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Asteroids with a twist. Created for the GitHub Game Off 2022.
Submitted by Kharibidus — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#963.5783.578

Ranked from 45 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The idea of the game was a pleasant surprise. I feel like it's a bit difficult to grab the asteroids mid-flight when they're small. 

Though, it's fun to play and feels very polished, nice work!


I loved the expectation subversion. I lost my first game almost immediately because I didn’t realise what side I was on! Great idea, well executed; and lots of variety in the power up choices too. Great work.


I really liked the idea of being the asteroid :) Also the game was smooth and fun to play!!


Very good sound design nice music too. The game is also good, maybe it will be easier on mobile


Very cool concept! It's very satisfying to throw the asteroids at the ships with all the sound and particles. I think this game would go well with mobile devices too. Great project!


This is so good.  So addicting, well balanced, great concept.  I got 910, but I need to keep playing!  I can do better!


What a great twist…playing the asteroid :-) I really like the neat graphics.


Nice gameplay concept and excellent polish! Risk/reward choices (launch velocity, "escaping" missiles via edges) feel good, and having the extra chances after splitting is fun too. The audio is well suited to the theme, graphics, & pacing of the gameplay. I also love the addition of the cheat code.

I kinda wish the difficulty ramped a little more slowly, or were a little more configurable, but at the same time, the fairly rapid escalation and quick fail speed feels well paced—the play sessions are bite-sized and exciting. Maybe a "training mode" could be helpful? I'm kinda on the fence.

Some minor issues: I used the web build and had trouble catching the asteroids—even when holding down the button and waiting, it felt like it was casting late or sometimes just missing the frame where the asteroid passed under. But it looks like you've already noted that a circle cast seems like a better approach there. I also had an issue with catching the asteroid on the edge of the frame and not really having enough room on the canvas for it to register my attempts to launch it back towards the center. It'd be nice if there were a little bit of extra buffer space on the edges to handle that, and it'd open up some possibilities to explore some extra visual effects (e.g. when wrapping, or when missiles hit the edge).

Again, those are minor issues—there's a lot of good stuff here. Great work!


Thanks for the feedback and for playing! I think more playtesting would've caught some of these issues, although I'll admit that the web build was a sort of afterthought. If you are interested try the downloadable version and lemme know if any of those issues are improved :)


Hahaha, amazing "homage" game, I really loved when they broke my asteroid but I still can throw the small pieces to them. Great entry! That was a blast! 😜


I love this game. I got up to 1390. 

I love the physics. it plays SO CLEAN. It feels fair. I love how it becomes chaos. love the roguelike elements. One of my favorites in the jam!


A super fun twist on a classic game. Very creative and it works super well. Nice job!


Super fun to play and incredibly polished. Really like how you flipped a classic game concept on its head. The power up system was also fantastic - would love to see that system expanded upon and perhaps have randomized options available for each run!


If you have suggestions for more powerup options I'd love to hear them! Thank you for playing :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very great game.
It’s so fun to play, the sounds are very nice.


Very cool game! I like the twist and the outer space gravity physics.


I love the music design of this game, it's really good

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super cool and super polished. I've played a few "Asteroids but you're the asteroid"-type games in the past, but I don't recall ever seeing rogue-like elements added to them. It was awesome and super fun! 

Also, big thanks for adding a cheat mode, while I of course never ever had to use it because I am so good and skilled at video games (or something like that lol), I really appreciate giving us a way to see the various upgrades. 

Very simple yet satisfying game loop, amazingly polished, I could ask for nothing more from a jam-game! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)


Thank you for sharing your game. I’ve already saved its RATING;

1. verified: GAME due to observed GAMEPLAY appeared to be that of Atari ASTEROIDS; adds: had previously WORKED on own version of such GAME

2. learns: main protagonist to be the ASTEROIDS, and NOT the spaceship, after attempting to verify WHY spaceship does NOT move as COMMANDED, and spaceship does NOT appear to be HIT by the moving ASTEROID;

3. observed: ASTEROIDS to be MOVED via MOUSE as with a SLINGSHOT; remembers: Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 (Wii), Monster Strike (Mobile);

4. observed: self to have difficulty executing additional COMMANDS to the ASTEROIDS that are already and currently MOVING; notes: ASTEROIDS become smaller after the large whole is HIT by ATTACKS from the spaceships

5. shares: noticeable scenario, where ASTEROID moves to HIT spaceship against spaceship that has opted NOT to move its coordinate position, and in its stead, has fired BEAMS to destroy the incoming ASTEROID that I have COMMANDED; learns: attacking ASTEROID to be destroyed first to cause OUTPUT of LOSE in BATTLE

6. adds: noticeable use of Math techniques, e.g. triangles, that assist in increasing know-how of the MAJORITY

Thank you. Health!


Thank you so much for the feedback, Data!


outstanding! one of my most favourites of the jam, I loved the twist, the controls and the music. this one is great!


Great submission! I loved the soundtrack, the game is very fun and the idea is innovative!
Sometimes the rocks are hard to throw, and it's not easy to grab when it's moving, maybe hitboxes are too small or something
Regardless, i liked it!

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