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clam digger
Submitted by Baron Games — 6 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline
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I just spent an unhealthy amount of time playing this game. Even with its bare minimum texturing, basic UI, and goofy low poly models, it still somehow managed to be charming to me. It's real comfy, so good job on that.

The massive -$4.50 debt I racked up in parking tickets on day 2 made this just like my real life, considering I can only make like .60 cents in clam sales for a day.

If you have a negative total money then your daily earnings are reflected as the negative total instead of whatever you earned that day.

I wish my car location would be persistent overnight, even if I parked terribly in the grass or whatever. 

(On that note I wish there were other things to maintain in addition to energy like gas for your car, etc.)

If you don't sell your clams they disappear from your bucket :C

It took me almost half of the 15 days to pay off my debt. That's insane for something nearly every player is going to do on accident. But maybe that's the point! Either way, I couldn't afford energy drinks, so the game became a "drive to beach, farm 4 clams, sell 4 clams, sleep, repeat" grind.

Anyway good work and while there's definitely a lot of room for improvement, I can see this being a very fun and comfy slice of life type game once you get the kinks out. Keep it up!


Thank you for the review . this game was made in a 72 hr jam period so i didn’t have the kind of time for testing I would have liked. Sorry your experience may have been a bit more frustrating than it should have been . 

From your comments it’s obvious that :

-Parking tickets should be explained clearly at beginning of the game and that I need to reduce the plenty for not parking in a parking lot space.

-I need to increase the amount of money you get from selling clams 

-Looks like a bug related to negative money totals at end of day

-Add additional mechanics like gas for car etc.

-I should explain that Clams that are not sold before you go to sleep for the day are thrown out as the clam merchant only buys fresh clams