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Le concept est vraiment sympa. J'ai dû faire mon petit schéma des ondes sonores pour arriver au bout du jeu, maintenant je saurais quoi faire la prochaine fois que je croise un Bonobo sauvage 😊

29min very good game :0)

Quite impressed by the graphics and animation, good job!


Despite the very basic graphics, it's a very well conceived and fun game. Thanks for making it!

Very fun clicker game!

Very unique game :)

Very polished little strategy game with interesting mechanics! Thanks for making it!

Great game, loved the ending :D

Great game, I loved it! A great combination of what is essentially a management, action and narrative game all at once!

Just to be sure, sacrificing 10 sheets to Satan stops the zombies from popping is that it?

Thanks again for making this game :)

Funny concept, well done!

Great design and gameplay!

Thanks for the feedback and for showing the game :D

I know the Apple one is tricky: you have to keep mashing the left button arrow to push the doctor away.

Thanks again for playing :)

Thanks a lot, it was a fantastic jam to be part of with a lot of high-quality entry. Thanks for organizing it ;)

Just enjoying the beautiful soundscape and ambiance. Thanks for making this game <3

Great ideas and humor!

Thanks a lot for this review! I'm very grateful for the tons of feedback you just gave us!

I completely ignored that the WASD could be used instead of the arrow keys. That makes sense given how Unity's new input system works but it haven't crossed my mind before you mentioned it. I will have to check it out, but we probably used a function that called specifically for the arrow keys on the "messenger" game.

For the apple game you indeed have to mash the left button to push the doctor. After the jam, we agreed that this game could be simplified by starting in the pushing position and simply having to mash the space bar. There is no real point in leaving the player the option to move around.

I'm carefully taking all your very good  comments into account. Thanks again for your review (and for your incredible game as well!).

(by the way 24 is a solid high score ;) )

I never thought I would get jump scare from Mario!

This game is fun, nice puzzle, nice sense of urgency and fun dialogues.

Loved it. You did a great job in bringing progressively new game play elements to the game. Also great interpretation of the theme :)

Funny little game. I really loved the graphic style for the apple a day mini game!

I had fun playing this. Hitting 5 flying ducks in one shot is so satisfying :D

Thanks for making this!

Here my high score (second try):

Hi there and thanks for your review! Just to let you know, the paper will move with the up and down arrows, that will allow you to reveal the hidden word. Thanks again for playing :)

It made me laugh, I love the rainbow horses. It wasn't immediately obvious what the cliché was but then I read your description and it makes sense. Loved the contrast between the super serious spaghetti western music and the absurd goal.

Nice and polished game, the mechanics works well. You might want to tweak the number of cards you can discard, as it can take some time to get the card you need when you have a full hand. Soothing ambiance and audio.

That was fantastic, a really original take on the wario ware genre!

Sorry for that, this one is a little unclear. One the apple and the doctor are in contact, you have to mash the left button. I wish I had time to add an indication to make that clearer but I didn't have the time. Thanks for playing !

A very nice and polished entry. I like the simple yet cute visual and audio style. It wasn't the easiest cliche to turn into a game but you did great!

My biggest regret for this jam was to add a word or an icons indicating that you have to mash the button, but we didn't had the time to implement it before that nasty countdown run out. I'm glad you liked the game, thanks for your comment :)

I loved the humor, the achievements are hilarious :D I found it difficult to make a game about cliche on video games as contrary to movie cliche, nobody really tries to avoid them, but you found the good combination. Thanks for making it :D

Fun puzzle and nice aesthetics, thanks for making it!

Good level design, the game is simple but the puzzles are cool and fun to complete!

That was good, now I want to know the rest of the story!

Love the visual style, the color palette is gorgeous!

Nice game with good level design and coherent art!

Very nice game. Nice story loop. All the mini-games were very polished, fun and the humor made it a pleasant experience.

In the future you might get more ratings if you find a way to have a file that can be downloaded on directly but I realize it might not be easy to get a file small enough while keeping the very nice high quality graphics that you've made.

Also, that's more feedback for your real life but I would advise against toasting bread AND putting it in the microwave afterward. Also, avoid crossing public park in the dark, especially if they are populated with bears ;)

Interesting concept, you might want to work a little bit on collisions as it's easy to clip on walls and get stuck.

For a first game made in one week, you got the basics right! I had fun playing it. Keep going!

Nice and polished game. I liked the mix of 3D with Pixel art, the cars in particular are very nice.

Thanks a lot for the review!

One of the last change before we submitted was to add more difficult words to the "read between the lines" game. Before that, it was just "Cat", "Cow", "Dog" and other very simple word. I definitely went a bit too far in solving that problem and now I sigh everytime I get "hippopotamus".
Anyway, thanks again for the review!

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Thanks for your review!

It's 8 game in total. We hoped to have something like 20 but it was unreasonable in such short time frame.

For the apple, you have to mash the left arrow once you come in contact with the doctor. The plan was to put an indication on top of the player's head indicating you have to do that but we ran out of time.

For the word, did you notice that you can move the upper portion of the paper  up and down to be able to read the word? That's definitely the way you will be able to identify the word.

That would be perfect! Yeah, I know it's always like that in a jam, the time is the limiting factor, not the ideas ;)