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Good mood guys! What new things will you try to learn this jam?

A topic by misterG-gamedev created Apr 04, 2021 Views: 420 Replies: 16
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Hello there!

I am in a fantastic mood and really looking forward to this jam! I will try - for the first time - to record some guitar riffs for my jam game. For some reason YouTube suggested all these doom speedruns and I got hooked on the retro guitar/metal sound. So why not try to brush off the dust from my old electric guitar and give it a go? 

Coding wise I also achieved a nice little milestone lately: I managed to use delegates and events for the first time ever! Yes, just a very simple setting, but I struggeled with those ever since I started last year!

What new things will you guys be trying this jam?

Anyone from the UK who wants to discuss game ideas for the jam, please feel free to reply (can discuss on discord as well). 

Best regards!


I'm going to take the opportunity to  experiment with some interesting bullet patterns I think! I have not spent any time honing my design skills, so this will be a good opportunity to do so.

I'm also a UK dev! Currently working on an Xbox bullet hell - PolyFury. It's basically just shapes + bloom, and I'm pretty sure I'll use a similar style for this because I'm not an artist πŸ˜‚


Ah wow, Xbox! That sounds neat! Are you a professional Game Dev then? Just started last year so a lot is still new for me. 

I wish there was some kind of event where you could meet ppl for a game a nice little group of people working together :) maybe next year haha


Kinda, I use Unity in my day job and I'm setting up my own studio now. I've been making games as a hobby in my free time for more than 10 years :) 

Check out global game jam! GGJ is (pre-covid) an in-person jam, I assume after the pandemic it'll be the same. There might also be a few groups for game dev in your city, here in Sheffield we have SHINDIG 😁


This is my first jam, just trying to test myself to see how I do. Hopefully I don't just end up in the corner crying. 

Jam Host

Don't worry, even if you fail you'll learn something nonetheless :D

This game jam is going to teach me if  I can upload Scratch projects onto because Scratch is the only coding program I have access to. 

Jam Host

This looks promising for uploading a scratch project to

I'll send you this bullet hell framework while I'm at it:

Have fun ;)

Thanks dude!


thx for Sharing! Might use the tutorial for my next 2d idea :) think I will go with a simpler idea for this jam...


I've entered with my friends, so I'm curious to see which of us will do better. I am learning the functions I plan to add to the game, reviving incomplete scripts from scrapped games and somehow implement them into the bullet hell.

This will also be my first complete game made public. At least I'll have something to put on my resume, also something to go back to if I plan on a full release.

I wanted to learn Defold for this, but I don’t particularly know Lua, though I have the basics. Instead, I’m using ct.js and going to try for a remake of a Pico-8 game I made a bit ago that was sorta bullet hell vertical scroller in space. If I had more time, Defold would be better…


This is my first foray into anything even remotely related to gamedev, so I'm keeping it small and I'll submit a simple prototype I almost finished to try implementing bullet grazing in Godot.


I guess I will try to implement my own bullet hell mechanic in Godot? Lol, that is technically new. Basically, I am making the bullets spawn in exactly eight directions when the mouse button or space is pressed/held.

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Nobody likes people advertising all over the place


I've completed and submitted my entry to this jam. Although I've made shmups before, I have to admit that creating bullet hell wasn't easy since I have to spawn more projectiles than I normally do. Not to mention, I have to balance them with difficulty to prevent player from being flooded by projectiles.

Also I learned couple new stuffs while creating this game. Oh yes, my entry to the jam is : Blue Bullet Bintang.


First try at making a full on bullet hell but i wanted to try since i knew some basics of bullet spawning etc in Godot.

Tried a new thing or 2 mainly having a player respawn on death and keeping him inside specific screen borders, it also gave me one hell of a stress test of what i could do in the engine with what i've learned so far :)

While i like shmups i know i'm not that skilled at them XD so i tried a different aproach in my game with health and shields instead of insta death