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this game is so polished, that it makes me want to figure out how to polish my games to be that cool! the gameplay was fun, the animations are awesome, the UI was smooth. this one is for the top lists for sure!

wow!!! loved the theme and the graphics, and once I figured out how to play it it became very fun. and it also looks like you all had a lot of fun making this game, and it shows!!! that's a great one, for sure!

that's a good start! not sure how it resonates with the theme, and not sure that I figured out how to get better in this game, but the idea is good and very promising!

great entry! I'm not sure that I followed how it resonates with the theme of the jam, but the game itself was fun, and 4x feel was good!

thanks for the game! that's a great idea and I had a lot of fun playing it!

what a fun, lighthearted and coherent game! the tone, visuals and audio - everything fits together perfectly

that was fun! completed it a few times, not exactly the highest scores but still enjoyed it!

that was super fun and super juicy and game feel was amazing!!

outstanding! one of my most favourites of the jam, I loved the twist, the controls and the music. this one is great!

hahaha, that was a fun twist! thanks for the game!

arrrgh, I'm losing contol!! thanks, that was super fun and the game looks gorgeous

awesome idea! took some time to figure it out, and overall I enjoyed it!

18 days! thanks, that was super fun

what a great idea! the crafting system works great with the tempo, few moments were quite demanding, but overall that was pretty fun to play!

such a cute game!

this link might work better!

thanks for the kind words! while we're figuring out how snails attack, check out this actual medieval image of snailfighting! Image

thanks for the kind words, happy to hear that you liked it. and good point about the music!

super fun!!!

looks great! Miró would definitely ADORE this