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Thanks for rating!

The debug window had to be there or else the game would crash and time was basically over so I couldn't fix it. fullscreen and volume can be changed through the options and the bullets stop when you let go, I tested the built version. Maybe it was glitching for you. Thanks for the feedback!



heres mine! I will play yours

Hey, I recently participated in the Bullet Hell Jam and made a game in 5 days! of course, it's a bullet hell game and I would appreciate it if you checked out the video and played the game! Thanks!

also, if you also made a video on your game, I would like to see it!

HOLY god! I rated everything on this 5, cause this is sooooooooo good. the only bug I found was this: when a provoked enemy is across the wall they put their bow on the floor, stop moving and the bow goes back and forth a million times a second

Thank you for the feedback!

Hey! I did it, now your turn! Amazing game by the way


I wanted to do the normal/shipping build but it gave some errors while I was doing it, so I couldn't. also, we ran out of time for more enemies, though it was on our minds. Thanks for the feedback!

I cant even start it. What do you mean press "restart"

sound doesn't work well, but other than that this is the winner of the jam!

it has to be on windows 10 or webgl. You won't get ranked but an AMAZING GAME. I'm guessing the models were premade, right?

wow that was really cool

Thank You!

sorry, Godot only.


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hey! I am a godot programmer looking to form a team! I  need a music composer and an artist. If you are either and look to join a team, then send me a freind request on discord so we can talk. My username is Jamam150#1723

once I get messages from both a composer and an artist I will make a group DM. here's my YouTube: Jamam150 - YouTube

Thanks, and also it should be worthwhile to mention I only program in 2d, so only a 2d artist can join. Sorry!

wow! that's some nice music, sure you can help out. I am however still waiting for fab89 to message me on discord. pls, add me on discord so we can message. my username is Jamam150#1723

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Im not a good artist, though I can do some half-decent pixel art. I am mostly programmer in godot too. we could work together, as long as we make a 2d game. Tell me what you plan to make, or if you dont know yet, heres my YT: Jamam150 - YouTube

my discord username is Jamam150#1723

Sorry, discord is my only communication.


hey! will this work for Godot?

Hey! Thanks! I have not updated on the playstore, but in the new version I am developing it is fixed, that is what I meant earlier. Thanks!

Also, you can look at the development process of this game with these videos:

I Made A Game In 14 Days! - Astro Jump Devlog #1 - YouTube

Customization and Shop! - Astro Jump Devlog #2 - YouTube

Hey! thanks for the reply, and honestly, I am just happy to see it run on android since I have no android phone and wasn't able to test it! However, I have now fixed these issues and added more to a newer version of the game which you can find here:

Please check this out!


YouTube Develpoment:

Please subscribe to my channel!

Any feedback is appreciated!


YouTube Develpoment:

Please subscribe to my channel!

Hey! I am Jamam! here is my game. Please any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

What colors would you suggest?


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Hope You Have Fun!

It Would Be Nice To Receive Some Constructive Feedback!

Its made with godot! (I think because of the pck) I am using it! Hope you do well, I am in the jam to! good luck!

Why are there already 14 entries?

What do you mean. Like you have to unlock somthin?


And who else using godot?