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Intriguing, but I probably can’t. I’ve got a lot of work backed up, including my novel… But maybe…

Did you make the emulator from scratch?

These assets bring such happiness to me a little each day! Can’t wait for the exteriors! :D

This looks great! I’m so excited! :D

It makes me think of a demake of Skyrim…

Fascinating! Love it!

Okay, I’ve played around with doing game jams the last year-and-a-half, even doing one with a prize (though something glitched and I gave everybody prizes). I think I want to up the importance of my game jams and focus more on stuff near and dear to me, disability and mental health awareness. I need any ideas how to make this one a really good (and much LARGER) game jam.

Most of my others draw in maybe a couple dozen people.

I think I might make a prize (again, like last time) for the winner (or winners if it’s too close to call): Maybe winners split a $30 prize and get a free web hosting account (that went okay last time)?

But how do I get a big number of contestants to enter? Should I make it a month-long jam or a three-day weekend jam? Even with my previous experiments, I haven’t found out any info on stuff like that, except that retro games usually do better as jams.

This is a good idea. Thanks for the work!

Yeah, it changed. I think I might accidentally have two now, but there is just one I check…

the number on it changed to 2585…I gotta look this up…

I’m Zed Hanok#2585 and I’m pretty new at using Discord. Sorry! :)

I’ll check if you e-mailed me too, sorry I’ve been distracted lately researching how to make a cross-platform app that makes webpages in Python (and Kivy, Twisted framework, Jinja2 templates, etc. – so much to learn!).

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Hey, I’m on Discord finally! I have no idea what I’m doing, but that is why I’m doing all this–to learn things!

Zed Hanok#5175

Apparently that’s how you friend me. I dunno! :D

Gosh, I’m doing too many things at once. Better drink some coffee and add a few more or I’ll get bored! XD

(If you can’t tell, this is what happens to me when I drink too much coffee.)

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By the way, these accounts have something called cPanel – it’s a powerful tool for customizing your website, making email addresses, etc. I’m starting work on a FAQ or HOWTO for it for you guys, but a few exist already. cPanel is standard stuff at most webhosting companies, so all their cPanels work the same.

And for encrypting the password is a great idea! Don’t worry, I’ll make a strong password, but you can change it when you get it using cPanel. That way, you can feel safer.

Okay, let me make sure I’m doing this right. Just so we understand each other, my site has the domain (for now, my only option) and I make a subdomain off it named “moongazer07” – so you would type [ ] to get to your website. Is that what you’re expecting?

If you want to buy a better domain name later (like, I’ll help you add that later. I hope to get a few, myself. Heck, I’ll help you with whatever problems you have with your website, as I’m free (and a bit slow) but you can’t beat my prize of zero! :)

Okay, what do you want the account called? For instance, it could be like “” (later, if you want, I can make it a different base domain name, when I get more options, but is all I have setup right now).

So, who wants a website first?

Okay, I set the steam keys out.

The steam cards a taking a bit… My bank freaked out when I tried to buy them, because the company is based in Hong Kong. It took a while for them to reconsider. I’m going to try this again momentarily…

I either just sent you 5.00 USD or 5.79 USD, but either way, you will get it any time now.

(Boy, my luck with computers is going poorly right now!)

If anybody doesn’t have a PayPal account, I can invite you and we supposedly both get $10. “Terms apply” though, whatever that means.

Don’t worry, I’m looking up how to do the PayPal transfer right now (it’s 4am here). I should have it figured out by the time you wake up… :)

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Okay, let’s figure out the $5 PayPal (or whatever you prefer) first. Meanwhile, be thinking about what free subdomain you want for a webpage. It will be like: “” (where “xyzzy” is purely an example for your subdomain name). For now, we’ll post here, but you can e-mail me at aavond at gmail dot com.

(Sorry I don’t have more domain name choices yet, I’m a newbie trying to make a webhost, mostly just for education in full-stack development. Each month I hope to add a bit to the website, as I get paid monthly; next on my todo-list is a second domain name called “” I think. With a wiki about retro game dev, I hope. You guys can always have a subdomain off that, too, when it’s up! :)

You’ll get an email address named “” and the ability to make, like, 99 more e-mail addresses if you want (if I recall correctly). If you want a different base e-mail address, let me know.

You can always get a new domain name to represent your site, but that doesn’t come free. I’d be happy to help you set it up or set up your site or whatever. Think of me as free hired help, albeit a little inexperienced. :) I’ve got lots of PDF e-books on different stuff to help us do whatever, and the e-book on Wordpress is especially good. I can e-mail you guys some copies if you want.

This is so exciting! Giving away stuff is fun!

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Oh, if anybody wants bitcoin or etherium instead of Paypal, I think I could do that. It would still just be US$5 worth of crypto, but it would be a cooler US$5!

My e-mail is [ aavond at gmail dot com ].

For everyone who submitted a game:

  • I’ll divide the gift card up to everybody who submitted a game (everybody gets $5) but that means I send it by Paypal, unless somebody knows how I can get a $5 steam card… (I’m a newbie at this!)
  • I’ll give everybody a 6-month web hosting account.
  • I don’t have enough accounts for Microsoft 365, so those go to the ones who followed the theme of droids or mechs.

That’s the best I can do. I can’t figure out how to make the game jam allow voting. It’s even telling me the jam ended a week ago! Oh well!

Oh you brilliant, brilliant person! :D

Thanks a ton!

Wow, this is some nice stuff! I might use this in my murder mystery game (think interactive Clue with a time-limit before the murderer comes after you). Your collection of furnishings just keeps growing. And, it goes well with the walls I’ve already got.

Come to think of it, I bet I will run into the same problem later when I do my murder mystery game… Hmm… (smell arises of burning brain cells)

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Whoa! I’m gonna think about this! I definitely see the problem now!

I would just select one at a time, copy it, paste as a new image.

Free background music: [ ]

I put together a page of free assets at – just in case somebody needed it. I used some of them for a little educational project I did that wasn’t a whole game.

[ ]

Does anybody else know of some good assets? I think I’ve got some links somewhere to free-to-use music that’s dark techno, I’ll have to remember to look for them…

Yeah, I don’t really mind. I’m very easy-going with game jam “rules”.

Okay, so I got a web hosting account so I can give a free web site to the winner (it doesn’t come with a domain name, but I’ll get you a free subdomain off my hosting site domain,, so you could be The website comes with “unlimited storage and data transfer” but realistically the RAM and CPU are not unlimited if try to you pump a ton of Wordpress addons on there or something, just so you know. This is a $10/month value you get for at least 6 months, or longer if the economy doesn’t go to blazes and bankrupt me. :)

I discovered that I can also give one of my Microsoft 365 memberships (Office membership & 1 TB of storage space on OneDrive). That requires you have a free Microsoft e-mail address, but you probably do for Xbox.

Also, I’ll send a Steam gift card to the winner, too. That way, if you don’t like the other stuff, there’s always that!

I’m going to spend the jam practicing making website accounts and learning the ropes of all this stuff so I can give you any help you might need setting up your new website. I’m also going to try to be able to afford giving out some little prize to any runners-up. I’m a bit poor, so think small, like a free e-mail address.

You know, a similar app could be used as a Character Bible (tracking the look and personality and so-forth of characters, noting all the little decisions made about the characters over the course of the novel-or-whatever) and that would be a really good thing for those of us having trouble tracking our characters in a meaningful way. I haven’t tried this yet, so maybe it can do it as-is…

I just thought you might want an idea for a spin-off app…

This is really helpful! I’m using it to inspire me in the creation of Cthulu-like alien entities for a story series. I don’t use the elder gods exactly as generated–I mix things up a bit more according to my whims–but I think I’d be stuck on one of the (potentially) coolest parts of my fictional universe if it where not for this app!

I’m making sure to credit you for this!

(Unlike in Lovecraft, my chaos demigods can be battled, but never permanently killed.)

Hmm, I didn’t do anything with the sigils, maybe I should…but what?…

This is a great idea!

I loved the Jetpack game on DOS! THANKS!

Sure, but generally you need to go through the tutorial and do everything carefully. You may even need to do multiple tutorials to internalize all the stuff.

I love it! It’s so clean and professional and perfect!