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SHPR - Beta test #2

It is focused on testing all the new stuff that has been added in the game during the past few weeks of development!

Wishlist SHPR on Steam!

Join our Discord community!

SHPR is an arcade shooter, arena survival roguelike in which you have to choose items, create builds and synergies that will help you to defeat enemies and bosses to be able to pass to the next levels.

This is the beginning of the SHPR devlog! Follow it for more updates!

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Level 10 is currently the maximum level.

After that point level 10 is just replayed over and over again. 

(at least in the version)

In the current version there are many levels.

I plan into adding up to 25 levels with a boss at every 5 levels.

After you defeat the base difficulty you will unlock NG+, NG+2, etc.

The game and the beta will also be available on mac, if everything goes as planned.

Yes, but the name is not final. 

It was originally changed because another game had the same name.

If you remember, I said the game is going to release on Steam. If you're still interested in seeing the development of the game and even be a beta tester here is the game:

Here's my discord server where you can provide any feedback, suggestions, etc

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The core gameplay hasn't changed a lot, if at all. It's just polishing that was added, a few new items, and performance improvements.

The development is nowhere close to the end, and the game can still be called a "prototype". It will definitely receive maaany updates regarding items (my plan is having at least 50 items), enemies, bosses, performance, better UI and even replayability.

Thank you for the review! 

Some mechanics/items changed a lot since this prototype has been made available to the public, but still, many of the things you pointed out are still in the game. I will really take into consideration this feedback and apply it in the final version.

I also felt like tradeoff items are pretty boring and unpickable but at the same time, advantage only items would make the game too easy. I will try to find a solution, maybe less tradeoffs, or new items with interesting ones.

Thank you again for the feedback, this type of reviews really help me!

This game is also supposed to release on Steam soon (by soon I mean 2-3 months) so, if you're interested in playing the full version of the game follow me for updates!

This is King Of Shapes, one of the games I've been working on for the past few months.

It is a arena survival game that has some roguelike and deck building elements in it.

Your goal is to kill all enemies, get new items, upgrade them and create crazy synergies that suit your play style the best!

It features ~20 items, 4 unique enemies, 2 bosses and many levels to complete!

*This game is still under development. The final version of the game will have muuuch more content than the one presented in this demo*

This is a trailer for the game:

Here is the actual game:

And finally, for the ones that really want to show me some support, my discord server, where you can have a small talk with me and other indie developers, play fun games and have a good time overall!

It is because the game is running in the browser. In the final version, that will be hopefully released on Steam, the fps will be much higher

not likely. I don't think a mobile device can handle 100 enemies moving on the screen at the same time.

Thank you, really appreciate that!

King of Shapes is a roguelike survival game in which you have to defeat enemies to collect items that will give you various effects like rubber bullets (your bullets will now bounce off walls), Incendiary bullets (that will deal damage to enemies over time) and a lot more items!

Survive as much as you can while creating interesting and fun builds!

*the game is still in development and lacks sound design. You may also encounter some bugs related to the gameplay. In case you do, please report them in the comments of the game*

Here is a link where you can play the game : King of Shapes

If you liked the game please follow me on and twitter at @ZokerinoDev

Also, please leave a review and a rating with what you think I got right in this game, and what I didn't!

Thank you for the comment! 

The rewind was actually supposed to teleport you to the point, and the point wouldn't modify its position, but we used this mechanic instead because it made up to more and easier to create levels (since we had only 1 day left to create and introduce the levels)

And for the bullets that moved too fast, and killed you when they shouldn't, it was a bug (not really a bug, but a miscalculation from my part). Sadly I lost the project a few days after we submitted the game due to a files corruption.

There is one. The game will tell you what to do using text in the upper part of the screen.

Very fun

(**mobile version update - available on Google Play**)

Hello! At your request, I've added portrait orientation support for the game! Don't worry, the Landscape mode is still available and you can switch between those 2 orientations using the appropriate button.

Hey! I've just published one of my games to Google Play!

It's a simple endless game... or, is it?

This game will test your skill, patience, and reflexes!

You have to dash carefully through strategically placed spikes while trying to get as high as you can and collect all the rings that will help you unlock cosmetics!

Another very good way to get rings is by completing daily challenges!

Even if you've already played this game, I'd be thankful if you will install it and leave a review!

Play it now on and Google Play!

To get access to the latest news and for extra support follow me on Twitter!

The big day!
I've just launched my game on Google Play! Even if you've already played this game, I'd be thankful if you will install it and leave a review.

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Hello everyone! I've just added challenges to my game, JumpR, a new way to test your reflexes and skills!

I thought that this will keep players more engaged, and make them play for a longer time. This is also a good way to earn rings.

What do you think about it?  Should it be kept or removed? also, what would be your challenges ideas? (the game only has a few, so they can get very repetitive)

In this update, I've also added some small spikes at the top and the bottom of the screen, so the players will know why they died when trying to go offscreen.

With all of those things, some more cosmetics were introduced to personalize the game as you want!

The game should come to Google Play in like a week or so singe they take such a long time to verify all those games in this period.

Here they are! The skins! Come and play so you can unlock all the skins to make your experience even better!

In this game, you have to go as high as you can by carefully dashing from a wall to another and dodging the spikes.

Hello! I'm Stefan and I'm a small game developer. Even since I was a child I was wondering what's the "magic" behind all the video games and really wanted to learn it by myself, so here I am creating small simple games in my free time for everyone to play and enjoy. If you want to help me in my journey, you can play my game, leave some comments or even support them :)

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oof. forgot about those. it's just a thing I was testing out and I forgot to remove it.

Sorry for this. It will be removed as soon as possible!

*This issue has just been fixed!

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Hey. I am here once again to announce the release of one of my new games. It is a difficult endless game(a little too difficult sometimes), where u have to dash to dodge the spikes and get as high as you can! Here is the link! Feel free to give me any feedback!

It is one of my first finished games.

Your scope is to reflect bad thoughts(the monsters) and accept the good ones(the guards).

Controlls:Rotate the shields A/D RIGHT/LEFT ARROWS(PC) or press on screen(phone).

You can play the game on browser(only for PC) or buy it to support me and play it on the go.

If you feel to, you can also leave a review after playing the game.


on mobile it's free beacuse they can implement ads. On PC they can't do that.

you must wait for a little bit. Your phone may be not powerfull enough. I have the same issue with a quite old phone.

You must build you project (WebGL or Windows). Put it in a archive, and upload it.

It is very nice and the controlls feel veryo good. well done!

*maybe you would also like to try and rate my submission*

The mechanics are really cool, well done!

*maybe you would also like to try and rate my submission*

The visuals and sound effects are stunning! good job!

*maybe you would also like to try and rate my game* 

I really like it. the visuals are so god. well done! 

I like it. the art style is really cute!Good job!

*maybe you would also like to try and rate my submission*

I was actually trying to see what is going to happen if i go as the baby and the car spawn over me. i think it's a bug where the mid age and old car aren't showing.

It is really good! i like how you added the rewind. Good job! (there are some bugs. i managed to get out of a level and fall in the void  forever, and went trough a wall)

I really like it. The way you added the "rewind" is very interesting. Well done!

*maybe you would also like to try and rate my submission*