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Great game. The 3D graphics are stuning!

Your game is a formidable homage to the genre. The graphics and the music is so reminiscent of the very first WarioWare game, but you were still able to give it your own touch. Thanks for making it!

Great concept, cool ambiance. Thanks for making it :)

Great game :)

This game is great! Thanks for making it. I'll be looking forward the updates!

Yes, QWERTY set on Canadian French.

Amazing game! The visuals are so cute and the gameplay is very satisfying!
I know this is still a demo but it's already quite complete and as a casual rock climber I can attest that the experience is the closest I've had to real rock climbing in a game.

Only complain: at the end of the game when I have the option to stay or not, the game got stuck and no option either space/F or any other key would get me past that state.

Athletico community · Created a new topic Review

Just found this game inadvertently and I'm really happy I found it. There are too few track and field games in this world and this one is a very nice prototype. Also, you solve the problem that the old T&F game had: mashing buttons to the point you destroy you controller. The running mechanics is nice IMO.
I'm pretty sure you are not developing the game anymore, but at least I wanted to let you know that some people really enjoy it!

Good concept, I spent way longer than I anticipated playing this game :)
Maybe one thing that could be improved is that the news could appear on the side of the chart instead of been right in the middle of the chart, it's a bit annoying to have to close the window.

Very nice! Love the art style!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it :)

It's a nice game. I loved the logical/philosophical puzzles with the pairs of Athenians. It really fit in the theme of ancient Greece :)

Thanks for your comment and a big thank for organizing this game jam. The format was really top-notch for someone like me who isn't able to book a full week-end just for a jam. I look forward any future event you might host ;)


It's cool to see someone produce a 3D game for this jam :D I had fun playing it.

Just FYI, I wasn't able to install the game from the app, but it worked when I downloaded it directly on the website.

It's great. Solid visual style and catchy gameplay!

Maybe, you might consider changing the color of the most basic ennemies (the yellow one with a blue circle). I tended to confuse them with the collectables after level 1 when the screen start getting crowded with more diverse ennemies.

Anyways, good job !

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Thanks, I love it as well <3

The visuals are very cool! The game tends to get stuck sometimes after the heads disappear, however. Anyways, I liked it!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for the feedback, it means a lot to me :D

Many good things in this game. For one, I really like the sound design! The visuals are cool as well!
My only suggestion would be not to use the shift key as a main action button as it activates the sticky keys on many computers (CTRL could be a better option maybe).

Nice. One comment: it's strange to see blood splashes on the screen when you hit an enemy. It would make more sense if it was the other way around (blood splashes appearing when you're hit by someone).

Hi. The visual style is very nice. The animation in the beginning are very touching. I really like the use of words for characters and objects.

I didn't immediately think about replacing all the memory boxes with the yellow and striped ones but I did so after seeing the screenshot on this page. Maybe there is a way to make this more clear. It's not really an issue but I spent some time wondering what I was doing wrong.

Great project :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it means a lot to me :)

I got it! Thanks for replying. I were able to play it through. I loved the atmosphere, the dialogues and the art! Great job!

Looks promising but I got stuck at the fruit flies.


I had fun playing it, thanks for making it :)

Nice art and nice concept.

You should review the difficulty level a little bit. I found it very hard. Also, having a right panel with the air and maritime log always shown would help as well. It's a bit annoying that the right panel covers some of play area when it's open. But still, nice work :)

I investigated a little more and I think I found the cause of the problem. I added 95 players. However, there are only 52 playable countries. Hence all additional playurs after the 53rd are going to be Afghanistan and that results by Afghanistan being able to play more than once a turn.


First, I just wanted to say that the game is great.

After a first game that I completed, I restarted the game with many other computer players. On turn 1 something strange happened: Afghanistan just invaded all the other countries in one turn.

After this brilliant victory, the AI kept building level up all its bases:

I restarted the game with the same settings and it happened once again.