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It's random :)

Since all the books are books added by you which presumably you own, I would assume a random suggestion would suffice :D

The tool doesn't use the internet in any way don't worry ^^

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Each time you open the app, if there are books you haven't read, or if there's at least a series unfinished from the list, you will receive a window with a recommendation :D

The system works best if you have a bunch of unread books, but you can always turn it off in preferences if it bothers you!

Have a nice day ^^

It really was :P

I love the name you gave the game!!

Modding the tank was very fun, the mechanics were implemented smoothly as well!! A very pleasant experience both visually and gameplay-wise!

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

I did :P

Very fun, the design matches the gameplay. overall a very fulfilling experience!! I especially liked the little robot and the way the tape would actually turn around per se :P

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Left feedback :P

I got stuck at one point because I couldn't work out which item to use on which object, and the game didn't really explain anything after I did something. I liked the idea, but consider making the consequences of the player's actions more apparent. The game was good overall, very nice visual design which to match the theme!

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

f i s h

This was so fun, I'm actually surprised! And the design of the characters fits really well!! :3

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Hah, I got to yours as well :3

Left you a comment, great game :P

Papers, please reference, nice :3

Amazing game, very well designed puzzles, the tile-score system was very fun to play around with!!

If you'd develop this game further with a more complex story, and more mechanics, I'd definitely play it!!

Hope you had fun making this!! ^^

Left some feedback :^)

I loved the feeling I got rushing to wind the boombox and baiting enemies away so I could get to places, the way you designed the levels, the environment and enemies really fit the concept, great job!!

Very fun game, hope you had fun making it as well!! ^^

It was :3

Very visually pleasing, the devil is very funny, and the gameplay fits really well! I've seen other games involving rewinding tapes, but this one is very original from a gameplay point of view!

Great game, hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Very cool game, left you a comment there as well :P

Thanks you for playing, if I update the game, many tweaks are needed :3

That's a really cool sounding name for a game lol :3

It was a fun dungeon-crawler, very nice mechanics, though I wish I could attack faster :^)

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Alrighty, left a comment :P

Very nice artwork, nice music, the rewind mechanic was very polished!! Great game overall!

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

I did :3

Really nice take!! The visual design matched the feeling I got playing the game, the villain is hilarious :^)

I think it should be a little harder, as to include the gun more!

Great game, hope you had fun making it!! ^^

It was fun! Very nice take on the concept, nice sound effects and character design!!

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

I've played a game very similar to yours, but yours is a lot more interactive, there is a lot more button inputs which I enjoyed! You paid a lot of attention on the visuals, good job! :3

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

It's too powerful :^(

Thanks for playing! :P

I might switch it up if I update it, would love to play with 1 hand if possible :3

Thanks for playing!! ^^

I have left the video on the game page, but do not get your hopes up, I don't know how to edit videos and stuff.

For simplicity, you can watch it here: 

Have fun! :3

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I will review your game later today, worry not :P

Glad I helped :3

The save points are just for upgrades, not for the actual player :3

Thanks for playing, will check yours out as soon as I can!! :P

left some feedback lol brrrrrrr

Challenging, but fun! It was very visually pleasing, especially the rotating bullet storm things, which reminded me of some old bullet hell games!

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Commented :P

I loved playing this game with my friends IRL, good job!! :D

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Left a comment :P

It was a very cool game! xD

Short and sweet, fun mechanics, nice overall experience! Hope you had fun making it!!! ^^

I got a chance :D

Fun concept, nice implementation of the rewind theme there! Though I think the levels are a bit challenging, especially at the beginning :3

Hope you had fun making it!! ^^

Played, rated, left a comment :3