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Time-travel, Shapeshift, Teleport, Solve Puzzles!
Submitted by ivaneo, fvlahov, Tonio — 8 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#723.9603.960

Ranked from 75 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Its main character is a time traveling, shape shifting, but friendly alien.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, we did

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Neat. I like the erasing animation and that the clones are not just perptually looping in time plus you can still interact with them. 


This was really fun to play but the rigidbody of the character was a little slippery :) 


I love the game, I had a lot of fun playing :) It felt a bit weird being able to push my old selves around (on accident) and that sometimes caused me to have to redo the level, and it would've been nice to have an indication on how many rewinds you're expecting someone to use in order to reward them 3 stars. Also, when I became a box ontop of a button and rewinded, the box didn't keep the button pushed down.

I liked the music and sound effects and the UI between levels felt super polished. Really cool you made this in such a short period of time!


A very cool idea, I think we had similar thoughts when starting this jam!

Loved the ability to interact with the past selves. Some parts I liked that I could also push them around and others I was getting frustrated because I kept pushing them around by accident.

This game could benefit from some music or sfx! The style of everything else fits so nicely together, I love the grid paper background especially.

Thanks for making an awesome game :]

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the comment. The game does have music and sfx and we are proud of them since we made them ourselves.
If you had your volume off would you please consider changing your score in the Audio category.


You're right, my volume was low. Nice job, they really are great.


Really pretty game, and love the idea too! Congratulations on the jam! Rated


Awesome idea. I like the main mechanics and the power ups you gain when you progress. 

Here are some suggestions:

Make the player walk faster. I think he walks a bit too slow. 

When level is finished you could let player to advance to the next level without mouse. It is a small thing but I felt it a bit frustrating. :)

It would make gaming experience more fun if you could make clones more predictable. Now they are messing with each other and if you push some of them they try to continue walking the prerecorded path and end up being in a wrong spot. Maybe you could disable collision when they move and enable it after they have finished moving. But that wouldn't work because you need them to help on the go also. It is a difficult question... Something has to be done, but what? I can't help you. You have to re-think the mechanics somehow.

But don't get me wrong. I had really fun playing your game. Keep it up! :)


Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! :)

We will change a lot of things once the game jam is finished.

I think we will make the player have a platform collider on his head so that you can collide with your copies only when you jump on them, but not when you're running.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

There are a lot of levels!
The puzzles are well made and built on good basis, an excellent use of the theme, and it look good.
Only thing I don't like is that the past yous don't always act exactly how you did, for example if the future you stays in their way and blocks their movement. Maybe it's a deliberate choice, I don't quite agree with it.
Great work nonetheless, really solid entry


Thank you for your feedback!

A lot of people said that, so I think we'll have to change it so you can only jump on your copy's head, nothing else.


You might also record the position frame by frame of the copy instead of the movements, but maybe it would bring problems with animations.
I don't know, but good luck


Interesting concept. I think the idea of using your past lives to help you move forward, and I can see a lot of interesting puzzles being created with it. Also you did a good job with creating levels and tutorials that ease the player into the game and teach them the main mechanics. 

Somethings that could improve the game is someway to completely restart the level without just making a copy of yourself.  I often got into a situation where I immediately knew I made a mistake, but seemly had no way to completely reverse it.  I ended up with a huge field of old runs that I couldn't get rid of. It is a small thing, but I think it could have a big impact on gameplay. 

Also I love the art style, but I think the character felt a bit big for his environment. Also the eraser was a cute animation, but I bit slow for me (who is very impatient). If you do have time later, it might be fun to come up with a little story for the game also. 

Either way good work. 


Thank you for your feedback.

You can restart the level by pressing P to pause, and then clicking Restart level, but it seems we should make it more obvious that you can do that.

About the character, eraser and the story - we'll probably do something about that once the jam is finished. Thank you :)


This is great game with nice visuals, audio

the gameplay mechanics is really aswm!!!


Great job!


The mechanics are really cool, well done!

*maybe you would also like to try and rate my submission*

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The game has cool mechanics , nice gameplay, and it feels very polished. Yes, yes, yes. But i think best thing is how this alien? shakes his head to the beat of the drums. Gold!

I was a little bit confused, i thought that copies will be like shadows, with no real physics. But in your idea makes whole game much interesting!


Very fun mechanics, impressive artstyle and the music fits the theme. Not much to say other than good job!!

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^


Very unique art style. Liked the puzzles and play on the rewind theme. Good job.

Could you please play and rate my game as well?


please make a complete version of this game, i think this is really fun


Thank you! That was our plan actually. We plan to release it on mobile and also keep it updating here.


good game!, like this kind of games


Excellent game, the puzzles are great, and i really like the art style.


Lovely game! I really like the puzzle and the art style! Well done!


I like the fact that you used a similar idea to ours :D Although our game doesn't like interacting with the ghosts, lol. Very nice game, though. Thoroughly enjoyed it


I really liked the shift on the normal approach to the theme. It's simple but great, and those are a lot of levels.

Some little details: the idle animation was a bit too quick, it didn't seem that natural, I felt the player speed a bit too slow, and it would've been nice to have something like "R" to restart, it was a bit annoying to have to press P (when my brain always defaults to esc, but that kicks you off if you're on fullscreen) and then restart.

The art is very nice as well as the audio, well done!


Originally, the pause button was Esc, but we noticed that Esc button would cause you to exit the full screen mode when playing in the browser so we switched to P. Thank you for your feedback, we'll surely change quite a few things when the game jam ends :)

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