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This game is very good.
Blends really well the serious and humorous bits. I really recommend it to lovers of the genre and of stories.

I got this on the switch. I'm having a lot of fun with it. There should be more horizontal shmups.

This is one of the best rpg supplements I've seen.

Is there an actual play podcast or video I can give a look at? There are a few points I'm not sure I really get, and I would like to see them in play.

Thanks for playing and your comment. 
I should definitely work on making the goal of the game clearer, as well as on effects to make actually grazing bullets more evident.
The idea is to go for a high score (which is why I am going to implement leaderboards), and running into bullets prevents that: hopefully I can make the game say that for me.

Hi thanks for playing and your comment.
I agree with you on all your points. This was what I was able to do in the timeframe of the jam.
I have a list of issues and stuff I would like to add and cleanup, such as removing the excess randomness, and adding polish. I will likely end up adding game modes, and a scoreboard.

This is my first foray into anything even remotely related to gamedev, so I'm keeping it small and I'll submit a simple prototype I almost finished to try implementing bullet grazing in Godot.