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The Dark RoomView game page

Submitted by Finiti, BoboDev, TofuTomato, Evelina — 19 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#5352.0802.080

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
In our game you can find many mysterious and intriguing doors. You'll want to know what behind them!

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
All the code was written by us. Audio were partly found on the Internet and partly created by us. Graphic assets were partially created by us and most were downloaded from the internet.

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Spooky game with fun pixel art! Good luck if you continue working on this game!


This is a great game! Fantastic vibes and UI enjoyed playing it! Great job for your first game :D

Please can you rate my game? Thank you!




Bugs found:
sometimes it gets stuck on a specific position and keeps (running anim.) till it restores back the stamina

the door on the top left won't do anything

for the chest I solved the puzzle but nothing changed

the (monster/ghost) do nothing to me

but really awesome atmosphere :)


Nice game! Cool mysterious vibe to it, hope you will continue working on it and we can check out a more finished version.


Thank you for the nice feedback. 
Was our first jam and we want to continue working on the game after the jam.
We'll let you know.


Looks and feels cool, also the sound i very great, but sadly its not really finished!

But it still has a ggreat atmosphere :)))

I'd like if you''d also rate my game :)))


Thank you for your kind feedback.
I will check out your game too.


Cool sounds, and nice aesthetic. But like others said, it felt unfinished. I went in the top left door and then nothing happened. And nothing else really did anything as far as I could tell.

It's a good start to something though. 


Thank you for the feedback!
Yeah we couldn't really implement all our ideas. We want to keep working on the game after the jam.
Was our/my first jam.


Good ambience, but not much to do as it's very unfinished. I would have been interested in finding out what's behind those weird doors.

Opening the door in the top left throws you out of bounds or something, and entering the locked chest's code doesn't do anything.

Hopefully you can complete this game one day!


Thank you for your feedback.
The fact that you want to know what's behind the doors is good to hear. We want to keep working on the game after the jam.
We'll let you know. Maybe you can check it out.


Difficult to give an honest rating if the game is unfinished :( Too bad you didn't have time to make what you planned to.

The atmosphere and setting seem interesting and creepy immediately. 


Creepy atmosphere of a dancing shadow over a little girl.

The game has little gameplay yet, but already has a lot of atmosphere. Promising!


Thank you for your kind feedback. 
Was our first game jam and it is good to hear all the nice feedbacks although the game isn't really finished yet.
We want to keep working on the game after the jam. Maybe you can check it out then.


I loved how the theme was immediately apparent and I definitely wanted to find out what was behind the lock doors. So well done on the nailing the theme. Unfortunately when I went through the first door I feel behind the wall and my shadowy friend just rubbed against the wall. I tried a couple of different approaches but couldn't get any other outcome which is a real shame as it looks like there is a great game behind that bug!


I see blue cat, I press play. That is how it goes.

That aside, I liked the ambience and sound of the game, but it was not clear to me what I was supposed to do. I picked up the two items from the floor, tried interacting with the door but that just locked me up.

Unfortunate, because I wanted to know what else this game contains…

Either way, well done in creating the atmosphere in the room :D


Very nice atmosphere and visuals! Good job


Thank you!


blue cat clickbaited me, tho i likes the visuals


The cat excist, but we couldn't implement the cat yet.
But good to hear the marketing worked haha

Nice work !




I love the music and sound design and the light to see hidden messages is fun. That being said I got trapped in the closet and could not escape... You win this round shadow monster!


Thank you for your nice feedback.
We couldn't add so much gameplay yet but we want to keep working on the game after the jam.

Nice ambience and feel. Not sure why this shadow monster is immediately following me around the room. It was my initial critique and concern. It was very distracting before I got a feel for the game and room. Overall I like the ambience and pixel are. 3/5! Great job!


I had a similar experience to LadyAdlihn, after some progress with the chest and using the light - I then suddenly disappeared behind the first door. Not sure if I did something wrong or hit a bug.

That said, the game looks and feels really nice.


The shadow lady was very scary! I was worried that she was going to hurt me, but she seems to just follow me around. I was able to pick up a few items, move around the room, open a door, and shine a pink light on things. I found a treasure chest with a combination lock but I didn't find the combination. I wasn't sure how to proceed after that, and then when I went through the door my character disappeared!

I enjoyed the ambience of the room and walking into and out of the shadows. I'm guessing that holding Shift to run lets you get away from the shadow lady in order to complete some of the puzzles.