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I want to know how you scored and how you feel about it.

Of course a tutorial, main menu, music and a beginning cutscene were all cut because I was running out of time. I spent too much time on those cards!

Definitely adding those when I complete the game.

I mostly want to hear what you have to say about it. I want to see if there's any more issues with the gameplay before going to complete it.

I've made a fix after submissions ended, but I have to wait for the jam to end to upload it.

More like Daltarune but I understand.

Didn't have time for actual patterns, so the patterns are randomly generated. The small ones you can avoid and murder waves are just bad luck. I can definitely improve the bullet pattern system, but I want to make set patterns for the completed version.

I guess I can explain the use/send function since there's no tutorial. Using a card will activate it's main effect. Sending a card will send it to the top bar so it can be used for cost. Using a card as cost will activate it's Mana Leak, adding to the battle in some way.

That will definitely be something to look into. There are only 2 sounds in the game right now so I can see where you're coming from.

I do admit that I spent most of the time working on the battle system and card art (Ruen's Kindness taking the longest at 5 hours total ) rather than polish.

A tutorial was excluded, but I plan on adding one later on.

Your game is pretty good! Though after a while I find the bullets become a wall.

Might as well ask here. 

What about games that are completely unplayable due to missing files? I've seen some l and feel they can use a second chance.

I want to see what you made, but the game is missing all of it's data. Unity outputs multiple files. So select the folder the files are in and right click, go to "Send to" and select the "Compressed (zipped) folder" option and you'll have a .zip of your game to upload.

I still want to see what you made, so let me know when you do that. Though I will ask if people can update their game if it's literally unplayable due to missing files (I've seen several now)

You're missing a file.

I have rated and commented. Good game!

Anyway here's my game. I just want to hear what you think about it.

BTW press the fullscreen button to more properly see.

The cages seem a little too sensitive. I'm not that close to them and I'm locked up. Though I really like the idea, the difficulty seems to escalate a little quickly.

I love the art style, though the perspective did throw me off.

I don't care about ratings, I know I lost because of how much I rushed in the end and not being able to fix the UI scaling. I just know I did something different and made something I'd like to complete after the jam.

Please let me know your thoughts on the main gameplay as I've not gotten any criticism yet.

BTW click the fullscreen button on the game so you can see properly.

It's been like 11 hours. How did it go?

I have been working on my game the whole time, but it feels like I only got 1 day of coding done.

You're forgiven. Just try not to advertise games on others threads, unless it's an advertising thread.

Ok so here's my few points from the little bit I played. It's a good concept and the art is also good. However my speed made me run into bullets instead of dodging them. The squid fires too fast and densely, at that point I just try to run from the enemies instead of fighting them. The start in general is quite challenging.

Also I recommend you pack your game in a .zip file.

From what I heard: You can't update your game during rating. But you can update after rating ends.

Not my cleanest work, had to cut corners at the end, but most of my time was spent making randomized bullet patterns and working on the card game side.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and how to improve (other than the obvious problems lol)

Why do you keep advertising your game on other people's posts? It's really rude.

Submit it, see if anyone has anything to say about it, update it after scores are decided. Even my project isn't that polished and incomplete, but I want to see what happens anyway.

Are you using unofficial unity packages?

I don't think a web build is essential, but just preferred for time and space reasons.

Doesn't look like much in the screenshot, but I believe I implemented an interesting system. I wonder how I'll do compared to my friends since this is my first jam and they've been doing them way before me.

Unity only had 3 crashes and a stroke, but I managed to find ways around it even if it's unoptimized.

Time to update the visuals and somehow make music (Might have to use stock music if I really don't have time)

For me, Unity has been having a stroke. Things that I've done 100 times before and I know should work just isn't working.

Honestly same.

By the way, can you help me reach the cookie jar on the high shelf?

I've entered with my friends, so I'm curious to see which of us will do better. I am learning the functions I plan to add to the game, reviving incomplete scripts from scrapped games and somehow implement them into the bullet hell.

This will also be my first complete game made public. At least I'll have something to put on my resume, also something to go back to if I plan on a full release.

I prefer to code my own system, but can you give some insight into how yours works? I crashed my computer by spawning 1000 objects (but my computer is a bowl of egg salad anyway) 

So my friends in a small game dev group I'm in thought we should all do this jam. I decided to join as a solo developer and to see how well I'll do compared to them.

They brought up the fact that the theme is optional (I was always under the impression that it was a must) So is the theme for bonus points? If not: I might not use the theme in the end.