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Sesso Kosga

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Excellent asset. I use it to make a card game. I called it Warlock. Here’s a gameplay of it

The sound effect and music are excellent. Great game

There is a more polished version of the game here

Thank you very much for your feedbacks. Yes the cards design is not yet completed

Contant que ça te plaise

I’ve not played it to the end.

I should have made a tutorial.

The opponent ai has not been finished.

Oh ! Sorry

Great introduction It is game is a bit hard for me though

The dash is awesome.
This game is excellent for speed runs.
Great game

Nice game. It feels so good. I just want to keep playing it again and again.

Great story. It makes it so real.

Great game. It’s a bit hard for me though
The way the nimble grows when touched and slows down until explosion is awesome. It makes a nice death.

Yeah. Thanks
I keep working on it


Thanks for your feedback. Yes I’m continuing the development

Nice music.
Interesting game concept.

Nice game. The background music is great.

I’ve set a maximum turn number

Thanks for letting me know that. I’ll work on it.

Excellent. Very great game. The voice acting makes it so great

Excellent. Very great game. The voice acting make it so great

I like the music. Great game

Beautiful graphics.
It’s fun
It is a bit hard for me though

The opponent is now visible.

Yeah. You’re right
Thanks for your feedback

(1 edit)

Your AI opponent decides very quickly whether it will draw a card and end his turn directly.
I’m still working on fixing that part.
Sorry for the inconvenience

I’m glad you enjoyed it



Interesting concept

Very great game.
The controls to start the game is fun

I like the graphics.
Great mechanics also.
I find the air flow well optimised

Nice music. It’s a cool game

I like the scene transition.
The concept is simple but clear.
Great game.

I like the plot, that’s interesting.

Nice game. Really like it


I’ve uploaded a windows build