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I lost.

Pretty fun, adding sounds would make it a tad better though!

Some of the minigames don't quite work right, but overall a good warioware styled game!

Pretty fun merge gameplay, as soon as you build 3 cities you basically win.

Pretty fun economics game. Also nice title art :D

Neat game, an endless mode with a high score mechanic would fit this greatly!

yeah the web version worked, ty. was being very slow for downloads for a time there, google at least gives a little more speed for downloads, so if there's an option, we'd rather provide it.
Thanks for playing.

Pretty fun!

This has some nice ideas, and it is kinda weird. GJ regardless

Somehow this works.
A very fitting game for the name of the developer :D


The art is nice, but tbh it feels kinda empty :(

The game is just stuck on the godot screen for me. :(

Good idea for a minigame, but the rhythm is consistently off, so it's less of a rhythm game for it.
The premise is alright though!

Saw this on stream and then played it myself.
Great job you guys! Legit puzzler, but it was pretty hard to find the F book :D

A nice outrun clone, but the strobing road made me stop playing :C

The game is a weird mash of assets, but some of the games are competent enough.
I personally really liked the fishing minigame mechanic lol. Good job for a first time!

Found it a bit too hard, but the art is great!


Nice idea for a "roll" part of the jam name!
Although getting the die stuck ain't that fun :(

Minimalistic, and yet challenging enough!

Really cute art!

This works, but i don't quite feel the randomness or the dice rolls tbh.
Other than that, the ability to change the direction of the rotation would improve the concept greatly.

Won in 13 turns! You kinda feel overpowered, the clerics never came and discovered anything, and it was a breeze to cheat them. Maybe make it a bit more challenging? Other than that, cool idea!

Yeah, this is a cool concept, with some cool puzzle/strategy vibes! Good job!

Pretty good, though getting stuck on walls is suboptimal, maybe make them more "slidable" next time :)

Cool lil game, could be a new hypercasual hit! GJ!

Animations are cute, otherwise, pretty okay. Is there music in the game?

Sure is a game. Although the music is kinda.... eh.


Хорошая музыка :)


Не трогай СВЕЧУ!!

Who`s your daddy  in VR give me one


На ПК слишком имбово :( А музло норм.

Я совсем ничего не понял :(

Здорово и качественно!

В целом изначально просто базовый буллет-хелл, с приятной музыкой.
Твист посреди волн с переключением турелей - бомба, меня поймали врасплох!
Чтобы что-то выделить из негативного просто чтобы не быть всецело положительным - интерфейс можно было бы всё же чуть-чуть лучше сделать, а не просто черный фон на таблице выбора постройки.
Но в остальном - очень сочно и динамично, классная работа!

Забавный гиммик, но было бы больше подсказок в интерфейсе было бы лучше :)