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Pretty fun my controller kept disconnecting after exactly 20 seconds after starting a match (could just be a controller issue or because im using proton(linux))

it feels a bit unfair when being stunlocked by an opponent and instantly losing 75% of my hp

also blocking on keyboard+mouse is kinda annoying because its hard to walk and press E/Q at the same time maybe allow for pressing mouse4/5 to block

but the game is very fun and fluid

and the game runs fine on proton on linux (unless the controller issue is because of that)

Very fun 

lots of interesting perks like the combos you can do with some abilities


could use more polish more enemy types (not too much flying ones) progression and it also started my steamvr for some reason

Really cool story cool movement too bad you get stuck alot

Great you enjoyed it !

really cool mechanic

Really fun

movement is hard but thats the point

love the enemy variations

Did you go trough the wall on the right upper side because thats normal there should be a trigger sending you to a secret level there

Could use an indecator if im magnatic or not

cool puzzles and intresting magnet mechanic

Really needs a tutorial

Very cool idea also pretty hard

maybe for a next game choose difrent colors for ui use someting like

Unplayable on low resolution screens

never forget to enable scale with resolution on your canvas object :P

Very Good puzzles and good concept

levels themself look good 

but could really use menus, tutorial and level transitions

Saw this idea a couple times but this one definitly has the better level design

Really original but really frustrating :P

Very fun and looks really good especially for a game jam

but there are some game breaking bugs :P like your hand getting stuck

Thank you
we already found that bug but didnt have time to fix it :P Thanks for telling us anyway!

Yeah im pretty sure not everyone is a computer

Best rope ive seen but i cant seem to pick up the axe in level 2 so i get stuck

also the ui breaks for those old 4:3 gamers :P

Graphics are really cool

Its a original idea but its really annoying that you cant place the platforms where you want

on some spots i cant place at all and just fall to my death

Really cool idea and lots of fun but i keep on killing myself :P

fun but that the speed is connected to the meteor speed doesnt change much

Pretty confusing but really good idea

Characters are cool

Im confused

The idea is very original i love the idea of kalimari spaceships

too bad after a while you dont need to think about weapon placement

Really like the style the slidy movement made it original very cool

Really like the style the slidy movement made it original very cool

Really cool concept its looks really good

but there are game breaking bugs like on some levels when you die you go into an infinite death loop so you have  to restart the game which wouldn't be a huge problem but there is no save system

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The graphics dont really look good

but the effects do (mostly the screenshake and particles)

i really like the idea but it gets overwhelming really quick because every enemy has the walk straight to player AI

and the gameplay is still good

Indeed i wanted to add that but im too stupid to understand the microsoft dll's :P 

The dash should have invulnerability

i found it pretty fun and it especially looks good

but its too easy to just spam reflect

There is no file to download :/

The effects look really cool

but i find the bullet blocking unreliable

I think you forgot to upload your files

Cant seem to even get of the ground a better tutorial could help alot

Nobody likes people advertising all over the place

Submit it 

you can always learn from what other people have to say about it and do better next time