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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Super unique idea! I really like the chess with the OSU like minigame. Cool that each piece has its own patterns. I feel like the dragging parts were a little finnicky and unfortunately like 75% of the way through the game it kind of just stopped. Really nice work though!

The art is very cute and the gameplay is simplistic and fun. Nice work!

This games visuals are amazing! Absolutely love the art-style. I quite liked the secret stuff once I was able to figure it out but it took me a while. The first time I played I used the flashlight lap 2 but it went out right as I saw something. Then I tried to get it again but only got windups. I refreshed and played it again and then liked it! Overall good work!

The only horror game I have seen which is quite unique! Despite its creepy theme the idea of it is pretty funny. But coots is super creepy, I love the way she tracks you around the room. However I felt like the movement controls were fairly rough and after missing a few jumps I felt more frustrated then scared. Still though really good job with this one!

Really great game! The pixel art is wonderful and I really like the way battles work, super cool idea. I managed to beat the final boss with just one health left! If I had one small critique I would rather you choose your attacks with the keyboard rather than the mouse since you don't use it anywhere else in the game. But that's just a small thing everything else I really liked!

First of all I love the character art, its super cute. Also the idea of the game and mechanics is really unique and fun. It took me a little while to really figure out how to play but once I got the hand of the moves I was able to beat most of the levels. However, as some others mentioned I did get stuck on the long slope level and really couldn't figure out what to do. Additionally I felt like the hitboxes were pretty unforgiving. That being said I think this is a good game and with some adjustments to make it a bit more user friendly would be super awesome. Really great work!

Really loved this game! exploring the city and causing chaos as your power grows was a lot of fun.  I like the progression of just learning how to meow to blowing up the moon. The visuals are great and the game is well polished as well. Great work!

Cool idea! I like the visuals especially the effects on the ball that make it glowy and kinda wavy. Its defiantly really hard. I think the movement makes it feel a bit unfair at some points with just how hard to control it is. Overall nice work though!

Cute game! I really like the visuals, the coots sprites are super cute. Gameplay is simple but keeping coots in line defiantly makes it chaotic. When she steals eggs from the table the physics sometimes go a bit crazy, which did result in her getting stuck under the table. Overall really great work!

Lovely idea with some fun puzzles! Its defiantly a bit short but it was well polished and had nice visuals! Breaking stuff is always fun, great work!

Cool roguelike with a really interesting theme! I like all the glitchy effects with the levels enemies and especially the player taking damage. Nice work!

Unique movement mechanics! Though the controls are a bit finnicky / hard to get used too. Nice work!

Really awesome sprite work with the characters! Love the creativity there. The gameplay is nice and I quite like the bosses attack patterns. The difficulty between the first and second phase was quite a big spike through. Overall great work!

Really unique idea! its fun planning out the factory to try and optimize it as much as possible, but its defiantly tough to get everything to go where you want it lol. The pixel art is cute as well. great work!

Simple and fun game! Trying to find all the  cheese while avoiding getting caught can be really intense! The controls feel nice and I like the boost. Great work!

Really solid bullet hell boss game! The boss attack patterns were fun and interesting and the upgrades are cool. Also I love the details like the muzzle flash on coots. Great work!

Really great visuals and theme. I'm a sucker for 2D characters in 3D environments lol. The intro and outro are quite nice as well! The gameplay was simple yet fun and defiantly challenging later on. I did find a bug where if yo are dying, pressing space will stop the time slowing down and the game will continue to progress. So if you just span space after death you wont loose. Overall fun experience nice job!

Fun game with some really nice visuals! The movement feels good and precise and there are some really fun level design ideas here! I wish it were a bit longer but really nice game overall! I love the player model its so cute.

Cute game! I like the inclusion of different mechanics. However I'm not sure if its bugged or I couldn't figure it out but nothing would happen after I collected all of the fish. Good work overall though.

Such a creative idea! This game is super awesome and really well polished. The visuals and scenes are amazing and hilarious and the games are fun and all work well with the limited controls. The voice controls had a little delay for me so for some of the games I switched to keyboard but overall it worked well and was a lot of fun. Super great job defiantly a winner!

Cute game with some nice puzzle mechanics. I like the crafting system and how it ties into the other mechanics as well. ITs fun to learn new recipes and I like how you have to read and figure it out for yourself instead of it just showing it to you. Keeping coots fed as well is a nice balance. Great work!

Really cozy vibes with this one. The art is nice and I wish I had a room like that lol. It was fun trying to find all of the different endings. Great work!

Cute and fun game! The mechanic of the sound dealing damage but also provoking attacks is pretty cool, it adds a good extra layer of strategy as well. Nice job!

Really cool bullet hell game with a unique theme! I liked seeing all the different bullet patterns that matched the pieces. It was pretty tough but I started doing better as I learned the patterns. Nice work

Really cute and relaxing game. A good change of pace from playing some other submissions. The art is really cute as well. Great work!!

Simple and fun game with some good art and nice polish! Love the sound and effects pulling out the wires makes. Great job!

the movement is tough at first but once you get used to it its quite fun! online multiplayer is super cool too and the art is fantastic. Really good work all around!

Simple but really fun arcade style game. I love the main gameplay mechanic its a lot of fun running around smacking yarn balls into the enemies. Lots of good juice and feedback as well. Unfortunately the game did bug out on wave 10 and wouldn't spawn any more enemies. Still awesome job overall its a lot of fun!

Simple and cute game with a nice cozy artstyle. Nice work!

Simple game with a unique twist. Its fun getting all the upgrades and seeing it get quite hectic later on. Nice work!

Nice simple game with some good polish! The mosaic design of the levels is pretty and its satisfying to watch them all pop up. Nice work!

Interesting and unique twist on classic RPS. It does seem like the best strategy is to pick one and mash as hard as you can. Nice work overall!

Fun game! Its really cool to see all the different enemy types and upgrades, also the intro and outro are really cute! good work.

Really unique idea. Defiantly a relaxing vibe, it was nice drawing in the... litter. Great work!

The art is really cute, I love the little coots sprite. The gameplay was neat and it was cool to discover different strategies. Nice job!

Really love the pixel art in this game. So much detail and all the sprites are so cute. I took me a while to understand how to play but I won on my first attempt without ever loosing a battle. Good work overall!

Really great visuals and a fun challenging platformer. I like the level design as well. Good work!

Funny game! movement is a bit tough but I got used to it eventually. Nice work!

Love the visuals of this game it looks amazing. The levels are fun with some creative mechanics. Its a bit tough but playing again and again ang getting better and faster is fun. Great work!