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Bullet Hell Action RPG
Submitted by Marmoreal Dev — 23 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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Hey I was finally able to play this! Had to test it on a lower end laptop, so the game ended up lagging quite a bit even on the lowest settings, but I was able to get through it. Keep that in mind though.

The bad:
It's hard to see enemies that are up against close walls because of the camera. Maybe have a highlight or something to signify where they are?

There's not really a good enough signal that I've taken damage, and on that note it seems like there's no delay or iframes between taking damage from multiple sources.

I think the enemy health bars are too small/unnoticeable.

There are some small graphical bugs like the E button prompt phasing through the floor.

It's kind of hard to aim attacks and abilities while moving so quickly, but that might have something to do with me being on this low end laptop.

The sword swinging didn't feel like it had any weight. I can just kind of swing wildly and hope something lands, and there's really no drawback for doing so. I dunno how to fix that. Maybe combos? Maybe have melee attacks drain stamina? I dunno.

I wish the caster at the beginning had more spells; it seemed like all 3 were just the ground circle thing, and it doesn't seem very effective against multiple enemies as it just disappeared after someone stepped on it.

Having 5 health potions seemed like too many in most places, but I think that's a symptom of another problem: damage spikes! I would go a whole 5 minutes slashing through enemies and not take a lick of damage, and then I'd take my entire healthbar's worth in half a second. I never had enough time to actually use one before I died. That goes along with not knowing when I've been hit or how much damage I've actually taken.

I have no idea what holding shift does.

The good:

This is pretty fun! The dialogue for stuff like this is normally god awful but I actually enjoyed what you have; I like the story!

Even though the art's pretty minimal/basic and there's not a lot going on visually, it definitely didn't detract from the experience. Reminded me of runescape a lil bit.

The amount of enemies/gibs on screen didn't really add or take away from the lag I was experiencing, so that's good. I liked how many enemies there were and the whole "bullet hell" thing you have going on.

The level of challenge is pretty good and balanced. Fighting all of these enemies at once feels like pulling a whole bunch of mobs in world of warcraft, which is very satisfying to kill them all at once.

I like games like this a lot so maybe I'm partial but all the bad aside, I like what you have and I can see this turning into something really great! 

Thanks for uploading and keep up the good work!!


Thank you friend! I will do my best to fix these issues! Thanks for playing the game!