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Memory WindView game page

Climb up
Submitted by Gonbad (@Gonbad7) — 45 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#7922.9312.931

Ranked from 29 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Rewinding to the previous savestate to survive

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
All assets are mostly made by me with a little help from my friends. Most of the code is written by me.

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Great game I love the aesthetics, is  really well integrated. and the concept is great, overall good work! Maybe a more powerful attack would help hehe. Keep making games!


Very cute graphics and nice music. I liked it!


Cool game. Enjoyed playing it. :)


You got a lot working during the jam. I just wish that the map design was a bit more intuitive. I found myself wondering where I was supposed to go quite often. But nice job!


Nice game,

At first I thought i was going to be easy since you can always rotate the clock but once you get into a fight with a couple of enemies you forget and bam... dead.

Cool concept, my two cents on the matter is that the enemies take forever to die. Even with 3 power orbs I didnt feel powerful enough.

Really good game only needs a bit more polish but the concept is quite good.


Play my game if you havent already.


Interesting concept and game as it's a sort of dungeon crawler but vertical. Some of the mechanics feel a bit odd like the player's left and right movement I think. Just try tweaking some values and seeing what fits the best is always the best solution! I liked the idea!


Thanks you for playing, if I update the game, many tweaks are needed :3


nice little game overall but the jumping is weird, i feel like it's not natural


It's too powerful :^(

Thanks for playing! :P


Fun game, would have preferred keyboard attacking as has been noted. Kept forgetting about the hourglass :P :P 


I might switch it up if I update it, would love to play with 1 hand if possible :3

Thanks for playing!! ^^


Really fun platformer.

  •  Controls feels pretty good. felt slightly weird for needing to use the mouse for attack though as there is no mouse aiming needed
  • Nice take on the concept. The hourglass concept really makes the player to react accordingly to keep the top full & alive. 

Do play & rate my game too if you can :)


Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I will review your game later today, worry not :P


It's a fun and entertain platform. But the save points didn't affect at al. When I die, i start from the bottom again. I've reach pretty high places, but was overwhelm by the green balloons, the "pee shooters" (whatever the name you gave them lol) and the guys with the fire. I played about 10 times, and it nice. Would love an indicator about low health, cause during the battle, I completely forgot about the hourglass.

Congratulations !

Please try mine if you can :) Thanks.


The save points are just for upgrades, not for the actual player :3

Thanks for playing, will check yours out as soon as I can!! :P


I've completed your game and here is my feedback.

Problems I found

  • I couldn't reach some of the platforms even with Movement speed bonuses
  • There is no time warning , maybe have the screen dim like on death
  • I don't get the point of replacing hp with hourglass (too confusing) 
  • I ran out of time frequently in the heat of the battle (because I wouldn't associate hourglass with hp) 
  • When 2 different bonuses were droped next to each other I only get text for 1 bonus
  • Character's meele attack gets boring after a while
  • Tutorial is a wall of text , spread them out in the map. 

What I liked

  • Power up collection is pretty fun (made me kill all enemies i found for drops)
  • You have to time your attack so you knock enemies back before they hit you
  • Save Point reminds me of Black Desert Online (How could I forget that creepy smile :D )
  • Intro music is pretty good 
  • Character and enemies are well made (I like the fact they change color so I can see they are taking damage)
  • The environment is well made, really like the dungeon feel to the game

I enjoyed playing your game but it was frustrating because of the hourglass mechanic, I kept dying because of it even made me want to quit but I stayed on for the ending. If you have time, a story would also be nice at the ending because I expected a little more after completing the game. I didn't get the rewind bit for this jam, what is happening with the hourglass. Definitely need more explanation. All in all good game but a also bit frustrating. 


Thanks for taking the time to give a detailed analysis!

 Some of the problems I understand, since I knew about them from the start, but couldn't fix due to lack of time. You were probably confused with the hourglass mechanic because I didn't give a time warning just like you said, something to tell you when you're running out of time. It would have also helped to add a little shake to the hourglass when taking damage. In hindsight, I should have made sure to add them :^(

 The bonuses text only showing one of them is a bug I overlooked, thanks for pointing it out!! <3 

Some platforms are out of reach intentionally, but you can reach them by jumping from above! And there is a special blue upgrade which is stationary near the walls, which you can reach only by jumping from a higher platform. That upgrade gives you either multi-jump or a (kinda) special ranged attack! I could make a video showing how to do it probably, but no one asked for it yet.

I had lots of ideas for a story, with some bosses and stuff, but the time limit was quite a hassle, especially since it was my first 2d project :P

Again, thanks for reviewing it so thoroughly!! <3


Please make a video showing the game play and talking about you design choices and what you missed out on. I'm very interested in those stuff so I will definitely watch it. 


Okie dokie, I'll make one as soon as I can, add it to the project and notify you first :3


Nice one bro , appreciate you for doing the effort 💪💪


I have left the video on the game page, but do not get your hopes up, I don't know how to edit videos and stuff.

For simplicity, you can watch it here: 

Have fun! :3

Very nice video , I was confused about the save points as I was thinking they were check points or they save your upgrades after you die before but your video clears that up. Maybe have more save points if you plan on working it in the future. 

 I pretty much completed the game losing all my upgrades lol. I also tried the jump attack strategy but didn't know if the upgrades would disappear when i went around to get them but it seems like a valid strategy to your game. 

Good job bro for making the effort for the video. If you plan on working for longer term in this game definitely think of what makes sense to the player and play test alot more. If you can complete a level without getting hurt once , I think that is a good estimate of the difficulty being right for the average player. (I heard this recently from a GDC Conference). 


Hi there,

Here’s my unfiltered thoughts as I play your game:

  • Interesting choice to pick 7z over ZIP. Even though it might be more efficient, I think you should pick what makes the game more accessible to the majority of players. In other words, 7z requires additional software to be installed which is a reason not to play your game. PS. I have it installed but it’s something to think about.
  • Nice and clean start menu
  • Ooh, a wall of text as I enter the game, perhaps a better way would to slowly introduce the player to the different mechanics and rules
  • I feel the camera is too centered, 75% of my view is bricks. Look up Cinemachine in Unity, it’s a great camera tool and can help you manage your camera.
  • I like the art
  • It says press space to rotate the hourglass, but I’m unsure why?
  • Some kind of indicator (health bar) for my health and enemy health would have been nice

The game looked good and polished, I’m a bit confused about the mechanics and how the theme was implemented though. Good job for only one week.


The .7z thing was a mistake indeed. I was in a hurry to put out the submission, and didn't even think of the consequences of archiving with .7z.

I am actually using cinemachine though, I used the settings which my friends suggested, maybe I should reconsider :3

Oh and the hourglass mechanic goes like this: You have no health. When you take damage, a bit of sand falls from the top to the bottom instantly. If the sand fills up the bottom, you lose. When you rotate the hourglass, your character returns to the way it was when you last saved. That means that if you pick up an upgrade and rotate the hourglass, it will be lost. That is, of course, unless you go and save prior to turning the hourglass. The upgrades are the floating orbs which are either stationary in 3 places on the map, or are dropped by enemies when killed. You press E both to save and to pick up the upgrades.

Short version is: Each time you turn the hourglass, you rewind time to your previous savestate. Since you need to keep it from filling at the bottom, you must do this to survive.

And the wall of text was indeed annoying, but I couldn't design a tutorial in time :/

Sorry for the long response, felt like I needed to clear up some of the stuff in case you want to try it again, or someone gets confused as well.

That being said, thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback, it helps a lot!!! ^^


I see, then you’re simply missing a confiner on the Cinemachine. Check out


Thank you very much, I actually am! :^(

This was my first 2d game which I've actually finished, I'm glad I'm learning these things now rather than later!


nice game. graphics was good and music was good. the player movement also suits well

i find the choice of buttons a bit uncomfortable (as space is normally for jump).

so kinda clicked it everytime i jump haha:))

thanks for rating mine


I am actually the opposite, I press w to jump in 2d games where space is for jump :)

Thanks for playing!! :3


I can’t start your game on MAC. And this version also comes in a weird “.z7” package, i had to download un-extraction program first, please always use .zip since everyone can just open them. that it does not work on a system you don’t have is understandable. Sadly i cant test your game now but i would have loved too :(


I'm so sorry, the way I archived the file may have broken the app for mac :(((((

I can't really test for mac users, but I hope I'll fix this eventually. Again, very sorry ;_;


Fun game :) I like the background music and the art style.  But I think the enemies have to much hp.


I should tone down the difficulty a little I think.

The music was made with bosca ceoil in 5 minutes since I was running out of time, I'm glad you like it  :^)

Thanks for playing! ^^


Nice game! I like the art and the hour glass. Had some fun playing it :)


I'm glad, thank you very much! :3

  • The graphics are good. The patrol enemie walk animation is soo cute.
  • The jumping is not proportionate. You should adjust it.
  • The audio is ok.

Good job!


The jump is a little powerful, some friends have also told me that, I should tone it down a little, but that would require an update :3

Thanks for playing and for the constructive feedback!! ^^


It was very a very cool game with pretty good twists on the classic dungeon formula. It was nice to risk the power-up with time and I really enjoyed it. However, the rewind mechanic could have been a more integral part of the game. Apart from that pretty cool game.

I would highly appreciate if you rate my game too. Thank you.


Left some feedback on your game! :3

Didn't really have time for more mechanics, sorry :^(

Thanks for playing!! ^^


Thank you soo much


Great game with unique concept. keep up the good work

pls play and rate my game too:


Thaaank you :)

I'm gonna get to it soon don't worry :P


I like the hourglass, if you forget to turn it game over, so you have an endless life, but you have to remember to turn it. Great concept!

Also, the art style and sound is pretty good.

Well done!


Thank you very much :P

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