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good job keep on the good work. :)

i like it well done.

The structure got tiny gaps in the connection between them.


i like the posterized look.

I like the game it reminds me of an old retro game with eggs.

I like the game it reminds me of an old retro game with eggs.

this game wasn’t supposed to happen. no objective.

I did not understand the game objective.

but I liked the posterized look.

Thank you very much for playing the game. :)

started a game but it wasn’t supposed to happen like that hehe…

nice game :)

LD49 unstable is my mini protest for what’s going on in the world this days of 2019 - 2021.. I feel like the world is getting into a new era of nanotech and with less security rules for human life’s. so I decided to create “kind of a game” just for awakening the awareness of humanity.

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I like this game it reminds me I made a girl trapped in a cube world back then. but this one is much more better with physics ,concept and dialogs. very good job.

my goal was to see if I can finish before time with a working game even if it’s clunky for me. I have achieved that goal. so I’m happy.

I used TTS text to speech as my singers. I tried to put a ‘say’ on 2021 current events. not specifically ;) so in a way using the gaming platform for documenting the irony of reality. ( different kind of use with games, I know. the real objective is Awareness ! )

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I wrote the music and used text to speech to be my singers.

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I’m happy I submit

20 minutes left for compo to end with ludum dare-49

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hope it will help to do good for those who are struggle with decisiveness. I made it because I had a lot of stress with making hard decisions it’s not easy.

good parallax

no objective like minecraft

very simple game that i sketched in my notebook.