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War against demons through bonds of love.
Submitted by Wabbaboy (@Wabbaboy) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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I don't know how I stumbled upon this but I found some guy playing it on youtube and watched the entire playthrough a couple weeks ago. Really like the concept and I'm glad you post to AGDG!

As for the game: it plays way better than it looked in that video, and it seems like maybe you've worked some kinks out since then. It's fun as heck and a great concept! I'm not exactly sure what indicates a win condition, it seems like as I'm killing green skulls I just win at some point. Anyway, mechanics are pretty good, art style is fantastic even though simplistic, and it runs well.  keep up the great work!


Hey thanks for playing, I didn't really change the controls from that playthrough, I'm guessing it was PHI's one but I did add some more tutorial hints and changed a couple of things in levels to make things a small bit more clear. 

Which is something I did before sending it to the jam page and haven't touched the project since then as I want it to stay as it was for jam reasons.

Anyway I'm glad you had fun with it, seemed to me at first that not a lot of people get used to the movement and end up not having fun at all but comments like this reassure me that I'm not 100% insane, so thanks a lot for that.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The theme feels unique, I like it. Here's some feedback.

The FOV is too narrow for my taste.

Could you consider lowering the mouse's sensitivity as you pull on the bow?

The flying skulls sneak up on you very easily.

I like the challenge.


Hey, thanks for playing, this was a jam game and I'm not really gonna touch it but if I ever do more there will be fov and sensibility options as well as camera smoothing in case someone is fond of that.

As for the skulls I woke up the next day after submitting thinking that it would be way more fair if the skulls stopped near you and started exploding rather than just insta killing you in one hit, would have been way more fair but, oh well, it was too late.

Hope at least you had a comfy time flying around the maps, I'm really proud of how it looks.


>Hope at least you had a comfy time flying around the maps, I'm really proud of how it looks.

You should. The overall aesthetic made it really stand out.



WASD: Movement


Left click: Shoot stuff

Right Click: Grapple

If you win a stage and you don't know why, it's because all the big demons have been destroyed by the turrets, which often happens offscreen.


disregard that part of my reply, makes sense