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Vital is a dreamlike first person exploration and puzzle game.
Submitted by frozenhelm (@frozen_helm) — 2 days, 13 hours before the deadline

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Ok, you brought this on yourself :) I wasn't really in a hurry but I think that I did a great job at the last level.


This was amazing! 

I love seeing people speedrun and break games and even though I would like to keep it, I think "Orb jumping" needs to be fixed.

Thank you for testing my game again.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

art is great, and everything is really clean*, and though personally i'm not usually the biggest fan of low poly done in this way, i still think it looks really good. great job there.

the mechanics are pretty unique and I really like the idea. yaku covered pretty much all of the bugs and problems I noticed, except when you spam orbs at something it kind of halts everything instead of enacting the expansion or contraction or whatever.

Good work though and keep it up! this has such amazing potential.


Thank you! Post like this motivates me to continue working on this project!


some things to fix:

- in settings I don't know which quality is selected (mark it like when you hover)
- change crosshair when hovering on items/people you can interact with
- pressing escape brings menu but pressing it again doesn't hide it
- scrolling through items is weird (like they appear in order that you collected them but scrolling is in fixed order or something)
- third level note about activating should be on second because you have to activate bomb
- fifth level note should be "cube" not "kube" and "can" instead of "kan"

Also have this video

In the video you can see:
- after interaction you can move (WASD) and only after hovering at the same object that initiated text it can be closed
- after interaction you can move your camera while having your mouse button pressed
- after interaction you can press ESC and RESUME and you can move around freely with text on screen
- contraction and expansion are calculated wrongly (in a way that balls you throw bounce when they should work)
- pressure plate works weird (but I don't know how would I make it through if it didn't)

If all your levels are as short as those in demo then I don't agree about making more checkpoints, I think it's fine as is. 

I really like your game, it has some potential for placing it among such games as portal and the witness (you know, the big boys games). 


Thank you for your feedback, I will look into these issues.

Kube is actually just me trying to make the cube sounds special but kan is a spelling misstake.

"contraction and expansion are calculated wrongly" Does this happen when you spam the primary fire or always?

Does this happen when you spam the primary fire or always?

You can see this in the video 3:21 I don't spam any button and yet the ball bounces off and later you can see that I make it shrink all the way down because earlier when this happened I found out that this helps. But I've been spaming sometimes and this would also happen. For me it looks like it happens randomly. 

I can only blindly guess. This problem could happen if you have code like:

if (size+change_in_size < max_size) expand;

but the initial value is bigger than max_size - 2 * change_in_size. (because it happened with clean loaded level).


That shouldn't be the problem since I only look for the size of the x vector and that starting scale is always 1.

I think this has something to do with the deltatime not workin properly since it worked for both me and another player.

Do you know your ingame fps?

Developer (1 edit)

I found the problem, it seems like the final vector value wasn't clamped. It will work like intended in the next patch.


-300Mb zipped sets up high expectations, but I know you can deliver
-when alt-tabbing, minimize the window
-let me press Esc in the menus to go back
-the menu blur at 1280x720 windowed does not stretch across the whole screen
-let me acess the controls options from the game pause menu 
-I'd expect mouse sensitivity to be under "input"
-there's a noticeable jumpt sound effect delay
-I'd expect the spike shards to also contract/expand as they look like the same material
-dropped the bomb down, have kms, not good design
-dropping instead of throwing bombs is odd and inconsistent with other orbs
-takes ages for the bombs to explode -- nvm they're detonated
-too few checkpoints
-BUG: clicked on a note next to the bomb door, walked through the portal, now my mouse is locked in note-mode
-quicksaving would be nice
-plank puzzle was cool
-showing the bomb explosion range would be useful (self bombing is not even necessary in the first place -- at least it wasn't relevant in your puzzles)
-drop the cube off the cliff + read a note, same bug as above
-standing on the button vibrates
-somehow managed to get one of the buttons stuck pressed without the cube 
-the cube carrying is not a fun mechanics and reminds of the tedious Portal sections
-Surprisingly, managed to finish it this time

I love the game, but the arbitrary deaths and no checkpoints bring the enjoyment down significantly.


Thanks for the feedback and for finding these bugs, I  will fix them asap.

The reason you can't throw bombs are because they are used in physics puzzles later into the game.

I will write some lore about why you can't throw them. 

There is also a reason why they kill you because that will be a thing in later levels as well.

I might make a checkpoint system, most levels are small so if you die you wouldn't lose too much time.