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You could try Krita software or online clone of Photoshop–both are free and should work okay. I hope.

This sounds very clever! I like this idea a lot!

You’re a genius!

I was thinking about using Brython to code it and call some JS framework for browser-based games. Is that Python enough?

Aaron/“Zed Hanok”

I really like this idea, it’s great!

I love this. It keeps sitting in the back of my brain, pestering me to use if for something, but I haven’t decided what, yet… Maybe a modification for psychological damage added to it, then make an Art of War TTRPG of some sort… Just a though! :D

Simple, straightforward, and GREAT! :D

Sorry, I’ll try to fix it, although I’m a bit slow lately ’cause of my health. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

This is amazing!

Thanks for that information!

These are great!


I really like this tileset!

I’ve been studying sprite styles and drawing sprites lately, and I keep coming back to how great these “puny characters” are! I’m going to play around with making them (or a sprite style I make that’s based on them) look like a demake of Skyrim…

Very nice!

These are amazing!

What license is this for? Can we use it for other game engines besides RPG Maker?

You’re a genius!

Dude, let it heal. We can wait. Love your work! :D

Genius! :D

Genius! :D

Good grief! It’s great! :D

You are an incredible pixel artist! :D

I can’t wait to see anything else you add! I really like this!

I can’t wait to find my old GM8 app and try these out! :D

Whoa this is just what I was wanting! I was slowly working on something like this, but much bigger. I like the size of this, though! Maybe it will help me with my sprite animations!! :D

This is great!! :D

Your pixel art is amazing! I paid double just because I’m a fan! :D

Good idea!

Intriguing, but I probably can’t. I’ve got a lot of work backed up, including my novel… But maybe…

Did you make the emulator from scratch?

These assets bring such happiness to me a little each day! Can’t wait for the exteriors! :D

This looks great! I’m so excited! :D

It makes me think of a demake of Skyrim…

Fascinating! Love it!

Okay, I’ve played around with doing game jams the last year-and-a-half, even doing one with a prize (though something glitched and I gave everybody prizes). I think I want to up the importance of my game jams and focus more on stuff near and dear to me, disability and mental health awareness. I need any ideas how to make this one a really good (and much LARGER) game jam.

Most of my others draw in maybe a couple dozen people.

I think I might make a prize (again, like last time) for the winner (or winners if it’s too close to call): Maybe winners split a $30 prize and get a free web hosting account (that went okay last time)?

But how do I get a big number of contestants to enter? Should I make it a month-long jam or a three-day weekend jam? Even with my previous experiments, I haven’t found out any info on stuff like that, except that retro games usually do better as jams.

This is a good idea. Thanks for the work!

Yeah, it changed. I think I might accidentally have two now, but there is just one I check…

the number on it changed to 2585…I gotta look this up…

I’m Zed Hanok#2585 and I’m pretty new at using Discord. Sorry! :)

I’ll check if you e-mailed me too, sorry I’ve been distracted lately researching how to make a cross-platform app that makes webpages in Python (and Kivy, Twisted framework, Jinja2 templates, etc. – so much to learn!).

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Hey, I’m on Discord finally! I have no idea what I’m doing, but that is why I’m doing all this–to learn things!

Zed Hanok#5175

Apparently that’s how you friend me. I dunno! :D

Gosh, I’m doing too many things at once. Better drink some coffee and add a few more or I’ll get bored! XD

(If you can’t tell, this is what happens to me when I drink too much coffee.)

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By the way, these accounts have something called cPanel – it’s a powerful tool for customizing your website, making email addresses, etc. I’m starting work on a FAQ or HOWTO for it for you guys, but a few exist already. cPanel is standard stuff at most webhosting companies, so all their cPanels work the same.

And for encrypting the password is a great idea! Don’t worry, I’ll make a strong password, but you can change it when you get it using cPanel. That way, you can feel safer.