
To explain it simply, you use your camera to find vital screws and unscrew them to detach a part. The robot does once all the parts are detached. Unscrewing decoration screws does nothing.

Glad you liked it! I will be putting the bug on my list. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the feedback! Showing hit boxes for screws sounds like a great idea. I will test it out.

I was rushing it when making the instructions, which is a bad idea for this kind of game with weird mechanics. I will be improving it.

Screws that ‘shine’ in photos should be the vital ones. You only need to unscrew vital ones to detach a part.

Thanks for playing! The unexpected part of the game is a little forced, but it is the fact that what you expect the game to be like from reading the instructions is different from what the game actually is.

Thanks! The tutorial is a little rushed. Hopefully I will be able to make the game easier to learn in the future.

Great game with strong retro vibes. Parallaxing is nicely done and the way bells bounce when you shot at it is interesting. There's proper feedback accompanying most actions too.

The game was really fun. Love the art used.

I would prefer to have some more feedback when the attack hits the boss or get hit.

Still, good job.

Really fun game. Really liked how the UI blends with the environment and how you transition between intro and gameplay.

I would prefer listening to a loopable BGM instead of one with fadeout at the end so it doesn't break the immersion, but it's fine if it was done on purpose for some other reason.

Children are unstable and unpredictable, which really fits the theme. Its an enjoyable experience.

Just wondering why did some kids set themselves on fire.

Smooth animation, great music and beautiful pixel art with nice pacing. Super impressed that this is done within 48 hours.

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Great aesthetics and atmosphere, but I find it difficult to react in time to monsters approaching from the left side of the screen.

Pretty cool game! The player just flows through the level while killing everyone standing against him.

I want to point out that the crouch button may be a little too useful that I found myself lying down most of the time.

Visuals are great, animations are smooth, atmosphere is more than pleasing and input feedback is very responsive, but the gameplay feels a little confusing to me.

I don't really understand the order of the cards.

When 9 is placed, the computer placed Jack, but when I placed 9 right after that, I got called out.

Another computer seem to be able to place 6 after a Jack.

It will become a pretty addictive game with a little bit more of improvement.

This game is fun. Graphics are simple, but it gets the work done.

The music used really compliments the mood.

I like how different people have its own pitch. It's a cool little detail.

The screen resolution I am using is 1600x900.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I will consider it.

Currently there is no plan to expand the project as I have no confidence that the levels will not end up being repetitive and enraging.

I will still polish it up a bit more, mainly the endings, before releasing to web game sites.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am planning to adjust the hit box and sprite of the player together with better camera movement after the jam.

I like how this game fits with the theme. Pretty creative.

Combats mechanics are simple but reliable.

Movement feels a little slow, probably because of the large sprites used.

Don't know if this is intended but when the boss sandwiches me to the side, I don't  take any damage.

Wouldn't have guessed that this is your first completed game. Good work.

Pretty fun game. I like how each crab has its own personality.

I want to point out that since the game launches in full screen, some of the opening texts got cropped out on my computer.

Great unique game! A little chaotic, but I liked it.

Loved the way you generate levels.

The only thing I don't really like is the ending(?) narration that hurt my ears a little.

That’s one of the ending.

If you would like to, you can try finding another ending in the game.

Great game! 

Art is cute, gameplay is simple, music is fitting, puns are butterly amazing!

I stopped after unlocking the chicken because it is becoming a chore to me.  I would suggest that you add a little pop-up hint when the mouse cursor is pointing at an undiscovered item so it feels less tedious.

Also,maybe try to make the art pixel perfect the next time you use pixel art.

Good luck on your next game.

Glad you liked it! It’s my first time making art for a game so I really appreciate that.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have anyone to test the game so balancing it is still a problem for me.

I won’t say it’s very unique myself but still, thanks for trying my game.