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Share your progress here!!!

A topic by sandro0102 created 56 days ago Views: 346 Replies: 15
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It is first  time making bullet hell game for me. It is great fun. already made  movement, shooting, enemy... here is screenshot from my game. I think it look good!!! 

p.s. I need musc(for free)!!! 


Looking good! Got a good ol classic retro feel it.

Me and me brotha went for a weird 3D styled game.  
Lots of design choices left to make and plenty of mechanics to figure out. 


I like this style. I dont really see it nowadays.


play the game at  :  

it has to be on windows 10 or webgl. You won't get ranked but an AMAZING GAME. I'm guessing the models were premade, right?


yes. Its a vr game. Made for quest and windows.


It's also the first time for me!

Like, in general, the first game jam and game I made, I am pretty excited about it!

I think I need to work on the visuals but I still like how it turn out


Doesn't look like much in the screenshot, but I believe I implemented an interesting system. I wonder how I'll do compared to my friends since this is my first jam and they've been doing them way before me.

Unity only had 3 crashes and a stroke, but I managed to find ways around it even if it's unoptimized.

Time to update the visuals and somehow make music (Might have to use stock music if I really don't have time)


This was my first game jam, so I was happy to get a playable game up and running. Went for a classic-style vertical SHMUP. Probably my favorite part of this jam was when I realized I could use FLStudio's Vocodex plugin to manipulate FL's text-to-speech synthesizer to make some goofy alien taunt SFX.


Hello all :)  I'm almost done with my game, Endure:
Still working on balancing and implementing feedback. An end screen for the final boss is still on the works.

Submitted (6 edits)

THE KICK-BUTT SHMUP by PaddyPatProduct (   Please GO play Test my game and help me find and Major problems or Bugs - I hope to be able to be able to fix a few audio bugs and "finish up" before submissions end, pls help -  I'd also like to add a Boss toward the end. 

The Kick Butt Shmup Video - YouTube



I finished! :D bullet hell jam is where it's at.


I've completed my entry, you can get it here:

Submitted (1 edit)

I have submitted my game today. Get it here

Submitted (1 edit)

Still some issues i couldn't figure out but finished and subbed, done a few jams but this is my first time making a bullet hell... ish game so i'll see how this goes :p


rught now i saw that i have only 3 hour left. and i have to add so many things

i am in worst situation ever.