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A game about MOTIVATION.
Submitted by Nuke Fist (@nukefist) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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The art that's there is great and clean, and is pretty well designed. And I agree with others that once the main character is in place it'll feel much better, because playing as a cube doesn't feel so good. Also I couldn't find a controls layout for keyboard, but that's not a big deal, I kind of bluffed my way through it. Combat feels good and snappy, but I just wish there was more!

Kinda wish there was some sort of notification when you beat the demo, cus I wondered around for a couple minutes trying to figure out what to do. And then when I entered the two balls room again the green tree door thing appeared again and I couldn't get out.

But great work, I enjoyed playing it. Keep it up!


What art lol, haha thank you, I'm glad it left such a positive taste despite looking all blocky, we left the control scheme for the keyboard on the game page but I guess its easily missable.

And yeah you're absolutely right we should've added a "congratulations u saved the world xd" popup at the end, we were using this demo in an expo so we were around to tell players they were done.

There's going to be more combos and weapons in the future so stay tuned for that, again, thanks for checking it out!


Haves potential, a quick tweak i would suggest would be making the camera fov slightly higher
enemy's don't really encourage you to do other moves that aren't just the 3 hit combo on the ground, with a bit of polish this could be quite fun tho.


Thank you! We're glad you like it.

The FOV will be configurable, so will the input mapping and other settings. As for the 3 hit combo being enough to finish the game, we are planning on implementing a system that will reward players for being creative with their attacks. That should make the game more engaging for those who know how to play better than just using the 3 hit combo.


This is a pretty good start to what can be a lot more fun.  I feel once you have a real character model it'll be easier to get a feel for it, but make things a bit snappier for a better feel.  I also feel the dash should be longer, maybe even by double.  The most satisfying move for me is the charged sword-dash attack.  Keep up the good work!


Thanks for trying out the demo! We'll try experimenting with tighter input delays, see if that solves the snappier issue. Why do you think the dash should be longer?


It's more of a feeling that the dash should be longer.  Playing games like Nier: Automata have spoiled me as a player into feeling that longer dashes aren't a burden on gameplay, but only enhance the experience by allowing a better dodge mechanic and easier time travelling longer distances.  Liken it to games that allow players to dash; which game feels better:  The game that has a short stamina bar, or the game that has either a longer stamina bar or does away with it altogether?  In the end, that question will be different for each game, but I feel that at least for this game a longer dash (at least by double) would feel better